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gospelzangeres met gospelkoortje uit Amsterdam

Ik wil jou en de zanggroep bedanken. Het was een prachtige gospel festival en het optreden was geweldig! We hebben hiermee veel mensen een mooi en warm gevoel gegeven. — Heel veel dank, Roger Heuts – Blackgospel Wittevrouwenveld Maastricht

Transform your wedding ceremony with a singer and small choir. With your own personalised  wedding songs, the words and music will bring all your guests together. What’s more,  grab everyone’s attention.

Below you can choose from several performance options.

But, before you decide on which option to pick for your wedding or party. You need to know about the playlist. Well, it spans a variety of styles, such as Sister act hits, Aretha Franklin, Motown and soul classics. Sung live at your festivity, you kick start the day into a timeless and meaningful occasion.

Imagine the fun you could create. You’ll pump life into the church or venue. By setting the perfect celebratory mood and ambience with live music, you’ll host an amazing wedding and unforgettable party. Keep reading….  

How do you envision your wedding, reception or party?

Additionally your chosen pop, soul or gospel hits enhance moments of happiness and create a thrilling surprise during your wedding or party event. Regardless of whether I perform solo or with a small choir or pianist, it will be a time to remember.

gospel showkoor

Singer with small choir – performance options

In fact, popular songs are the perfect ice-breaker during your special occasion. Another thing, a singer or singers puts your wedding and party guests at ease and encourages them to sing along, or just relax. You can book a solo singer, duet, a trio or more singers on request.

So, whether you are planning a wedding or party, you’ll stand out from the rest.  with a Listen to a song and find out if it suits your personal taste. Additionally, with help of a singer/entertainer you’ll add the finishing touches to your exclusive celebration. What’s even more exciting, your carefully selected guests will feel good vibes and have a good time.

Take a look at my playlist. Otherwise, request your favorite hits today for your party event or wedding. And I’ll explore all the different possibilities to meet your needs. Call or e-mail about the booking options. I look forward to hearing from you…

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