Getting Married Aboard A Boat For Lovers of Canal Cruises

Getting Married Aboard

Getting married aboard a boat in Amsterdam or outskirts of the city is a once in a lifetime romantic dream. Imagine weaving through the Dutch canals. Well, the love ships welcome you to step on board “stap in het huwelijksbootje”. But where do you begin your search?

Wedding tourism is making big waves in the Netherlands, so it’s the perfect time to say, Yes, I Do! Moreover, you tie the knot onboard, kiss under the skinny bridge and have the captain ring the wedding bells.

However, you cannot get legally married on a boat. But, how do you get officially hitched? Easy, just obtain a civil license from the municipality of the country where your reside. Thereafter, bring the documents [if necessary] to Holland to enjoy a canal boat wedding.

Saying “YES” while leisurely cruising the waterways is a sheer must. Therefore, don’t harbour the thrilling thought anymore, it’s going to be plain sailing. Stay afloat with these special charters for your upcoming nautical theme boat wedding in the Netherlands. Continue reading about the costs…

Getting married aboard

getting married aboard Dutch saloon boat with open roof, white and red ballons and flowers

Nautical-themed boat wedding on the Amsterdam grachtengordel – canal belt | Everyone looks impressed!

Dutch barge: A term for several types of traditional flat-bottomed shoal-fraught sailing barge, originally used for carrying cargo in the Zuyder Zee and on the rivers of Netherlands. Also called a schuyt. Source:

1. Amsterdambyboat | request pricing & package

Firstly, you decide on the pick-up and drop off points for you guests. And can request that there is enough space for your celebrant-led wedding on board. Even better, many boats are an authorised wedding location. Travelling along the canal system you’ll adore the romantic Dutch landscape backdrop for your photos. Call today to book your voyage.

2. Costs of getting married on | from 98 euros p.p.

Secondly, you can push out the boat, if your ideas are springing up and spilling over. Basically, as a tourist you’ll be steering away from all the traditional marriage rules. From the walk down the aisle to sitting at the altar every key step is restricted. Although this maybe true, you set the timetable for your floating wedding ceremony.

3. Wedding aboard | from € 1.425,-

Thirdly, fall in love with all the bells and whistles this certified boat wedding rental company has to offer. Celebrating your big moment aboard a party ship with a retractable roof means you’ll open the floodgates of joyful tears. Loved ones shall be keen to share your happiness. Moreover, the meaningful moment is emphasised while sailing on the channels of water.

4. Rederij Stiphout, Maastricht | request pricing & package

Rederij Stiphout is Maastricht’s pride and joy on the water. This boat rental company named after the carpenter van Stiphout leaves you spoilt for choice. They have five passenger ships for you to admire the sights. Also, the ship has striking furnishings and supports you in realising your fairy-tale dream. So, consider this ship for a special night of wedding celebrations after the marriage ceremony. It will be a priceless experience!

getting married aboard Dutch tjalk boat with white sails

Dutch river-liner cruiser | Geul Servaasbrug Rederij Stiphout

Geul Servaasbrug – photo courtesy of

5. Rederij Spido, Rotterdamfrom € 23.75 p.p.

A distinct wedding in Holland is a sailing event on the Spido. Docked at Rotterdam harbour, this luxury boat rental company has cozy, new and up-to-date vessels. Most importantly, you’ll have sheer enjoyment and the best ambiance for your big day. Another thing, the staff knows the ropes and will create a wedding of your dreams.

6. Raderstoomboot De Majesteit, Rotterdam |request package

Thirdly, getting married aboard De Majesteit is a dream come true. Literally translated, it means the Majesty. This cruise ship is one of the largest and most luxurious paddle steamers in Europe. Refurbished and in pristine condition for your wedding event it’s the perfect boat rental. In short, a royal treatment awaits you in nostalgic Dutch style and atmosphere.

getting married aboard Dutch tjalk boat with white sails

Dutch tjalk | Inland sailing trip with loved ones guarantees a boating experience brimming with love for a lifetime.

image RGBstock

7. Before boarding | from 45 per hour

And there’s more you need to know about planning your wedding aboard a Dutch boat. First off, after you’ve registered your marriage at the town hall, hire a boat rental in Amsterdam. Technically speaking, a wedding cruise on a marriage vessel in Holland is more relaxed than a casual venue on land. However, if you’re non-Dutch the law requires that you obtain your official paperwork before boarding.

8. Blue Boat rental Amsterdam | request pricing & package

Another thing the tide has turned on marriage ceremonies and your celebrations should reflect your lifestyle, aspirations and love for one another. So, soak up the breathtaking and enigmatic views of the Dutch coastline aboard the Blue Boat. By stemming the tide of a traditional ceremony, you are guaranteed a coastal wedding reception [± 80 persons] of a lifetime.

9. Flagship private luxury canal tour – Agatha | From € 395

Alternatively, if your interested in an electric boat for a catered event, Flagship’s elegant salon boat can service your needs. Guaranteed a memorable moment aboard, from the ceremony, reception to the evening celebrations, you’ll enjoy the journey. Amaze your guests with such awe-inspiring panoramic floating wedding location.

10. Fleeting boat moments with | From € 400 full day

Furthermore, navigate the beautiful canals with your partner and begin a good start to your marriage. Actually, capture fleeting moments and genuine emotions during your big day. By marrying on a retractable roof boat your nautical theme wedding ideas will not sink. And you’ll learn how to handle the rough seas of life before laying a solid foundation for your future together.

11. De Muider Compagnie, Muiden |request pricing & package

Another option is De Muider Compagnie, located on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Hundreds of couples have enjoyed their hospitality and flawless services. It is one of the most popular gliding wedding venues in the Netherlands. These sovereign boats designed with your comfort in mind provide catering, too. So, charter

12., Amsterdamfrom € 75 p.p.

Lastly, provides you with the ultimate true titanic moment. Charter a boat and experience a nautical styled wedding, on a majestic sailing ship. Otherwise, choose a historic tjalk (classic yacht). Docked all over the harbors of North Holland, these vessels are awaiting your presence. Would you like to know more? Rent a boat at


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