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Soul wedding singer – Clover Jean | Palais des Colonies – Huis Van Dijck Tervuren – België | image: Siel Timperman.

Inject a wow-factor into your celebration with the soul wedding singer. Amaze your friends with this original music act which adds something different to your big day. Everyone will feel special, relaxed, and enjoy themselves.

Imagine the look of surprise when a soul singer is waiting to greet and meet your guests with sweet soul harmonies. Everyone will get a warm welcome and be gladly received. This will add a special touch of love to your wedding.

Another thing, this memorable gesture is sure to put a big smile on your loved ones’ faces. Not only will everyone feel appreciated, but they’ll also be thrilled. You make the magic moment happen by bringing family and friends together in perfect harmony. With a soulful wedding singer you’ll take your celebration to the next level. So, if you want to plan something “out of the box”, with lighthearted entertainment, a soul wedding singer is a real eye-catcher, treat and lovely surprise. Continue reading…

Soul wedding singer

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main image credit Siel Timperman | this image Burgundyproductions


How will the soul wedding singer rock your ceremony, reception and party? Well, recognisable songs such as uplifting Motown, popular gospel, soul and jazz are the perfect ice-breaker. Another thing, the soul wedding singer can be accompanied with more singers for the perfect harmonies. Classic Soul songs from Motown puts your family and friends at ease and encourages them to chat, sing along, dance or just relax. And with a mix of Black Gospel music, added blues and a pinch of jazz everyone will be entertained by your excellent choice of live music entertainment.

Imagine the fun you create pumping melodious tunes, good vibes and sweet soul sounds into the wedding party venue. Your guests will feel excited, be happy and delighted.  This brings everyone you love together in perfect harmony. By setting the perfect celebratory mood with the soul wedding singers, you’ make lasting memories of your special big day.

Soul wedding singers for surprise events

Choir wedding singer dressed in cerised coloured robe with purple and gold sashh

Soul wedding singers for your ceremony, reception or party.- adds an extra special mix to your marriage service. image Burgundy productions

Basically, an unsuspected energetic performance makes an intimate and friendly atmosphere a warm welcoming experience. Jazz up your festivity and family and friends will rave about it for years to come.

So, whether you are planning a wedding at a castle, in a 5 star venue, on a boat or at an orangerie,  you’ll stand out from the rest with live gospel, soul and Motown music entertainment.

Additionally, with the help of a soul wedding singers you’ll add the finishing touches to your astonishing celebration. What’s even more exciting, your carefully selected guests will recognise your personality in the style of the music. It arouses nostalgia, creates special closeness and promotes good feelings. Listen to my playlist and sound below.

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  • Clover as a true singer. She has a bubbly and positive personality. Not to mention her amazing voice. And I love the lyrics on your debut album. Keep up the good work! Regards, Benjamin Salmon – London, UK


  • Bubbly Miss Clover Jean … she has a warm, wonderful and colourful personality. And it was an honor to have you at Muziek in de Buurt. You have an expressive voice and a wonderful style, too! Regards, Marieke de Raadt


  • Thank God we hired Clover Jean for our Motown & Soul Party. In fact, she is a phenomenal singer & entertainer; an artist with a great improvisational talent.  Thank you for the great show! Kind regards, Simon and Tim



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