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Native English speaking wedding celebrant Amsterdam black man and white woman holding hands and looking at charismatic celebrant

Native English-Speaking wedding celebrant Amsterdam who speaks Dutch.

Congratulations! You’re legally married or have a civil partnership and want to plan the perfect wedding ceremony in English.

The public declaration of your togetherness in front of family and friends, is a promise of love, respect and commitment to each other.

Your marriage is a celebration to cherish and should be one that stays in your minds forever. So, how do you make your wedding extra special? Maybe that’s where I come in, your celebrant…

As an officiant I facilitate celebrant-led wedding ceremonies. Celebrate being the bride and groom with a non-religious marriage service. A secular ceremony tailor-made for you with beautiful words, personable, fun & highly engaging.

Wedding Celebrant Amsterdam

Marriage Officiant NL

native english-speaking wedding celebrant Amsterdam officiant in dark pink gown standing at ceremonyaltar.

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So, during your celebrant-led wedding and in the presence of trusted family and friends, you can relax by publicly promising your unconditional love and loyalty to one another. As your public speaker and master-of-ceremonies, I’ll bring everyone together to feel connected and in perfect harmony.

light-hearted and charismatic wedding celebrant laughing with interracial bride and groom

Nayan & Caroline. De Kas [Greenhouse] Dignita Amsterdam.

An informal celebrant-led ceremony with a formal feel confirms a timeless bond of everlasting love and friendship. Based on your dual identities it’s the ultimate expression of joy, happiness and the icing on the cake!

So, as your wedding officiant – celebrant I’m thrilled you want to task me with officiating your momentous wedding. Kick start it today.

Wedding Celebrant Amsterdam – II

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Another thing, you’ve separated the civil union legalities and paperwork of an official registered marriage. So, you have the freedom to plan a celebrant-led wedding ceremony.  Even more exciting your epic love story is creatively portrayed the way you want it.

Wedding Celebrant Amsterdam – III

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Rosanne & Ricardo, ” Happiness is being married to your best friend”


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Thera & Kevin | Amsterdam saloon boat Ondine

Wedding Celebrant Amsterdam

Marriage Officiant NL

CELEBRANT-LED WEDDING DURATION: The ceremony lasts 30-45 minutes.

INITIAL MEETING: Before of after you’ve registered your civil marriage. We capture the true essence of your wedding during a non-obligation consultation.  If we hit it off, a deposit is required. Thereafter, I confirm officiating your celebrant-led ceremony.

CEREMONY FROM SCRATCH:  Secondly, finding appropriate wording is an expression of your feelings for one another. Regular reviews, revisions and unlimited drafts (tweaks) help you retell your love story. We create a coherent ceremony.

QUESTIONNAIRE: And once you’ve booked I’d like you to fill in a questionnaire, so that we can craft the perfect wedding script.

HELP WITH PERSONAL VOWS, POEMS, READINGS & MUSIC: You’ll have to my resources. Expressing your authentic selves is at the heart of the wedding ceremony.

PROVIDE SUPPORT: Additionally, if you need help with the wedding theme, timings and planning process. From suppliers, the venue, flowers and make-up tips I’ve got you covered.

MASTER OF CEREMONIES: I’ll officiate the ceremony and entertain your wedding guests. Above all, give you tips about timing, schedule and itinerary. And make sure it’s a picture perfect moment!

AFTER WEDDING CARE: Lastly, as newlyweds, I’ll follow up with you. So, that  you can leave feedback.


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