Pre-Wedding Interview Questions You Don’t Want to Miss

pre-wedding interview questions

Familiarise yourself with these openhearted pre-wedding interview questions. In fact, questions are the right way to prepare for your personal commitment ceremony. And you’ll get insight into what’s truly in both your hearts. Moreover, a structured timeline of events sparks special memories in your life and love story.

Even better, it guarantees you and your guests feel connected and go with the flow of the special occasion. And your celebrant | officiant can use essential questions to gauge and asses your true compatibility. Above all, the celebrant can sketch out a bespoke wedding order of service that suits your personalities, values and unique style.

By committing to your significant other you confess the desire to be with them forever. Therefore, be taken down a romantic memory lane. Furthermore, get ready to answer some private and confidential details. And talk about your personal vows and other ceremony related stuff.

So, ask yourself some openhearted wedding questions and don’t let any important ones slip your mind. Quiz your celebrant | officiant about these 20 inspiring questions. And ensure that they conduct your ceremony with thoughtfulness, meaningfulness and sincerity. Basically, you design the perfect ceremony with the help of a pre-wedding interview.

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Pre-wedding Interview Questions and Relationship Questions

Get familiar with your pre-wedding interview and relationship questionnaire form for your marriage service, commitment or renewal of vows ceremony. And use it to review your wording, the content and format before the celebrant’s [officiants] final version.

Follow these guidelines: Think of these 20 questions as being a key factor in your upcoming consultation.

  • Take your time to read thoroughly through each one before answering.
  • Feel free to answer as many as you want.
  • Be honest, crystal clear, open and creative.
  • Remember, the more information you relay, makes your speech meaningful, unique and effortless to write.

Relationship Questionnaire – Part I

  1. What does marriage or your relationship mean to you?

  2. What is the significance of a wedding or celebration of love date?

  3. Why did you choose for a celebrant/secular wedding?

  4. Who is your celebrant and what do you expect from them?

  5. What kind of ceremony would you like?

  6. Do you have any personal wishes, expectations, requirements, needs and ideas?

  7. How do you envision your wedding day or commitment ceremony?

  8. Would you like the celebrant to include any loved ones who cannot attend the ceremony due to other circumstances, or have passed away?

  9. When did you and your partner first meet?

  10. How did you and your partner meet?

  11. When was your first date and what was it like?

  12. Did you “know” that they were the right person?

  13. When did you first say, “I love you?”

  14. What makes your relationship tick?

  15. When was the proposal|engagement or the commitment date of your relationship? What happened?

  16. What was the most romantic gesture your partner did for you, besides the proposal/engagement/declaration of love?

  17. What’s quirky or unique about your relationship and what are your nicknames for each other?

  18. Name 5 things you like about your partner.

  19. Name 5 things you dislike about your partner.

  20. Is there anything funny or interesting that has happened in your relationship that you would like shared during the ceremony?


Oh yes, before I forget – congratulations on your wedding | commitment ceremony | renewal of vows. And thanks for taking the time to answer these pre-wedding interview questions.


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