How To Cut Your Triple-Figure Wedding Guest List

wedding guest List people letting go of red ballons

Cutting a triple-figure wedding guest list is the trickiest thing you’ll encounter during the planning of your big day. Some engaged couples like you want a grand wedding. Whereas, others desire an intimate affair. So, how do you narrow down the guest list? read more

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How To Plan A Memorable Wedding Anniversary in Holland

wedding anniversary woman wearing white dress and crown of flowers looking at man

Every couple highly anticipates a romantic wedding anniversary. It’s a flashback to the biggest moment in your married life. In fact, you revisit the day you said, Yes – We Did It. But how do you truly relive the day? How do you mark a new chapter in your relationship to rekindle your love?

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The Wedding Gift Every Couple Must Tactfully Ask For

wedding gift bride and groom holding save the date sign image

What is the number one wedding gift that you and your fiance want but don’t dare to ask for? Well, if you are a savvy couple you need to know this. Celebrating your marriage is a once in a life time affair but there are challenges ahead. read more

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Wedding Ceremony Readings For Couples of all Genders & Race

wedding ceremony readings vows white man and black woman embracing

Wedding ceremony readings for couples of all genders and race are a beautiful way to express the love you feel for your partner in a non-patriarchal way. It intensifies your personal vows before the exchanging of rings. Where do you find the right declaration of love sayings?

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The 9 Best Wedding Day Hair & Make-Up Artists in Holland

wedding day hair black woman applying eye-shadow on womans face

Every bride needs great wedding day hair and bridal make-up tips. Whether you are blond, brunette or a red head your beauty ritual must be in check. Albeit you’ve got the bridal dress, fitted the shoes and sized up the ring, it’s an exciting time that might feel surreal.

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