Wedding Dress Code Etiquette | 9 Do’s & Don’ts for Visiting a Wedding

wedding dress code etiquette

If you’re visiting a friends’ wedding from any part of the world, a wedding dress code etiquette is essential to stand out from the rest of the international guests. Regardless of image being everything you must find a proper outfit. So, where do you start?

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8 Top Wedding Magazines for Your Ultimate Marriage Inspiration

Top wedding magazines

Top wedding magazines are the best source of inspiration for your big day. And, let’s face it, preparing for your wedding is exciting. Yet, it is a draining process. There’s a million and one things to think about, plan and organize.

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Cash Wedding Gifts | How Do You Politely Ask For Money?

cash wedding gifts bride and groom holding save the date sign

Receiving cash wedding gifts is the sweetest taboo and no longer a rarity anymore. Actually, if you don’t want it coming in dribs and drabs read this. Feeling embarrassed or guilty to accept  your guests’ money, shouldn’t scare you. But, how do you politely ask for it?

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Do You Want Him to Propose? Fall in Love with Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day celebrations

Valentine’s Day celebrations are in the air and cupid knows someone has a crush on you. Or you fancy the pants off someone and you can’t wait to tell them. Well, this year love can conquer all because 14th February is just around the corner.

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Modern Church Wedding Songs for Your Spiritual Ceremony

church wedding songs bride kissing the groom

Modern church wedding songs are romantic, magical and heighten your experience of a spiritual marriage ceremony. It’s a powerful way to declare your love. In fact, music helps you publicly declare your commitment for each other. But, which soundtrack echoes your true feelings?

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