How Gospel Gowns Can Make or Break Your Wedding or Event

gospel gowns witte kerkje terheijden

Traditional gospel gowns also known as togas, impacts weddings, parties and corporate events in a powerful way. Allow me to explain… People swoon at the sight of an imposing gospel choir adorned in robes. But, have they become a novelty status symbol?

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Don’t Regret These 12 Difficult Wedding Planning Decisions

difficult wedding decisions

Bouncing ideas back and forth with your partner can help with difficult wedding decisions and avoid the biggest wedding day regrets. Although, you’re mutual understandings might cloud and affect your judgement. How do you set the perfect wedding celebration format?

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How to Wear A Wedding Wig To Make It Look Real

wedding wig

Wearing a wedding wig during the ceremony brings a sense of formality to your proceedings and the opportunity to create a second stunning look. Even better, guests feel that something important is about to happen. But, how do you accomplish the perfect hairpiece? read more

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Gospel Choir?

gospelkoor boeken

Your destiny wedding is shaped by your actions, decisions and not by chance. And in the grand scheme of planning your special day, you have difficulty finding a gospel choir. The cost of hiring a collective group of singers totally depends on what is important to you.

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Warning: Don’t Pick An Engagement Ring Until You Read This

One of the biggest gambles in your life is choosing the right engagement ring. With many strong contenders on the market you are spoilt for choice. So, imagine how daunting that is for your partner. How does he select the most dazzling sparkler of your dreams?

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