Pre-Wedding Interview Questions To Ask Before Marriage

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Post-engagement questions or pre-wedding interview questions will help you attract the right partner to marry. It can be very daunting experience looking for that special one in this Covid-19 time. Who do you trust, do they match your standards and are you compatible?

Newly engaged couples are being formed every second on the internet. But you ask yourself, will you fall head over heels in love and be proposed too? It’s scary to think that you may not find the relationship of your dreams. Don’t be a slave to your emotions. Ask these powerful pre-wedding interview questions before your boyfriend becomes your fiancé or future husband. And you commit to love at first sight.

Let the following questions help you to decide before you go on a dating site, get engaged or tie the knot. Guarantee your chances of a loving, trusting and caring relationship. Insightful questions are a good indication of what is seriously important to you and having a lifetime relationship of sheer bliss. Most importantly whether you want to give up your single life and devote the rest of it to one person. Continue reading pre-wedding interview questions….


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Seeking advice about marriage? Pre-wedding questions – Post-engagement questions help every newly engaged couple decide if rushing into planning is necessary.  image courtesy Blue Nile

1. Are you a strong single woman in charge of your life?

Whether you are a mature and powerful business woman, single mum or young career oriented lady, maybe you are worried about being a singleton and your journey to love. You’ve seen your friends get engaged, say yes, been to their engagement party, wedding, become new brides and live happily ever after. Most importantly you could be anxious to give up your single life and commit the rest of it to one person. Continue reading….

2. Do you love living a solo existence?

Another thing, are you now ready to settle down, make a lifelong commitment and share your life with one someone special?  What has triggered this? Do you know what you want? Financially compatibility and compromising is the key. Does he truly want to be married? GQ men and marriage. What sort of lover are you looking for? Does he have a sense of humour? Is he generous or a miser with his money?

3. How do you find the right man?

Find a man that is free for you. Set expectations. Gain some insight into asking your ideal partner the right pre-wedding interview questions before marriage. Look, you know money can’t buy love or confidence but it sure can provide for the rent and your life with your new partner! So, remember he needs to match up to your criteria and make sacrifices to make your marriage a happy and successful one.


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Engagement and wedding rings represent a never ending cycle of love and prosperity. image courtesy Blue Nile

4. What is marriage?

Well according to… “Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or ritually recognized union between spouses. Marriage establishes social and financial benefits, rights and obligations between a legally married couple, their children, and their in-laws.” Marriage is a huge commitment and pre-wedding interview questions are a life changer!

5. Why do you want to get married?

Why are you now looking for the ideal partner (fiancé), to complete your life? Is it because you feel lonely and can’t see yourself living the rest of your life alone? Do you want someone who loves you for you? Close your eyes and honestly ask yourself pre-wedding interview questions. Or get out a pen and piece of paper and right down top 10 advantages of being in a relationship.  And don’t forget the pro’s and con’s to getting married.

6. Who are they and what values will they bring to your life?

Envision your life as it is now, where do you see yourself a few years from now? And will he fulfill your needs, what is the difference he’ll make to your life? Be truthful, you want really know him until you’ve spent ample time with him, met his friends and family. It’s the only way to find out whether you want to walk down the aisle into his arms. Here are some great pre-wedding interview questions to ask him, before you say, “Yes to the Dress”!


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The engagement season starts late November to February 14th Valentines Day, this is when the most proposals take place. image courtesy Blue Nile

7. What is their true intention, and are they financially savvy?

Let’s face it, we ladies do not want a man who is unable to support himself and take responsibility for his life. He may be gorgeous, have great charisma and be great in bed but what about his financial ties? He could still be attached financially to his ex-wife which means you are out of the picture. Does he ask you on a regularly basis for money? Then the alarm bells should be going off.

8. What if he asks you for money?

Dating scams, romance fraud, online creeps and cheats are on the world wide bed. A man needs to make you feel good, be independent of his finances and with his worries. However, if this not the case you’ll be paying all the bills. On top of that, carry all the emotional stress and have unwanted arguments. So, get him to take control of his past issues, fix his habits and money problems. Thereafter, you can tie the knot! Find out from other women what their thoughts are on dating men for their money.

9. Where is he from, his background and are there any health problems?

I don’t want to alarm you but you need to be real. This could be a core issue – married men pretending to be single. Even worse, your boyfriend is in love with his ex or may have an addiction that he has not yet faced. Did you know addiction affects men more than us women and can lead to a financial life full of ruin, destroy your relationship and be devastating for your marriage? can help.


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10. Do you want someone who has a healthy attitude to life?

Asking your new partner about his previous life can be a tricky and touchy subject to tackle, so how do you tactfully address the subject? Do you get married and start planning the wedding? Well, you will need professional advice. So, find out more about how to help an addict or alcoholic boyfriend.

