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Wedding Ceremony Rituals – Symbolic Acts of Love & Unity

Wedding Rituals couple experiencing lei exchange

Wedding ceremony rituals are symbolic acts of love, commitment and trust chosen by couples as part of their marriage celebrations. These treasure troves of traditions can add emotion to a deeply personalised wedding ceremony. You tell your love story, in a way that is personal to you and create moments to express your loyalty to one another. These customs are a beautiful way to feel close and connected with your partner. But, which rituals and practices suit your couple’s personality?

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Dutch Wedding Guide For Couples Getting Married in NL

Dutch wedding guide for couples getting married in NL

Are you foreigners getting married in NL? Wedding ceremonies are booming! And fulfills the dream of many love-expats, international and multicultural couples. So, here’s a comprehensive Dutch wedding guide and an insiders view of how to plan your marriage celebrations. Dutch Weddings are fun, adventurous yet daunting. Where do you begin your search?

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Bilingual Wedding Ceremony in English – The Order of Service

bilingual Bilingual wedding ceremony white man and black woman holding hands

A bilingual wedding ceremony is perfect for intercultural couples. In a mixed marriage, there is often different marriage traditions, beliefs and values. How do you create a wedding celebration for two unique people? How can you bridge the cultural differences and language barrier gap?

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Non-Religious Wedding Speech For Non-Traditional Ceremonies

Looking for a custom wedding speech? Have you been asked to lead a friends’ non-traditional wedding ceremony service? It is a big task to bestow on someone. Perhaps as a first-time celebrant you’re at wits end searching for a non-religious wedding officiant speech or an outlined wedding officiant script. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the opening words for a ceremony or can write, perform, conduct and deliver a remarkable speech.

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Afro Wedding Hairstyles For Beautiful Black Brides & Grooms

Afro wedding hairstyles black couple bride and groom kissing under arch

The mainstream wedding industry is full of amazing straight hair wedding hairstyles and bridal accessories. However, black brides, colourful people and mixed chicks with beautiful luscious curly locks (like you) are looking for Afro wedding hairstyles and accessories to highlight a natural look. Black wedding hair designs for frizzy curls are understated. So, where do you start your search?

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