About Me

About me Clover Jean comedienne, actress - a strong advocate for gender-inclusive weddings

About me Clover Jean: celebrant – storyteller -comedienne – singer –  native English who speaks Dutch.  Wedding Thoughts: Spoken Words, Written Expressions – Burgundyproductions

I’m the creative founder of Clover Jean Weddings & Entertainment (black/she/her/hers). My first name is Clover, and my surname is Jean. It isn’t an artist name, it’s my real name given to me by my West-Indian parents. I’m a native English speaker (who speaks Dutch), my non-religious wedding and naming ceremonies are all-inclusive. Delivered and designed in combination of English or/and Dutch.

As a Black British expat, Afro-Caribbean national born in Shepherds Bush, London in the late sixties, my Jamaican mum [baptist] and St Lucian dad [atheistic], gifted me with the spirit of freethinking, humour and great empathy. In 1986, I moved to freedom-loving Amsterdam the capital of hedonism.

My background is stand-up comedy, singing and entertaining. Once upon a time, a couple asked me to officiate their wedding on the island of Texel in Holland. I said, “I’m not a celebrant”. But they didn’t believe me and wanted me to wear a priest gown and perform a non-religious marriage ceremony service. So I did!

2008 was a turning point in my career as a wedding celebrant and master-of-ceremonies. I haven’t spent a Saturday (except for bank, public holidays and my birthday) singing with my gospel & soul choir or performing anywhere other than a wedding, party, or celebration in nearly 14 years!

Every persons celebration or wedding dream leaves a profound impression on me. From social butterflies, expats, fun seekers, jet-setters, world travelers to urban nomads. Creating, performing, unique weddings & ceremonies to mark their life-changing event makes my day. So, “read what everyone says!” and feel free to contact me to conduct your wedding, ceremony or to do something new, spontaneous and exciting. Hear from you soon!