11. How does he envision the future; does he want children?

Do you really know what the new guy in your life wants? Do you trust him? Is he compatible, focused on you and your relationship? Does he want marriage and kids? It may surprise you to know but not all men need to be dads. Children may not fit into their lives vision, career goals and future plans. It may spoil the quality of your life. Don’t bother getting him to change he has to decide that himself. Read more in-depth information about why men dont want to be dads.

12.  Has he got children from a previous relationship or marriage?

Some men will hold onto their secret tightly (they have lots of kids with different women.) So, because they don’t want to lose you they might keep this fact hidden till after you’re married. Find out this part of his history. What’s his relationship with his kids? Is he involved in their upbringing? Does he support them financially?


13.  Does he love children?

What about their education if they are of school age. Does he play an active part in attending parents evening, sports day, school events, etc.? Question him and see what his reaction is. If he has kids, how will he treat the children you have together? If he loves his children and plays the important father role, that’s a good sign. It shows he’s a dedicated, caring and loving dad.

14.  Is he willing to share the household chores?

Sort this one out before you come back from your honeymoon or you’ll start your marriage stressed. If he’s a spoilt mummy’s boy and doesn’t know how to cook, clean, decorate or do simple jobs around the house, you’ll have issues. After a long day at work, do you want to come home and cook? Plus do you want to do all the housework?

14.  Is there’s something wrong with looking after your husband?

Let’s get real when it comes to running a house, this should be a shared duty. Is he the type of man who will come home, kick off his shoes, take off his jacket and slouch on the sofa while you run around? Well, you won’t be happy. It might work in the beginning of your marriage. But a few months later when the novelty of marriage wears off, he will start to irritate you.


15.  What do you feel deep within your heart?

Do you want a man that is your equal? If he doesn’t know how to cook, clean, etc. he can always learn. There are lots of YouTube videos with tutorials. Make sure you have a lengthy discussion about this topic. Because, when you have children, it will be even more pressurising on you.

16.  Is he free from sexual diseases?

You should be able to talk about sexual issues and STD freely and openly. Although this is a sensitive topic, it’s also a valid one to discuss. A person could have a sexual disease such as chlamydia without any obvious symptoms. It’s easily transmitted between couples. It’s therefore, important to find out if he’s had any sexual diseases in the past. Also, a one night stand can have a nasty impact on someone’s life.

17.  Do you want an open relationship?

Did you know that when you have sex with a new partner, you’re also sleeping with all the other partners he’s had? That is unless you’re both virgins. Some types of STD can mess up your fertility and cause problems with a pregnancy in the future. There’s also the possibility of contracting Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is connected to cervical cancer.

18.  Is good sexual health important to you?

It’s equally important for both of you to have an HIV test before you get married. Then you’re both ready to start your marriage without any nagging doubts at the back of your mind. Your sexual health is something to take seriously if you want a future free from worries. Therefore, make sure your potential husband has good sexual health.


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19.  Will he grow with you instead of away from you?

Some couples stay together in marriage for many years. They have children, work, buy a house and seem to be happy and in love. Then after the children are grown and have left to start their lives, they also decide to separate. They feel there is no further they can go together. They’ve reached the climax in marriage. Instead of growing old together, they believe they’re growing away from each other.

20. What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage is not something you do then leave it to take care of itself. It takes constant work to keep the love fire burning. Marriage is not the end of the game. It’s the beginning. When you both make the vow ‘till death do us part’ that means literally working on your marriage and doing all you can to grow closer together, not apart.

21. What does he not like about you?

Work this one through now. Don’t leave it till later. If you have bad habits that irritate him, it’s best if he tells you beforehand so you can address them. He should be honest and not hold back from telling you. Knowing now, even if he upsets you when he reveals his pet hates to you, is better than keeping it bottled up.

22. Does he internalise his feelings?

Internalising someone’s irritating habits can easily cause them to blow up when they reach boiling point. So, encourage him to talk and tell you what he doesn’t like about you. He may not be able to list everything because he will discover more about you after you’re married. But he can tell you about the things he’s seen, so you can sort them out.


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Pre-wedding interview questions: crucial questions to ask him before he pops the question.  image courtesy Tammy Mosley-Pexels

Whether engaged or not, marriage is incredible. But it takes two amazing people to live in harmony together, commit 100% and never give up, no matter what life throws at you. So after your fiancé/intended husband gives you his answers, you should also ask yourself the same questions.

To end,  I would say as an experienced celebrant/officiant before your heart goes all fluttery when he proposes with a big shiny engagement ring. Make sure you know what you’re getting into if you say yes. So, use pre-wedding interview questions. Do a little research and have a quality discussion between you and him. Avoid any regrets or a possible divorce after marriage.

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