Singer: Gospel, Jazz & Soul

gospel, soul and jazz singer playing the piano at a wedding

Gospel, soul & jazz singer

Get your wedding & party started with a the celebration choir or singer. It brings all the guests together at your wedding or party. Not only that but, one to four songs are needed to transform your festivity into an unforgettable occasion.

 In fact, uplifting pop, Motown, gospel, soul and jazz songs are the perfect ice-breaker. Another thing, an experienced singer puts your family and friends at ease and encourages them to chat, sing along, dance or just relax.

Imagine the fun you could create. You’ll pump life into the venue. And your guests will be satisfied, happy and have lasting memories of the event. By setting the perfect celebratory mood with a singer, you’ll host an amazing small-scale event with live music. Listen now to my voice and keep reading….  

How do you envision your wedding or party?

Basically, you can jazz up your festivity and family & friends will rave about it for years to come. A live performance makes an  intimate, friendly atmosphere and a warm welcoming experience.

So, whether you are planning a wedding or party, you’ll stand out from the rest with live music entertainment. Additionally, with help of a wedding and party singer you’ll add the finishing touches to your exclusive celebration. What’s even more exciting, your carefully selected guests will recognise your personality in the style of the music. It arouses nostalgia, special closeness and promotes good feelings.

What can an experienced singer or gospel choir do for you?

It’s the gospel truth, that the best hits can enhance moments of happiness and create an exciting, surprise ambiance. Regardless of whether we use backing tracks, work with a pianist, band or a choir accompanies me, it will be a time to remember.

gospel, soul and jazz singer singing at a wedding

“Jij straalt plezier uit in waar je mee bezig bent en dat is echt fantastisch om te beleven. Heel veel dank”

Did you know, jazz, soul and black gospel is making a big comeback? The reason is, it stirs up the atmosphere at gatherings into a joyful, pleasant and mellow happening. Moreover, the music takes away stress and induces a feel-good factor.  The sounds will energize and complement your wedding ceremony, reception or party.

Find out more!

Take a look at my gospel, soul and jazz playlist.  Next, contact me to discuss your informal wedding, reception or party celebration. For more information about the different possibilities and booking options call or e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you…

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