Renewing Your Wedding Vows with a Ceremony in NL

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Happy wedding anniversary! Whether this is your 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th, 12th (12.5), 25th  or 40th year of marital bliss your wedding day was the beginning of married life. So, celebrating it by renewing your wedding vows is the perfect time to reflect on the many years you’ve spent together as a couple. How do you mark the milestone and begin a new chapter by saying “I do” a second time? What if you desire a private vow renewal ceremony in Holland, just the two of you?

Whatever your motivation to combine the past, present and future. Planning a memorable anniversary party to renew your vows can be stressful. Some couples after a period of difficulty are motivated to publicly declare their love in front of family and friends. Renewed commitment ceremonies are not legally binding and can be hosted anywhere, anytime and at any place you like. With each anniversary comes a gift of acknowledgement. What about a celebratory theme for a meaningful vow renewal ceremony? Well, renewing your vows abroad is ideal and brings a crystal clear fresh start.

In fact, you don’t have to go through the process of obtaining official paperwork. Renewing your wedding vows means you have a free choice to get married again! It is a wonderful and powerful motivator  to make a big statement! Arrange something during a totally private vowel renewal ceremony with the two of you with or without religious content. So, before you get new diamond wedding rings, wear your platinum jubilee outfit or share a bicycle ride made for two in Amsterdam. Read Birgit and Charly’s intimate silver wedding anniversary celebration for inspiration.

Renewing your wedding vows – vow renewal ceremony

Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Traveling to Holland to celebrate your anniversary? Why not, have a wedding vow renewal ceremony. Marrying again reaffirms your love, loyalty and trust for one another. Birgit, Charly and wedding celebrant in Amsterdam

Birgit and Charly are a golden couple from Austria who are devoted to one another. It took me a while to cotton on that they were looking for a special wedding anniversary gift. Because their belief in unconditional love is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. So, I knew they were motivated to recite and renew their vows in Amsterdam. Let me explain… Birgit and Charly are an inseparable team and live in perfect harmony in Austria. Their relationship has evolved with age and time over more than 25 years. Birgit & Charly vowed to plan a long holiday in Holland.

wedding anniversary amsterdam

Married, civil partnered or in a long-term relationship? Renewal of vows ceremony is perfect! Birgit in a pearl coloured dress and Charly holding white & coral cololured flowers.

The couple were determined to put a special stamp on their relationship in the heart of buzzing Amsterdam on a tandem bike and canal boat. This loving couple wanted a wedding renewal of vows ceremony. They had never been to  Amsterdam before yet desired a meaningful and romantic vow renewal ceremony that reflected their histories, beliefs, respect and faith in one another.

wedding anniversary amsterdam

Wedding anniversary gift – renewed commitment – the bride and groom wore wedding outfits from their first wedding day!

Renewing your wedding vows

Happy couple: Birgit and Charly

Venue: Odine Boat Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: 14th June 2022

Charly and Birgit are the parents of two beautiful teenagers, they are Austrian and their hometown is in Neuhofen im Innkreis. They had a compelling desire to renew their vows to confirm how happy and stable their marriage of 25 years has made them. “It is important to us to be together and ride a tandem make for two”.


The Saloon boat Ondine was the venue for Birgit and Charly’s renewal of vows ceremony. Their wedding anniversary gift for each other was an authentic canal boat trip aboard a Dutch saloon boat. It provided the perfect ambience for a casual and quick wedding celebration.  The Ondine is definitely one of the most exceptional and versatile boats due to its unique headroom. Perfect for Charly who is taller than Birgit.

Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Celebrate a wedding anniversary or wedding renewal vow ceremony: Renewing your wedding vows abroad is a romantic way to rediscover the spark and bring back intimacy by reaffirming your love for one another.

Consultation wedding renewal of vows ceremony

The email read: 

“Dear Clover ! My husband and I married on 14 June 1997. On our wedding day we will be in Amsterdam. We would like to marry again. How can we do this ? Are you a wedding planner? Can you help with finding a vow renewal script, florist, hair and makeup designer, boat, photographer  and tandem bike? Hear from you soon, Birgit”

Planning of the renewal of vows ceremony

Birgit and Charly were amazed at how they’ve managed to create a new sense of value, commitment, acknowledgement, and truth of their lives over the years together. Knowing their wishes, preferences and expectations for renewing the vows. I was able to organise all of the above and more.  The crafting of the script was left to me, as Birgit’s and Charly’s English was not their first language (thank god, for Google translate!) We worked together to create a beautiful speech based on their love, couples personality and shared history.

marriage vow renewal ceremony script

Renewing your wedding vows abroad – get married again – customised vow renewal ceremony script. – and flowers too.  Birgit and Charly aboard Ondine Boat Amsterdam

Wedding vows abroad ceremony

The renewal of vows ceremony was personalised. It included their promises, music and rededicated wedding rings. Suitable songs were played to reaffirm their love. Birgit and Charly said; “We downloaded a special playlist to celebrate our vow renewals,” the couple said excitedly. The beautiful and heartfelt melodies added an extra special touch and set the tone for the rest of the day.

