Wedding Ceremony Rituals Symbolise Togetherness & Love

wedding ceremony rituals celebrant binds couples hands

Meaningful wedding ceremony rituals such as handfasting, jumping the broom, drinking wine and sealing love letters in a box symbolise eternal unity. Although, you might like the idea of getting finger or body tattoos as an alternative, exchanging traditional wedding rings is still very popular.

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Blow-up Church | The Most Unusual Venue To Get Married

Blow-up church

The most unusual venue to get married has to be the blow-up church, the free-standing inflatable tent can be positioned anywhere you want. Not only that, the towering life-like structure comes in different colours, smashing pink and stylish grey.

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Brides with No Scruples Love Afro Wedding Hairstyles

Afro wedding hairstyle bride surrounded by white and pink roses

Solange Knowles had no scruples about looking for Afro wedding hairstyles and why should you. It can be your crowning glory on the big day and make you feel like a star. However, the natural curly look is tricky to manage and keep under control.

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Master of Ceremonies Photographers Showcase Your Wedding

master of photographers same-sex wedding couple sitting at the altar

Master of ceremonies photographers capture all the joy, happiness, smiles and important moments at your wedding celebration. Showcasing a love story on film the true essence of your togetherness becomes a day to remember. But, which professional clicks with your vision?

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An Elopement Wedding Is The Biggest Wedding Trend Ever!

elopement wedding

The biggest wedding trend ever is an elopement wedding. Have you ever heard of it? Well, it’s the ticket if you and your partner want to have a private and romantic getaway for two. That’s exactly what it means to elope. But then, you’re probably thinking, “Elopement? read more

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