Weekday Weddings: 16 Reasons Why Midweek Weddings Work

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Can a wedding be on a weekday? Where do superstitions for weekday weddings come from? Many couples don’t want bad luck on their big day, so they play it safe by getting married on Saturday or Sunday. However, marriage celebrations falling outside of the weekend are more cost-efficient, beneficial and offer flexibility. How do you seize the many midweek wedding deals, bargains and options without sacrificing the sexy dress?

Look don’t let setbacks, misfortunes or personal dilemmas make you tighten your belt. There’s no need to cut useless stuff (as your partner says) from the wedding checklist. Overspending sensibly and smartly means you budget wise. By researching money saving alternatives you keep hundreds (thousands) of euros in your pocket. Weddings are expensive, planning it can get under your skin, be mind-bending and cause a headache. On top of that, blending both families together and starting a new married life together could be a problem. Are you worried about having the right people attend your event?

But don’t worry, if you are budgeting and still failing to save for your wedding. Grab the opportunity with both hands and invite who you like to a midweek wedding. Do whatever you want to do. Imagine a luxurious weekday wedding being surrounded by the ones you love, close family and friends. Feeling tempted to skip the traditional weekend wedding? Reap the benefits and enjoy bespoke packages for half the price. I’ve rounded up a list of other exciting reasons for laying on a midweek wedding affair. Here’s to a happily ever after. Keep reading…

Weekday Weddings for Budget Savvy Couples

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Midweek Weddings from Monday to Thursday are your planning calendar best friend. There’s less demand, stress and anxiety when looking for the perfect day. And the good news is, you save big bucks. You have more freedom, fulfillment and it’s affordable. Andaz hotel Amsterdam

1. Midweek weddings offer benefits for all

Monday is meant to be the most depressing day of the week. On the flip side, you can turn Blue Monday into a casual wedding day. Namely, pick a weekday that falls on a workday, religious day or a bank holiday. It’s doesn’t have to be a trade-off, unfashionable or a boring workweek wedding date. Perhaps you can secure it as your lucky day. Alternatively, it could be your favorite number and the best money saving decision you’ll ever make. Try bespoke midweek wedding specials.

2. Amazing deals for midweek weddings

What are you bracing yourself for price wise, so that it keeps you on track of your wedding venue? Well, here is some invaluable advice about alternative weekday weddings. You can reinvent your weekday wedding by making a bold statement. Snap up some amazing deals at reduced prices, it can work out about a 3rd cheaper. There are plenty of no corkage price options and bargains, to host an exclusive or casual marriage ceremony. From your preferred bridal gown, wedding day hair to the stunning location your spoilt for choice.

weekday weddings in Andaz Hotel Amsterdam

Midweek weddings means more unusual venues for your date selection, you can reduce wedding costs. Image courtesy of Andaz Hotel Amsterdam | Angelabloemssaatphotography

3. Bargains galore for family and friends

Feel attached to a specific date? Well, take advantage of weekday weddings, they’ve surged in popularity. However, selecting your date with a special meaning is a task that many couples find difficult. Don’t struggle, get the calendar, look up possible Mondays and settle on a date. Thereafter check everyone’s work commitments and agenda via Facebook before sending out a save the date message. Book a midweek wedding the weekday has affordable options.

4. Stand out with midweek weddings

Getting married during the week might seem crazy, because most people are working on Monday or it’s a school day. But, you could get a positive reaction, giving guests a great excuse to take a couple of days off. Talk about convenience, right? In fact, there’s no big countdown or waiting until the Saturday. Booking a weekday wedding means wedding commuters have it easy. What’s more, if you hire an affordable classic hotel wedding venue, then guests can stay overnight.

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Are you superstitious? For many of you weekend wedding traditions and marriage superstitions have played a huge role in your decision to get hitched. However, most suppliers are waiving their usual annual price because Covid-19 , so it’s shifting and swaying more and more couples’ mindset. Andaz hotel Amsterdam

5. Tempting Tuesday midweek weddings

Shrove Tuesday otherwise known as Pancake Day [UK] is a traditional feast day but not a public holiday. But it could fall during school term time. However, just like a regular Tuesday you get an enviable list of perks because it’s not the first choice of every couple. And with endless unique wedding venue benefits, options and the vast selection of discounts, you’ll be within your reach and price range.

6. Vacant venue spaces & places

Similarly, don’t let term dates, school holidays or Covid-19 wave dampen your weekday wedding plans. Although vacant vetted venue spaces are on the rise. Weekdays are negotiable, attainable, available and unarguably not fully booked. So, ask for a fee reduction, upgrade or discount. And the best news is….the standard marriage rates for a celebrant, catering and live music entertainment are fair, too. Remember to haggle the price!

