14 Pre-Marriage Questions Engaged Couples Should Discuss

Pre-marriage counseling questions woman wearing white gown and man wearing blue suit holding one another's hand

14 openhearted pre-marriage questions will set you off with your partner on a romantic trip down memory lane. It gives insight into your love story. Albeit you are engaged and feeling buzzed about the upcoming wedding celebrations. What truly makes both your hearts tick?

Look, I’m no expert on matrimonial law. And no-one has asked for my hand in marriage, go down on one knee to propose or bestowed me with an diamond ngagement ring. But, I’ve had many romantic encounters with partners who I thought were the one. I could tell you a few stories.

But, it’s not about me. It’s about you and your H2B

So, familiarize and quiz yourselves with these pre-marriage counseling questions to keep building on your bond of everlasting friendship. More importantly, create the new chapter of your love story and plan a dream wedding. Let’s get started…

Pre-marriage questions

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Pre-marriage questions I

1. Are you afraid to speak up for yourself?

Firstly,do you want spark special memories that bring your love adventure alive? Well, whether you are concerned and scared about your relationship you need to communicate. Start talking today about you upcoming wedding.

2. Are you truly ready for a new life together?

In depth questions to measure your true feelings, key beliefs and individual values shines light on your compatibility. But, are you ready to answer some personal, private and confidential things about your life history? Don’t be blinded by your love.

3. Is it lust, love or life that keeps you together?

Don’t let any important matters slip your mind before you say, Yes, I Do. So, don’t settle for just feeling comfortable. Get stuck into pre-marriage counseling questions and use them to have a serious conversation with your better half. Furthermore, discover if you really want to get married or host a wedding commitment ceremony.

4. What does your relationship mean to you?

Sometimes the most difficult thing about being in a committed and loving relationship is saying these simple words, “I’m sorry babe. I agree with you my love, my honey. You are or were right.” If you speak these words to your partner on a regular basis, then you have a rosy future ahead of you.

5. What is the significance of your wedding date?

You truly adore each other, you’re in the honeymoon phase and enjoying the spoils of life. And feel like you’ve hit the jackpot and want to claim the prize. In fact, you’ve laughed and cried together. So, pick the date that has great significance to you. Perhaps the day you first lay eyes on one another, your birthday or the day you said; “I love you”.

6. Are you on the same page starting a family?

So, you’ve shared your joys, sorrows and happiness together. During this time you’ve developed ways of compromising, settling disputes, and always seem to be able to agree with one another. Perhaps you both desire to be parents and wish to settle down by joining the two great families and extending the family tree.

7. Do you have a strong bond?

With the above in mind, you’ve even been able to let go of resentments. In truth, you’re synchronized, communicate your feelings and wishes. Plus waved goodbye to old arguments instead of holding them in your heart. This is the sign of a strong bond and everlasting connection. So, put a stamp on your love to show everyone your compatibility.

interview questions woman wearing white gown and man wearing blue suit holding one another's hand

A strong bond of lasting friendship

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8. Are you keen to have a religious or non-religious wedding?

Isn’t it amazing how you’ve managed to create a new sense of value, commitment, acknowledgement and truth of your lives over the years together? So, whether you are spiritualist, religious or non-religious, a marriage blessing service is the best solution. More importantly, you can rekindle the love fire, right.

9. Do you feel like the only two people in the world in love?

Your respect for each other has deepened and this mirrors the true feelings you have for one another.  And your understanding of the needs, wants and desires of your each other has grown richer. Albeit you spend quality time watching your favorite Netflix series together, cuddled up with some tapas and wine. It’s the perfect time to say, I love you.

10. How do you envision your wedding day?

Whatever wedding day you envision use your strength and individual personalities to make it as special as your union together. It doesn’t have to be lavish, drawn out or elaborate for it to be meaningful, sentimental and memorable.

11. Do your significant family and friends like your partner?

Another thing you get on great with each other’s family and friends. In fact, you engage better and support more consistently. Together, you have developed a solid combined effort. So, celebrate your loving commitment with a celebration full of love because a little moral support goes a long way.

12. Do you except your partner’s flaws and idiosyncrasies?

Embrace each other’s flaws and perfections. Sure, after many years of compromise you’ve gained the art of negotiating, developed excellent tactical maneuver skills and become expert mediators. Furthermore, realising you are poles apart, two halves that make a whole but together can be a really exciting discovery.

13. Do you both have baggage that is to heavy to carry?

And there’s more, this is a touchy subject. Marriage is an exciting new chapter in your life. However, each one of you have baggage. Therefore, it’s inevitable that you might trigger one another. So, remember to share, talk, listen and be thoughtful to yours and your partner’s needs.

14. Do you trust your partner to plan your wedding?

Lastly, do you trust your partner to plan the wedding day? Well, it could be ideal and most logical step to take. Your loving, healthy relationship deserves an exceptional celebration to publicly declare and express your strong connection to family and friends. However, you could plan the nuptials of your dreams together.


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Oh yes, before I forget – congratulations on your engagement and thanks for taking the time to discuss these pre-wedding questions. Did they help?


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