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Clover Jean Entertainment

Hi, I’m Clover Jean a celebrant | marriage officiant and wedding director who is always into the swing of ceremonies. Bringing a bespoke touch to your special celebration-of-life or another important milestone event adds a personal feel.

With my professional services, you create the right atmosphere at your festivities.

And I forgot to mention, I’m also a singer who performs in Holland, Belgium and England. Another thing, with my new concept I’ve reinvented the traditional wedding with a musical and modern twist!

What’s more, an unconventional and alternative approach to weddings and life celebration ceremonies becomes a momentous day. This is achieved with or without live gospel, soul and pop music. But, I hear you thinking where is she from, well do you have 5 minutes? Read on…

Chapter 1 | There’s more about me

In the beginning there was a little girl called Clover, yes Clover Jean is my real name! I’m a young at heart but mature British-Caribbean expat born in Shepherds Bush, London in the late 60s. With an exotic mix of traditions from my Jamaican mother and St Lucian father they taught me the spirit of life.

The first transformation happened in 1989 when I fell in love with the Netherlands. Living and working in the bubbly city is a dream come true. And 30 years ago, after taking a Dutch language course, I took a vow to get to know the people, the customs and the weird and wonderful traditions. By the way I passed the state Exam Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) and am a fully-fledged resident of Holland. So, I’m officially Dutchiefied!

If you long to know where wedding couples’ find me, well they find me via the internet, word of mouth or see my business poster on my office window. When I ask my potential wedding couple which keywords brought them to my website, they say, “We are looking for a celebrant | officiant with a difference [charismatic, fun, unconventional and perhaps a little crazy, in a good way].”

Being a celebrant | officiant is a rewarding and fulfilling job. And if you’ve obtained your civil union or marriage license (legal paperwork) at the registry office with 2 witnesses during a small, separate ceremony I’ll carry out a fully-fledged wedding, renewal of vows or celebration of love (for the two of you) in front of your family and friends.

Chapter 2 | Creating cool ceremonies in Europe

In 2008, I founded Clover Jean Entertainment. And have had many decades of rich experiences as a celebrant | officiant, singer and entertainer. And just to let you know my specialties are:

  • Naming ceremonies
  • Destination weddings
  • Expat, mixed and ritual weddings
  • Renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies
  • And surprise party music entertainment.

I’ll share another secret with you… my guilty pleasure is romantic period dramas. I’m a sucker for great relationships! What’s more, I’m passionate about any kind of wedding. I get my wedding inspiration from you, the National Wedding Show in London and TLC (Say Yes To The Dress). Over the years I’ve realised that we enjoy celebrating new beginnings and meaningful traditions. Not only that, we love memorable occasions and songs that inspire us.

So, if you long to add a portion of excitement to your event, you produce a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. And that puts a unique twist on your unconventional wedding, commitment ceremony or celebratory party. Surely, you want an individualized theme to amaze your family and friends? More importantly, set yourself apart from everyone else.

But why do my clients choose me? They want to create an awesome, elegant and special day for their one-of a kind celebration of love event. Read more about me and what my clients really say.

Chapter 3 | Turning point in my life

clover jean about me

Me back in my younger days

More than 5 years ago both my parents passed away. Then came a health scare, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. This drove home the fact that life is short and unpredictable. And things happen when we are busy making other plans.

So, I plucked up the strength and courage to embark on a new journey as a certified celebrant who conducts weddings and naming ceremonies.

Actually, I recently became ordained as a (interfaith) minister of the Universal Life Church Monastery. Yes, I can legally solemnize a marriage across the US, but not in Holland. And as a resident of Amsterdam I cannot perform legal marriages.

However, as a celebrant | officiant I’m qualified to create memorable moments for you during a non-legally binding wedding, non-religious unity or name blessing ceremony.

Therefore, along with my gospel, soul and pop choir, you’ll add a meaningful musical touch to your big day. So, let’s get together to design your wedding and celebration of love in Holland, England or anywhere else. You’re free to choose.

Last and final paragraph about me

Have you got a good impression of who I am? I’ll give you the unique experience you desire. Hosting a special day where you want, when you want and how you like it will become reality.

Actually, my services are tailor-made to suit you, your personal taste and the allocated amount of funds for your event. By creating a ‘Wow’ factor, you’ll spice up your wedding with me as your celebrant. In a word, give your party or a ceremony an alternative modern feel. Send an e-mail or call for a no obligation, no pressure chat. Hear from you soon!

Email info(at)cloverjean.com

Or call me: +31 (0) 6 148 17242