Midweek weddings and Black weddings Andaz Hotel Amsterdam

 Why settle for a weekend wedding with limited availability, ridiculous pricing and unavailable dates? Weekday Weddings are for couples who have a smart budgeting plan for their wedding. Andaz Hotel Amsterdam

7. Negotiable prices for midweek weddings

Affordability is the wedding game. Although weekday weddings are not perceived as the norm, planning smartly is the key. Tuesday might be an unpopular date to plan a bespoke wedding on a shoestring. But if it falls on your first date anniversary, birthday or coincides with an extended bank holiday weekend, it’s a win win situation. You’ll celebrate two milestones with one action. Actually, planning a sparkling wedding on Tuesday ensures you stand out from the rest of the bride’s-to-be.

8. Exclusive arrangements for midweek weddings

In addition, take into account the number of guests you want and the major benefits of booking a midweek wedding. And, if you are a believer in traditions, but not convention Tuesday could evoke feelings of exclusivity. At the start of the week friends and family will not be expecting to celebrate a chic wedding. Albeit your guests will be busy with their jobs. The unique experience of a deluxe marriage celebration on Tuesday could sway their minds.

secret wedding Amsterdam

Midweek weddings: From Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, through to Thursday there are steep discounts. Luxurious Andaz hotel Amsterdam

9. Big reductions for Wednesday midweek weddings

Let’s face it, Ash Wednesday and Boxing Day falls on a weekday. And if your an adventurous couple, it could transform your wedding ceremony celebrations. Do you have high end items on your checklist? Or a packed schedule? Have you thought about reductions on the essential stuff for your big day? One thing is certain, it cost a pretty penny to unite you and your partner in wedded bliss. Estimate your funds for a memorable weekday of your dreams.

10. Save cash on Wednesday midweek weddings

So, how do you turbocharge your midweek wedding and celebrate plus save valuable time? It’s a safe bet that you can and spare yourself the agony of finding a unique wedding venue. Put on your thinking cap and use research tools for wedding companies offering great discounts. Albeit it you might be on a budget be prepared to pay a supplement for a peak season. Check out wedding planners and decide on a fair fee for the services that suit you.

Thursday wedding Andaz Hotel Amsterdam marble entrance with decorative carvings on the walls and chandelier to hotel and exit to canals

Andaz Hotel Amsterdam – Celebrity Wedding Canal

11. Intimate Wednesday weekday weddings

An intimate weekday marriage ceremony could be the time to celebrate your love, commitment and faith in one another. Perhaps avoiding a Saturday white wedding or Sunday wedding church service is making you feel anxious. Although, Wednesday can be considered an auspicious day to get married. In fact, less is more. So, make it a day to remember and create an intimate marriage celebration

12. Discounted weekday weddings prices

Wednesday midweek weddings has a whole new meaning and could be your life saver. There is more time to compare prices and plan a multi-day wedding celebration. But don’t let anyone burst your couple bubble. Wednesdays usually coincides with a cup final match, such as a premier league football tournament, rugby championship or other sporting event. Make concessions, compromise and create a soccer wedding theme [within reason].

Are you unconventional? Do you want to transform your nuptials into a dream reality? Andaz Amsterdam Hotel – Prinsengracht Anne Franks House

13. Extra frills on Thursday weekday weddings

Thursday is becoming like Friday. But would you get married on the 13th day of the week? Well, turn it into a lucky day because it’s a great weekday marriage choice. Long-weekend wedding celebrations are expensive but give you plenty of scope to plan an extra special day [within Covid-19 rules & regulations].

14. Celebrate long-weekend weddings

You can celebrate a long weekend at a luxury wedding venue for less. So, be conscious of your wedding budget. Imagine if your wedding date falls on the anniversary of the day you first met. Is it during the week? And is money no object? Well, exclusive hotels are at your finger tips, right now. And marriage celebrants are standing by to kick-start a wedding with a ceremony that is uniquely yours. So, what are you waiting for.

Andaz Hotel Amsterdam

15. Budget friendly weekday weddings

Hosting a Thursday weekday wedding creates a casual weeknight event. And together with guests it’s a great excuse to stay overnight somewhere nice. Commuting is stressful, causes a headache and is a logistical trap. So, book a long-weekend [Thursday to Sunday] at a pedestrian friendly venue. Then guests can commute easy and don’t need to worry about driving anywhere.

16. Guest pay less for weekday weddings

Finally, be mindful of your budget and centre your wedding around you. Start the marriage celebrations on Thursday and party through to Monday, it’s easily organised. So, strip back your guest list. Focus on your love, share your special day and spend quality time with your closet loved ones. I’m sure no-one cares which day of the week you celebrate your nuptials, as long as your together.

All images in this article are courtesy of Andaz Hotel Amsterdam – Midweek weddings in Amsterdam are booming!


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