The 21 Best Questions To Ask Your Marriage Celebrant

marriage celebrant questions

Are you thinking about a marriage celebrant led ceremony? Well, marriage celebrant questions tend to pop up when you’re busy with the last-minute stuff. Basically, you need someone who is a strong advocate of marriage and assists with all the elements of creating a personalised ceremony.

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How To Plan Your Vondelpark Wedding in Amsterdam

vondelpark wedding

Vondelpark is the most famous park in Amsterdam. Yet, hosting a vondelpark wedding isn’t as easy as it looks. Although planning a ceremony in the heart of the beautiful city is a romantic idea. There are some things you need to know… read more

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The Best Multicultural Wedding Professionals in the Business

multicultural wedding professionals

Multicultural wedding professionals are starting to dominate the wedding business. And sites such as and black bride and groom UK help you create the perfect day. However, many brides of colour may feel that they are being under represented by the wedding industry. read more

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Amsterdam Church Wedding Venues You Need To Know

Amsterdam Church Wedding Venues

Amsterdam church wedding venues offer you a luxurious location to host a lavish and exclusive celebration on a grand scale. And whether you are an expat officially living in the Netherlands or a Dutch national, you can plan a ceremony in the heart of the city.

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Manscaping Wedding Planning Checklist Every Groom Needs

manscaping wedding planning checklist

Guess what? Before your hb2 (husband to be) starts his manscaping wedding planning checklist and plans his stylish wedding hairstyle, you need to know this. Grooms are taking charge and loving it. Although it can reduce some of the pressure on you, what if he jeopardizes things with his off the cuff plans? read more

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