Wedding Day Hair & Make-Up: The 10 Best MUA’s in Holland

wedding day hair black woman applying eye-shadow on womans face

Struggling to find wedding day hair tips and great bridal make-up tricks for your big day in Holland? Make your wedding a worthy talked about event with these MUA’s shear genius ideas. Flatter your beauty because who wants to look like a bridal shop mannequin on their big day? Every princess, whatever colour, ethnicity or age you are deserves to feel good.

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Natural Afro Wedding Hairstyles For Beautiful Melanin Brides 2B

Natural Afro wedding hairstyles bride with maid of honour tending to bridal dress

Natural afro wedding hairstyles highlight the beauty of melanin brides gorgeous hair. Are you a dark-skinned Queen looking for ideas? Do you want your crowning glory to look its ultimate best on the big day? So, how do you achieve it?

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The Ultimate Guide To Non-Religious Baby Naming Ceremonies

Non-Religious baby Naming Ceremony little girl being held by mum's hand

Congratulations on your new bundle-of-joy and the registration of their birth. Celebrate with a non-religious christening ceremony. Delighted parents who desire to announce their baby’s birth can throw a unique party. Non-religious christening ceremonies are a viable option. But what is it exactly?

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Real Wedding Ideas For Couples Who Don’t Want a Copycat Wedding

commitment ceremony mature woman and man kissing on a park path.

Real weddings are special marriage celebrations where unique couples share personalised vows. Although searching for real wedding ideas for your big day is exciting and fun. How do you avoid planning a copycat wedding? read more

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Evening Micro Wedding for an intimate Celestial Celebration

micro wedding ideas bruidegom en bruid staan op onderaan de trap van de locatie

Are you a shy bride, introverted couple or private person? Do you have to tolerate a large wedding? An intimate evening micro wedding could appeal more. It’s suitable for 30 – 50 selective guests and a romantic way to get married under a moonlit sky and a shower of stars. What is a micro wedding? It’s a private gathering. The smaller and simpler the better, it means a lot less can go wrong. But, how do you arrange it without stress?

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