Pre-Wedding Interview Questions To Ask Before Marriage

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Have you attracted the right partner, bonded and now want to marry, but you’re engaged and unhappy? Ask marriage proposal and pre-wedding interview questions. Whether you’ve just met or are together for 3, 5 or 7 years. You were bound to find love. And if you thought you were with that special someone, you don’t trust your feelings. So, are they the one, do they match your standards and are you compatible?

Many of us dream about a big wedding and might have saved for it since we were little. Perhaps you ask yourself every second of the day, is this it? You’ve fallen head over heels in love, moved in with them and popped the question. But, it feels scary to think that you may not have found the relationship of your dreams and become a nearly wed. Don’t be a slave to your emotions and commit to love or marriage at first sight. Ask these powerful pre-wedding interview questions before you say, ‘YES’ to your future partner.

Let the following pre-wedding interview questions motivate you to ask why you keep joining dating sites, are unhappily engaged or want to cancel the wedding. Guarantee your chances of a loving, trusting and caring constant companion. Insightful questions are a good indication of what is seriously important to you. Have a lifetime relationship of sheer bliss. Most importantly, don’t be engaged and unhappy. So, are you ready to give up your single life and devote the rest of it to one person? Read pre-wedding interview questions and then make a decision….


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Don’t be engaged and unhappy, ask pre-wedding interview questions – two-be-wed: does an engagement equate to a happy marriage? Wedding rings represent a never ending cycle of love and prosperity.  Alyssa Swedick – Pexels

1. Do you want to be carried over the threshold?

Whether you are a mature and powerful business person, parent, young career oriented professional or have a high-status career, maybe you are worried about being a singleton. Perhaps you have feelings of anxiety about your journey to love. You’ve seen your friends get engaged, say yes, been to their engagement party, become newlyweds, go on honeymoon and live happily ever after. Ask marriage proposal and pre-wedding interview questions before you are carried over the threshold.

2. Are you having wild wedding dreams and nightmares?

What is your motivation for bonding, marriage and a happily ever after? Have you been influenced by your friend’s wedding on social media? Dreaming about it as a singleton could be an every day occurrence, perhaps you are having nightmares. Well, you could be anxious to give up your single life and commit the rest of it to one person. Read more about wedding dreams and nightmares triggered by stress and anxiety.

3. Do you love living a solo existence?

Another thing, are you now ready to settle down, make a lifelong commitment and share your life with one someone special?  What sort of lover are you looking for? What has triggered this feeling? Do you know what you want? Does the person have a sense of humour? Are they generous or a miser with their money? So, just remember before you take them off the market. They need to match up to your criteria and make sacrifices to build a happy and successful marriage.

4. How do you find the right person?

Marriage is a life-changing experience. So, find a constant companion who is free for you. The dynamics of a new relationship change over time. Set expectations. Gain some insight into asking your ideal partner the right pre-wedding interview questions before marriage. Look, you know money can’t buy love or confidence but it sure can provide for the rent and your life with your new partner!

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After searching for love on the world wide bed, you shopped around and found a spouse, best friend, lover and soulmate. Now you’re engaged and unhappy.  Ask marriage proposal questions! source: Marcelo Chagas

5. What does marriage mean to you?

If you are dreaming of wedlock, have you asked yourself – what is marriage? “Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or ritually recognized union between spouses. Marriage establishes social and financial benefits, rights and obligations between a legally married couple, their children, and their in-laws.” Marriage is a huge commitment and pre-wedding interview questions are a life changer!

6. Are you really in love?

Why are you now looking for the ideal partner, to complete your life? Is it because you feel lonely and can’t see yourself living the rest of your life alone? Do you want someone who loves you for you? Engaged and unhappy can be depressing. So, ask pre-wedding interview questions before you sink any deeper. Get out a pen and piece of paper and right down 14 advantages and benefits of being in a relationship. There’s pro’s and con’s to falling in love.

7. Who are they and what values will they bring to your life?

Envision your life as it is now? Where do you see yourself a few years from now? And will they fulfill your needs, what is the difference they will make to your life? Be truthful, engaged and unhappy can make you feel miserable. You want really know them until you’ve spent ample time with them, met their friends and family. Marriage proposal questions are the only way to find out whether you want to walk down the aisle into their arms. Here are some great pre-wedding interview questions to ask them, before you say, “Yes to the wedding outfit”!

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Marriage proposal | engagement season starts late November to February 14th Valentines Day, this is when the most proposals take place. image courtesy Blue Nile

8. What is their true intention, and are they financially savvy?

Engaged and unhappy with someone who is unable to support themself is a deal breaker. They may be gorgeous, have great charisma and be great in bed but what about their financial ties? What if they can’t take responsibility for their life? Do they ask you on a regularly basis for money? Do you pay all the bills? Then the alarm bells should be going off.

9. What if they ask you for money?

Engagement questions before marriage? Dating scams, romance fraud, online creeps and cheats are on the world wide bed. The person you find needs to make you feel good, be independent of their finances and with their worries.  On top of that, carry all the emotional stress and have unwanted arguments. So, get them to take control of their past issues, fix their habits and money problems. Thereafter, you can tie the knot! Find out from others what their thoughts are on dating someone for their money.

10. Where are they from, their background and are there any health problems?

I don’t want to alarm you with pre-wedding interview questions but you need to be real. The core issue could be that they are a married person pretending to be single. Even worse, your partner is in love with their ex or may have an addiction that they have not yet faced. Did you know addiction affects more and more people and can lead to a financial life full of ruin, destroy your relationship and be devastating for your marriage?

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Engagement questions before marriage proposal | pexels-brianna-swank-bbm

More things to know before getting involved

Conclusion… Marriage is incredible, but it can hit rock bottom and bounce back. So, it takes two amazing people to live in harmony together, commit 100% and never give up, no matter what life throws at you. Final thought, before your heart goes all fluttery when they propose with a big shiny engagement ring. Make sure you know what you’re getting into if you say yes. Do a little research and have a quality discussion between you and them. Avoid any regrets or a possible divorce after marriage.

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