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How do you take advantage of midweek wedding concessions such as ceremony ONLY invitees? With a modern look at midweek weddings freethinking couples are steering clear of inviting daytime and evening guests to the ceremonial celebrations.

But, who do you invite to your marriage ceremony? And tell me which date is right for you? Whether you are interested in a wedding in Amsterdam, London, Paris or New York, after many hums, ha’s and talks with your partner you’ve decided to revolutionize and transform your experience.

Coupled with that, you know there is a 365 day-calendar that consists of 12 months and 52 weekends. Basically, you’ve got plenty of chances to plan something unique.

So, how do you solve the many challenges faced with planning an intimate midweek wedding? Don’t panic or worry. To help you think beyond your limitations and fix a date that’s inexpensive and right for you. I’ve listed the pros and cons of the concessions made for stunning midweek weddings. Keep reading…

Midweek Weddings

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Pros – The start of the week is referred to as Blue Monday. So, if you are interested in picking a Monday, one that falls on a religious day or a bank holiday there’s often a trade-off. But this preferred wedding date could be a life saver. Even better the best money saving decision you’ll ever make.

Pros – You can reinvent the weekday wedding by snapping up some amazing deals. And have an exclusive celebratory occasion. So, plan a blissful ceremony for during the day and a memorable event in the evening at a beautiful hotel of your choice.

Cons – Do you have a sentimental choice for a wedding date? It could turn out to be impractical and the worst day for your nuptials. Therefore, before you inject energy into sending out the save the date and wedding invitations, think about RSVP.

Cons – Basically, many loved ones are working on Monday. So, you’ll have hardly any guests to enjoy your day. Plus, there could be fewer venue options available within your budget. Or your estimated funds for your wedding do not cover the costs.

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Pros- Shrove Tuesday otherwise known as Pancake Day is a traditional feast day but not a public holiday. However, just like a regular Tuesday it is not the first choice of every couple. But, with endless wedding venue options you will be within your reach and price range.

Pros- What’s more, it should be attainable, available and certainly not fully booked. And the best news is….the standard rates for a celebrant, catering and live music entertainment are fair, too. Remember to negotiate!

Cons- Sometimes seen as an unlucky day to tie the knot. Tuesday is not the best day to plan a wedding unless it’s your birthday, special date or coincides with a bank holiday weekend.  But, wouldn’t you love to stand out from the rest and create something different?

Cons- Unfortunately, for some of us, Tuesday evokes negative feelings like the start of the week. Moreover, friends and family will be busy with their jobs, upcoming events or have other commitments.

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I am enjoying the beautiful snow here in Colorado, but these blushing bridesmaids at #WineCountryInn have me dreaming of spring! #WineryWedding #NeutralWedding #westslopebestslope #bridesmaids @winecountryinn


Pros- Let’s face it, Ash Wednesday and Boxing Day falls on a weekday and could be the right time to host your wedding. What are the high end items on your checklist? Have you got a packed schedule? Well, on an ordinary Wednesday you can get a reduction on the essential stuff for your big day.

Pros- So, put on your thinking cap and start searching for wedding companies offering great discounts. Check them out and decide on what is a fair fee for the wedding services you require.

Cons- However, Wednesday can be considered an auspicious day to get married. Will your partner commit and can you pin him down to an intimate date? Does he want your weekday wedding to be another special day in the year to commemorate? Well, don’t let me burst your bubble.

Cons- But Wednesdays usually coincide with Boxing Day or an important cup final match date, such as a premier league football tournament, rugby championship or other big sporting events.

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Pros- Thursday could be seen as a midweek or weekday. If you desire a long-weekend wedding, there is plenty of scope to plan your festivities. Especially, when your wedding date falls on the anniversary of the day you first met.

Pros- Many wedding venues, hotels and celebrants have all the bases covered for you to create something uniquely yours. So, what are you waiting for, why not take advantage of the wedding professionals help, today.

Cons- Here’s the deal about hosting a Thursday weekday wedding, stay over weekend away. It can cause commuting stress, logistical disappointment and be an organisational nightmare because loved ones are unable to attend.

Cons- Starting Thursday through to Monday, millions of drivers will plan to take to the road for a short break. And if many of your guests are local, your wedding on a long weekend might interfere or conflict with getaway plans. Even worst, due to work obligations your family and friends can’t get the time off to celebrate with you.

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