Wedding Ceremony Readings For Couples of all Genders & Race

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Wedding ceremony readings for couples of all genders and race are a beautiful way to express the love you feel for your partner in a non-patriarchal way. It intensifies your personal vows before the exchanging of rings. Where do you find the right declaration of love sayings?

Well, whether you are a LGBTQ, pansexual, queer, mixed-race or opposite sex couple adding a unique touch to the celebrations is powerful, enriching and meaningful. Moreover, the momentous occasion is full of fun, excitement and happiness.

In fact the gospel truth is, your nuptials whatever gender, religion or race you are should be the most happiest time in your life. So, to help you as a loving couple map out a bold statement of devotion, here are some awesome wedding readings and other resources for you. All lives matter and so does yours! Read on…

Wedding Ceremony Readings

couple embracing and man kissing woman on the headBasically, special people like you and I have revolutionised and diversified the significance of getting hitched. We’ve changed history. It’s a defining moment for the world. And what’s more, the lack of diversity is continuing to be bridged. The catalyst for change within the wedding industry gives all races and genders the freedom to plan something authentically their own.


First things first, marriage is a vital part of societyhe legal status confirms the world’s widening acceptance of gay weddings. Most importantly, it acknowledges that same-sex loving partnerships are a celebration of love & diversity. Also, you can now enjoy the rites for celebrating marriage. Men’s Vows is a digital lifestyle magazine supporting men who marry. Discover real gay wedding stories and advice, gay engagement ideas & much more.


So, the entrenched age-old institution of wedlock now gives equal rights and benefits to heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples. Granted to same-sex couples within several countries around the world, many welcome the change. Both the legal and practical side of marriage is now possible. Lesbian wedding vows site gives you ideas and inspiration for finding the right ceremony readings and writing your special vows.


And there’s more, with changing worldviews on wedding formalities, settling for a non-restricted proceeding ensures your wedding is perfect. And the best news is… it is not mandatory to write personal vows. Whatever your sexual or cultural preference is you don’t have to conform to “traditional straight-sex standards for marriage”.

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Love is contagious: You came along with secrets of surprise and the force of love was far too strong because Is saw it in their eyes!

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Did you know a growing number of governments around the world are considering whether to grant legal recognition to same-sex marriages? Yes, a handful of countries allow gays and lesbians to marry, mostly in Europe and the Americas. In Mexico, some jurisdictions allow same-sex couples to wed, while others do not. Source:


Additionally, the has some great words from African American authors. Perhaps the marriage ceremony ideas are perfect for you. You can copy, paste and adapt the sentimental readings to suit your wedding vows. Moreover, the 4 meaningful poems will inspire you to create your own mixed-race wedding vows. source:


Firstly, the website De su mama is a really inspiring blog for interracial couples. So be inspired by Maya Angelou’s words to create the perfect wedding vows. Maya Angelou was one of America’s most celebrated poets and authors of our time. Most importantly, her love poems are perfect for your wedding. ” source:

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And there’s more, the best love poems enrich interracial couples wedding vows. Use sweet and silly readings from children’s books to make an impact on your partners heart.  Offbeat brides’s collection of funny readings taken from Dr. Seuss, Neil Gaiman, and even Douglas Adams add an extra special touch to your vows. Source:


Are you struggling to find the right mixed-race wedding vows for your reading on the big day? Well, at Pan Macmillan you can pick one of the most beautiful, moving and original lines ever written about love. Another thing, the sayings are not too cheesy but still likely to bring on a few tears. source:


In addition mixed raced weddings are unique compared to traditional Caucasian marriage ceremonies. Brides and grooms are getting married where, when and how they want. And white wedding dresses are now off-white. Basically, every aspect about getting married has been modernised. So, are you excited to do the same for your wedding vows? Source:

wedding ceremony readings vows white man and black woman embracing

Dream without fear and love without limits. Source:

image Adam D.


Alternative wedding readings provides ideas about what to write. So, why not compose your own personal wedding vows. Find inspiration in the above collection of word whimsies. From quizzical quotes and romantic sayings for gay or lesbian weddings your are spoilt for choice.


Finally, tap on the link above. And watch Steven Fry talking about pink and gay humanist weddings. Stephen Fry narrates a new video for the British Humanist Association. It explains different humanist ceremonies, as calls grow for the government to legally recognise them. In fact, humanist weddings in England and Wales are being discussed as I write.

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