Renewal of Vows Ceremony couple kissing on Amsterdam canal

Did you know renewing your wedding vows abroad celebrates a special anniversary? Vow renewal ceremonies for married couples, civil partners and couples in a long-term relationship. Renewal of vows ceremonies can be hosted at a hotel, a friends’ home or outdoors in a park in Amsterdam!’ Friendship endures,” – Prince William

Schedule of events – renewal of vows | Birgit und Charly


  • Hotel Estherea Singel 303-309, 1012 WJ Amsterdam
  • Ondine Boat
  • Bridge – Clover
  • Tandem for two

Ceremony theme & dress code: casual & relaxed

Time: 13.30pm until 14.00pm

Activity Time Who Remarks
Breakfast – Hotel Estherea 9.00 – 09.30 Birgit und Charly
Hair & Makeup 10.00 Jitty
Bridal Bouquet arrives 10.00 Bloemenweelde
Celebrant & photographer arrives 11.15  


Tandem bike for two – Black

Bridge – photo shoot




Tandem bike for two – return 12.45 Clover Jean

Birgit and Charly

Evie – Photographer

Depart for the boat located at Double Tree Hotel by CS Amsterdam/Sea Palace 13.00  

Arrival at boat

Pick-up point – Double Tree Hotel nr. Sea Palace.


Requirements:  ·        JBL with Bluetooth von Birgit und Charly  ·        Table for the signing of certificate.

Renewal of vow ceremony    Clover Jean

Birgit und Charly


1ST sonG: weilst a herz hast wie a bergwerk by reinhard fendrich

Evie – Photographer

Personal vows & Official vows


13.35 Clover Jean


Exchanging of wedding anniversary gift /rings


13.40 Clover Jean


Signing of symbolic marriage certificate: 13.45 Clover Jean signing of certificate 3rd song – THE ROSE – BETTE MIDLER
The kiss 13.50  
Closing Remarks


  Clover Jean


End Ceremony

Announcement is made.


Clover & Photographer leave the boat

Happy couple continue boat trip.


Drop-off location Double Tree Hotel by CS

13.55 Clover Jean







Humphrey’s Restaurant Amsterdam





Say ‘I Do’ – get married again

Charly and Birgit wanted to say their written vows to each other to celebrate a renewed commitment to one another. Amidst joyful tears the couple expressed and proclaimed their love and made promises to support one another forever. Simultaneously they said, “We do.” It was the perfect picture of happiness. The couple exchanged new rings and promises of love. I had the privilege to witness and capture their pure love for one another.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

Get married again and renewing your wedding vows abroad! Celebrate a wedding anniversary and enjoy a renewal of vows ceremony for two – duration 10 to 15 minutes. Receive an everlasting keepsake of promises and vows renewed. rentaboatamsterdam

Reaffirmation of vows – signing of certificate

The ceremony was at an end. And to honour their relationship, they sealed their everlasting love for one another by signing a symbolic long-term partnership certificate. I united them by saying; “You may now kiss each other.” I presented the newlyweds (2nd time around) with a commemorative certificate. And they stood embraced under the skinny bridge kissing. It was a momentous ending to a causual quick and sweet renewal of vows ceremony for two, under my watchful eyes.

Do you want to strengthen your bond, swear an oath to confirm your vows in the woods under an oak tree or another place which has a significant meaning for you both? Rosanne & Ricardo – Amsterdam

Vow renewal ceremony | the suppliers & vendors

Venue – Ondine boat, Amsterdam

Restaurant –Humphreys Restaurant

Ceremony photographer – Circle K by Evelina Kvartunaite

Couples Review

Hi Clover,

Thanks for the great day, it was beyond our wildest dreams, just perfect – we loved it! Renewing our wedding vows was a dream come true.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

Get married again and renewing your wedding vows abroad! Celebrate a wedding anniversary and enjoy a renewal of vows ceremony for two – duration 10 to 15 minutes under a sapphire blue sky! Receive an everlasting keepsake of promises and vows renewed. rentaboatamsterdam

wedding anniversary gift write a love letter

Wedding anniversary gift idea: Write a love letter, send a song or a picture. This is a beautiful and touching way to reflect on what your love truly means to you. Photo by Olya Kobruseva:

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