Why Are Couples Choosing For A Symbolic Wedding Ceremony?

symbolic wedding ceremony

Couples who choose a symbolic wedding ceremony like the idea of a non-denominational service (hand-fasting, sand, candle or commitment ceremony). By planning such a wedding, it’s the perfect way to re-affirm your life-long commitment for one another. But, how do you envision the day?

Well, an accurate portrayal of your life can be captured moment in time. And if you are on a quest to create the marriage of a lifetime, then a symbolic wedding ceremony is perfect. Otherwise known as a celebration of love it is a non-legally binding ritual. Actually, this alternative to a traditional blessing has no restrictions on the venue of your choice.

So, get ready to dive into planning the biggest day of your life. Continue reading about your symbolic wedding ceremony. And discover who can non-legally bind both of you in wedlock.

Symbolic wedding ceremony

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Personalized symbolic wedding ceremony

First of all, with originality and informality you can arrange a wedding with a real modern twist. A celebrant is not a trivial detail, they add a touch of authenticity to your big day. What’s more, a symbolic wedding is permitted at any venue. And envisioning a unique and meaningful ceremony means you don’t want to conform to traditional white wedding expectations.

Interfaith Minister

Along with the above points you can endorse your vows in a non-religious or semi-religious setting. An accredited interfaith minister has undergone rigorous training to properly conduct a wedding ceremony. These certified ministers conduct secular and interfaith ceremonies. Go to www.interfaithfoundation.org find out about crafting a ceremony that reflects your beliefs & values.


Furthermore, a certified family celebrant cannot perform the contractual rites of marriage. However, the person can help you arrange a personalized ceremony. Creating a wedding that’s real strikes the right balance between sincerity and humor. This is a more flexible wedding. You can sign a symbolic certificate. Another thing, it is a sought after blessing. And incorporates non-religious readings, your favorite music and other forms of token of love.

Accredited humanist officiant

Additionally, a humanist wedding is a non-religious wedding ceremony that gives you the opportunity to marry where you want, when you want and how you want anywhere in the world. Humanists’ celebrants affiliated to an approved organization can run-through your expectations and goals with you. And each one has their own distinctive practices and craft of writing and delivering a speech. They encourage and help you plan a personal wedding your way and at any location. Source: www.metro.co.uk-humanist-wedding

Wedding celebrant ceremonies

And there’s more….a wedding celebrant cannot legally marry you or deal with your official registration. However, they are happy to guide you through your symbolic ceremony. And make sure that it mirrors a legal one. But, during the public ritual the ceremonial act contains no religious content. Your celebrant writes the wedding script and conducts the proceedings. So, obtain your statutory wedding or civil partnership certificate from a local authority. Thereafter, authorize a marriage officiant or  celebrant to lead the service.

Interim wedding officiant 

Lastly, you can flout wedding tradition. Get temporary authorisation, so that a close family member, best friend or someone who “gets you” can soleminse and carry out a blessing during your marriage. Moreover, you can have the person deputized. And they can bond you in unity (possible in NL) and satisfy your ceremony requirements. Find out more at your local town hall.


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