Dutch Marriage Legal Paperwork – Read This Now

first wedding anniversary

Dutch marriage legal paperwork plays a key role in your wedding in Holland. Especially, if you want a celebrant to conduct the ceremony, then you must arrange for an official registration. But how do you sort it out and separate the legal stuff from your wedding? read more

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Ditch Grooms Wedding Etiquette Mistakes in 6 Easy Fixes

How do you ditch the grooms wedding etiquette mistakes and fix his ideas? Mistakes are unavoidable during the wedding planning. Huge funds, lots of time and endless energy cause great stress. So, no wonder, the groom can overlook some of the finer wedding details. read more

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10 Non-Traditional Church Wedding Songs For Your Ceremony

non-traditional church wedding songs

Non-traditional church wedding songs are powerful, magical and heighten the experience of your big day. The modern lyrics increase your contentment and become the beating heart of your spiritual marriage service.  But, what soundtrack enhances your public declaration of love and commitment? read more

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Modern Day Wedding Abroad Trend to Watch in 2019

modern day wedding

Your modern day wedding abroad seems like a pretty easy sell, right? And like many other couples it’s a dream of a lifetime. But before you set your heart on a luxurious venue in the heart of Amsterdam consider the costs of planning your wedding. read more

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Commitment Ceremony: 7 Tips For An Alternative Wedding

commitment ceremony

A commitment ceremony is similar to a traditional white wedding but without the trappings of religion or marriage. Furthermore, it gives everyone attending your unity celebration a strong sense of belonging, inclusion and participation. Also known as symbolic ceremonies they are personal and non-legally binding. read more

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