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Breda Jazz Festival | image Paul Ranft

Hi, I’m Clover Jean a bilingual celebrant |marriage officiant [native English & fluent Dutch] for weddings, personal celebrations and special milestones. As a master of ceremonies, entertainer and singer I always get into the swing and spirit of the occasion!  

With my wealth of experience, storytelling skills and brand of bringing singing, comedy & presentation together I’ve had the good fortune to conduct many personal ceremonies.

What’s more, my primary business gives you “carte blanche” to modernise and transform a traditional wedding with an exciting twist!

Secondly, this alternative approach to official weddings becomes an informal and memorable experience. Creating a distinctive look and feel enhances the right atmosphere at your intimate party event. Add some “Classic” R&B, soul and gospel music and you’ve got the finishing touch. But, I hear you thinking where is she from, well do you have 5 minutes? Read on…

Chapter 1 | There’s more about me

about me clover jean with mummy jean

Mummy Josephine Jean | 14th March 1943 – 26th September 2015

In the beginning there was a lucky little girl called Clover, yes Clover Jean is my real name!

I’m a young at heart but mature British-Caribbean national who lives in Amsterdam.

As an expat born in Shepherds Bush, London in the late sixities, the Dutch city of Amsterdam has become my home.

And with an exotic mix of traditions, my Jamaican mother and St Lucian father, empowered me with the spirit of life.

about me clover jean my dad papa jean

Papa Julian Jean | 14 october 1933 – 13th March 2003

Do you want to know more?

The first transformation happened in 1989 when I fell in love with the Netherlands. Living and working in Holland’s buzzing capital is a dream come true.

And 30 years ago, after taking a Dutch language course, I took a vow to get to know the people, the weird and wonderful customs.

Did you know….I passed the state Exam Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) and I’m a fully-fledged resident of Holland. So, move over Brexit, I’m officially Dutchiefied!

Chapter 2 | A little crazy but in a fun way!

about me clover jean with brothers Seaton and Thomas

Seaton | Clover | Thomas

Here’s something else you need to know…I’m an ordained minister – Universal Life Church.

And my bilingual | international clients find me word of mouth, via google search, or see the poster hanging on my office window.

They describe me as, “uplifting, fun, the storyteller celebrant | officiant with a difference [charismatic and perhaps a little crazy, in a good way].”

And there’s more…about me …..I love romantic period dramas. I’m a sucker for diversity, embrace different cultures and great relationships. Basically, I’m committed to one celebration a day!

clover jean about me

Me back in my younger days

Moreover, I’m passionate about celebrations & parties.

I get my inspiration from you, the National Wedding Show in London, TLC (Say Yes To The Dress) and Multi Ethnic Wedding Shows.

But, 5 years ago both my parents passed away.Then came a health scare, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

This drove home the fact that life is short and unpredictable. And things become hectic while  making plans.

So, I plucked up the strength and courage to embark on a new journey as a certified celebrant who conducts weddings, personal ceremonies and vow renewals.

Chapter 3 | Committed to one celebration a day!

Unfortunately, I cannot perform the civil part of your wedding and officially marry you. However, as a celebrant and minister with a wealth of experience I’m certified to create memorable moments for you during a non-legally binding marriage service. Or I can preside over a non-religious unity, boat wedding or name blessing ceremony here in Holland.

smiling wedding celebrant of colour

Clover Jean Entertainment

Guess what? There’s more I can do for you…

What’s really exciting about me is that my services in the Netherlands are tailor-made to suit you, your personal taste and the allocated amount of funds for your event.

By creating a ‘Wow’ factor, you’ll spice up your [bilingual | international] celebration of life with me as your celebrant. In a word, give your party or a ceremony an alternative modern feel. Send an e-mail or call for a no obligation, no pressure chat. Hear from you soon!

Email info(at)cloverjean.com

Or call me: +31 (0) 6 148 17242