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Clover Jean Entertainment says,”Don’t get worked up about Covid-19 crisis, work out your 2021 wedding and party planning! image Dignita Hoftuin Amsterdam

Welcome and thanks for being here. Secondly, I hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy.

What does your agenda for 2021/2022 look like?

Sadly, wedding season 2020 has come to an end for  me, Clover Jean. And my agenda for 2021 is limited. It’s rather full due to rescheduled ceremonial weddings. But, don’t worry I’ll squeeze you in, if necessary. And with a cautious approach I’ll help you go ahead with your intimate celebration.

Have your plans been impacted by COVID-19?

Well, bang boom – corona came and gigs changed. And the way we socialise has been affected, forever. Luckily, I Clover Jean can give you some answers to questions about planning a wedding or party during this testing time.

Fancy a Covid friendly event?

Creating a personal touch at your Covid friendly event is difficult but you can find a secure venue. Everyone stays safe, feels good and is comfortable. In fact, with a welcoming, engaging and harmonious atmosphere you boost your loved ones mood.

Rescheduled, postponed or cancelled?

Well, this is terrible news and I’m sorry to hear it. Hopefully, the enforced coronavirus recovery strategy from the Dutch RIVM can shine a light on the end of the tunnel. Notably online wedding blessings are flourishing. Actually, I’m touched by the continued trust in my marriage ceremony services.

When should you start planning?

The key point is the physical performances and the risk of harm to guests. Thankfully, smaller weddings / shorter guest lists are on track for 20 – 30 guests [1.5 metres apart] in Holland. And if you’ve postponed your important event until 2021, 2022, and as far as 2023. See here my Covid-19 policy.

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Relaxed, funny, compassionate, entertaining yet serious where needed. image Rene Fokkink Photography

How are you coping with it all?

First thing to remember, together we are tackling the virus to protect one another from a future outbreak. And yes, it’s heartbreaking that large public gatherings are banned. On the positive note, I’m optimistic ceremonial weddings and fun unconventional parties will be given the green light albeit with limitations.

Should you set yourself apart from others?

Under the circumstances, don’t let the coronavirus consume you. With a smaller event you are free from danger. And as your marriage celebrant I’ll design a personalised blessing ceremony with a contemporary twist. Let’s honor a cherished tradition.

Are ceremonial weddings coronaproof?

And there is more good news…you can host a stylish celebration or an intimate ceremonial wedding in a socially-distanced fashion with of without music. In fact, with less than 30 guests you enrich a truly one-of-a-kind event.

Does listening to music help you cope?                                                                        

Perhaps, you want to surprise your guests. Lift their spirits with Motown hits, black gospel or soul music. Or do you desire to welcome a newborn into your home? And what about marking your anniversary by renewing your wedding vows? Well, I’m here for you!

How does a private celebration sound?

In reality, together we can bring your tailor made celebrations alive. Equally important, inject your distinctive personality and unique style into the celebratory theme. Moreover, ensure the safety of your loved ones leaves a lasting impression. And here’s something really exciting…

Do you feel like things have normalized?

Start with your state of mind. And swing into action now and plan a dream celebration with fewer guests. Watch awesome video clips on my media page for inspiration.

And don’t forget to take a tantalising look at the incredible photos. Why not, listen to my songs.

How do you keep entertained?

Pop over to the blog and events page, read moving stories about small ceremonial weddings, intimate naming ceremonies and private marriage vow renewal parties.

Oh yes, follow me on Facebook or Instagram for my latest adventures. And if you’re looking to craft a bespoke entertainment event. Well, make life easier for yourself and use the search button to get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy & keep in touch!

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