Getting Married Aboard A Boat

Getting married aboard a boat appeals to couples who want something different for their wedding day. There are plenty of Dutch boat wedding options. However, there’s a whole raft of things to consider.

So, what does it cost? How much should you splash out, so that you don’t sink your budget? Where do you find the best wedding boat experience, prices and package deals? Well, planning a floating wedding is exciting, yet daunting.

But don’t worry you can plan now for the perfect wedding or marry again on one of these beautiful sailing vessels. Plunge into the best boating companies in Holland offering you a dream wedding come true. Let’s get sailing!

Getting married aboard a Dutch boat

Canadian wedding couple getting married in NL

Rentaboat Amsterdam offers 10% discount for couples to make countless and timeless memories. 

First things first, before planning a nautical wedding in NL. Obtain a civil license from an (appointed register office) municipality of the country where you reside. Thereafter, bring the marriage documents [if necessary] to Holland. Here are canal boating options.

Rent A Boat Amsterdam

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Rent A Boat Amsterdam has officially appointed canal boat wedding venues. From the Ondine, HRH, Anna Maria to the Bota Fogo you are spoilt for choice. Get married aboard a Dutch boat, it’s a unique wedding experience, that stays in your mind’s eye forever.


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Amsterdambyboat has pick-up and drop off points for ferrying you and your guests to and fro. You can request that a celebrant officiates your ceremony on board. Even better, it’s the perfect boat wedding reception. Costly yet worth it. Check the prices.

Amsterdam boat experience

Boat weddings offer you an Amsterdam boat experience. Celebrate and reunite with family and friends and look back on the event with great fondness!

from € 98 euros p.p.

Push out the boat with Trouwschip, if your ideas are springing up and spilling over about a wedding reception on the water. From the walk down the aisle to sitting at the altar every key step onboard a boat is restricted. 

from € 1.425,-

Partyship-abel-tasman is a certified boat wedding rental company where you can celebrate your big moment aboard a party ship. Loved ones shall be keen to share your happiness. Travel along the canal and enjoy the outstanding Dutch landscape.

Amsterdam boat experience sailing along the canal

Get married in the Netherlands? Hire an official Dutch wedding officiant (Ambtenaar van de Burgerlijke Stand) or a native Celebrant for your boat wedding experience!

Rederij Stiphout, Maastricht

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Rederij Stiphout is Maastricht’s pride and joy on the water. From an in-port, shore side ship wedding or floating marriage celebration this boat rental company leaves you spoilt for choice. The striking furnishings add to fairy-tale wedding experience.

Getting married aboard Rederij Spido, Rotterdam 

from € 23.75 p.p.

Spido boat wedding offer you a distinctive wedding aboard and a unique sailing experience. Docked at Rotterdam harbour, this prestigious boat rental company has cozy, new and up-to-date vessels. And you’ll have the best ambiance for your big day event.

Clover Jean weddings are the most photogenic, the wedding couple and guests come alive! Perhaps you’re flying high with visions of wedded bliss on the canals. 

Raderstoomboot De Majesteit, Rotterdam

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In addition, getting married aboard De Majesteit is a dream come true. Literally translated, it means the Majesty. This cruise ship is one of the largest and most luxurious paddle steamers in Europe. In short, a royal treatment awaits you in nostalgic Dutch style and atmosphere. 

from €45 per hour

If you are flying high with visions of wedded bliss on the canals. can fulfill your dreams and help with planning your wedding aboard a Dutch boat. First off, after you’ve registered your marriage at the town hall, hire a boat rental in Amsterdam.

Getting married aboard Blue Boat rental Amsterdam

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Imagine you Amsterdam boat experience on Blue Boat. The tide has turned on marriage ceremonies and this boating company can help create an amazing big day. They know that your celebrations should reflect your lifestyle, aspirations and love for one another. So, check out Blue Boat. [± 80 persons]

marriage proposal on a boat

Amsterdam boat wedding experience Ondine canal boat by Rent a boat

Flagship private luxury canal tour Agatha

From € 395

Alternatively, if your interested in an electric boat for a catered event, Flagship’s elegant salon boat can service your needs. Guaranteed a memorable moment aboard, from the ceremony, reception to the evening celebrations, you’ll enjoy the journey.

