Baby Naming Ceremony Guide NL

Baby naming ceremony guide little girl being held by mum's hand

Baby naming ceremony guide helps parents plan a non-religious christening/baptism. It gives you the opportunity to celebrate the child’s birth. Before I go on…congratulations on your new bundle-of-joy and the registration of their birthday. But what is a baby naming ceremony exactly?

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Eloping Wedding Ideas For An Intimate Elopement in NL

eloping wedding ideas couple smiling and celebrant reading script

Love is an exciting adventure, full of intimacy. So, whether you want a planned or spontaneous wedding, eloping wedding ideas get you inspired. The beginning stages of planning an escape to NL is thrilling. But, where do you celebrate your journey together and make the elopement extra special?

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Love Actually Wedding Singers for an Unforgettable Wedding

Love Actually Wedding Singers singers dressed in blue and red togas in the small white church in Terheijden

How your wedding ceremony timeline unfolds and flows depends heavily on the right piece of music. Love Actually wedding singers can be an integral part of your church marriage celebration. Albeit, the choir are an exciting addition to your big moment, how much do they cost?
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Pre-Wedding Interview Questions To Ask Before Marriage

pre-wedding interview questions black man proposing to white woman

Pre-wedding interview questions will help you find the right partner to marry. It can be very daunting experience looking for that special one in this Covid-19 time. Newly engaged couples are being formed every second on the internet. Who do you trust, do they match your standards and are you compatible? read more

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5 Wedding Planning Hacks To Save Time

4 clever wedding hacks bride in white and groom in black tuxedo

How do you distinguish yourself from other wedding couples planning a big day extravaganza? The biggest wedding planning hacks will set you apart and keep you ahead of other bride’s and grooms. Preparing for marriage is exciting but costly and comes with a hefty price.

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