Getting married aboard 

From € 400 full day

Furthermore, navigate the beautiful canals with your partner and begin a good start to your marriage. Actually, capture fleeting moments on a retractable roof boat, your nautical theme wedding ideas will  not sink.

Classic boat tours, Amsterdam

From 630 per hour

Your Amsterdam boat experience can begin on classic boat tours Amsterdam. Picture expressing your true genuine emotions by marrying on one of Classic boat tours salon-boats. Marry in style and host a classy intimate wedding (6 – 30 guests) upon a private boat.

Boat wedding experiences prices can be eye-watering. Dutch river-liner cruiser | Geul Servaasbrug Rederij Stiphout

De Muider Compagnie, Muiden

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Getting married aboard? De Muider Compagnie is located on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Hundreds of couples have enjoyed their hospitality and flawless services. These sovereign boats designed with your comfort in mind provide catering, too. So, charter, Amsterdam 

from € 75 p.p. provides you with the ultimate titanic moment. Charter a boat and experience a nautical styled wedding, on a majestic sailing ship. Otherwise, choose a historic tjalk (classic yacht). Docked all over the harbors of NL, these timeless vessels are awaiting your presence. Rent a boat at

 getting married aboard a Dutch boat

Amsterdam boat wedding experience image credit

Frisian-sailing, Enkhuizen

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Fancy a midweek, weekend or a whole week long boat wedding with family and friends in Friesland? Well, can accommodate you. So, set your timetable for the perfect floating Dutch wedding ceremony. There ships offer you the ideal backdrop for your wedding photos. How does that sound?

Willen Jacob, Groningen

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The Willem Jacob sailing ship offers you a priceless experience, you can enjoy your dream wedding day onboard. What’s more, the staff knows the ropes and will create a wedding of your dreams. From the Waddenzee,  Lauwersmeer, Schiermonnikoog, Ameland en Groningen it will be a memorable voyage of love., Delft

prijs op aanvraag

Perhaps you met each other at a sailing school and want to relive that moment. help you celebrate love on one of their 70 historic sailing ships. Imagine immersing yourselves in a romantic atmosphere of the bygone years. “Love is a ship forever setting sail – shiver me timbers and splice me mainbrace!”

Getting married aboard a Dutch barge:

A term for several types of traditional flat-bottomed shoal-fraught sailing barge, originally used for carrying cargo in the Zuyder Zee and on the rivers of Netherlands. Also called a schuyt. Source:

Getting Married Aboard woman wearing white bridal frock holding pink and white floral bouquet

Amsterdam boat wedding experience in Holland. Imagine a nautical celebration surrounded by your dearest and nearest; the ones you love. Sounds great, right? Thera & Kevin got married on a boat – Amsterdam boat experience 

Boat rules & regulations

Lastly, step onboard a love ship (“stap in het huwelijksbootje”) and weave yourselves through the Dutch canals, river or sea. Boat rental companies are awaiting you have implemented strict guidelines to keep your wedding party safe and dry.


Leisurely cruising the waterways, is every lover of boats dream. Make the most significant part of your wedding day or anniversary event extra special on a Dutch boat. It’s a romantic way to show and celebrate your love for one another. Nautical tourism and weddings are making big waves. So, let the captain ring the bell [if you ask nicely] to confirm your union.


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  1. Mr.Merylien Bajot

    Good afternoon, how are you?
    Due to the present events, we are looking for some other options for our wedding on saturday the 7the of november.
    By any chance, do you still have any boat available for 30 people that day?
    The starting point would be in Maastricht, just to be accurate
    I thank you in advance,
    Mr M Bajot

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