Eloping Wedding Ideas & Tricks For Just The Two of You

Eloping Wedding Ideas for gay couples

Recognising your years together with an elopement wedding is beautiful way to celebrate your love. Eloping weddings are exciting, full of fun and intimacy. So, here are eloping wedding, ‘mock wedding’ style and fake wedding ideas. Whether you are extravagant, advenuture seekers or urban nomads, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel for eloping. So, where do you start the journey together without the legal stuff – just a fun little ceremony for 2?

How do you make your elopement extra special and state your vows, say ‘I do’, then tell the world, ‘we eloped’? The beginning stages of planning an escape to NL is thrilling. So, if you secretly desire an intimate and secluded spot to say, “I Do”, it’s right for you. Nevertheless, the fuss of telling your nearest and dearest about your low-key ceremony plans makes you feel anxious. Perhaps you receive a backlash for the decision. There’s a lot to consider before you shut your front door, pack your bags and jet off.

In fact, you can throw caution to the wind. Are you beaming about a spring, summer or autumn elopement? Are you adventurous and bold enough to say, “Oh sweetheart, let’s elope”? Get ready for some kissing, caressing, and intimacy. Escape to a secret wedding rendezvous in Holland. I’ve done all the guesswork for you including venues, links and tips. Trust your gut instinct and forge a deeper love. Just figure out if it’s for you.

Eloping Wedding Ideas for Just The Two of You

eloping wedding ideas man and woman holding hands standing in tulip field

Eloping wedding: solidify your love,  don’t miss these super secret destination elopement wedding tips!



Quick runaway marriages are short elopement ceremonies. So, if your gut instinct tells you to remain tight-lipped about your forbidden romance, it’s right. A runaway marriage for two might feel like the best option for 2. Eloping originates from impulsive elopement weddings to Las Vegas chapels, Gretna Green – Scotland, Amsterdam and Roode Koper in Ermelo – NL. These iconic places offer you “quick runaway marriage for two”  so that you can say, ‘I DO’ during a mock or fake wedding.



Elopement weddings can be the biggest source of relationship stress. You could be distracted by your parents views on marriage. Perhaps worried about taking off on the spur-of-the-moment. Perhaps you need to consider the practicalities and legalities of it all. Well, if you want a legal wedding to be valid abroad, get all the relevant paperwork at the register office. And Kasteelkeukenhof can tailor your elopement wedding to you.



Secondly, are elopement weddings legal? Well, that’s up to you folks. You can have a picture perfect non-binding ceremonial wedding or opt for a legal marriage service. The legal paperwork can be obtained from your local town hall – marriage council official. With a ceremonial wedding [without legalities] you create the ceremony of your dreams. Trust your intuition and book a short getaway for two to Den Helder.

eloping wedding ideas beautiful archway leading to a orangerie park

Holland is a magical place overflowing with history, tulips, bridges and bicycles built for two. The perfect place for an elopement. However, it could be upsetting for family and friends. image courtesy Orangerie Hydepark



Creating a secret getaway for two needs a celebrant or officiant to make it feel extra special. So, find a Dutch marriage official at the Rotterdam town hall to witness your elopement wedding. Or contact a native English speaking celebrant to come to the place where you are staying. The wedding professionals help you create your dream day. This way you cherish the moment for the rest of your life.



Amsterdam is home to mock weddings and the ideal hotspot for  couples who want to elope adventurously. So, tet married for the day  in the expat-friendly city. Imagine a romantic, fun and hasty wedding in the heart of it all! Although, the ceremony is not legally binding, it will feel like a real wedding. The outfits, rings (keepsake), a speech, beautiful backdrop and more wedding stuff are provided. Marry for the day is a unique way to celebrate your love or an anniversary.



Another thing, stop parents interfering with their plans. Set boundaries right from the start. Imagine a sensual scene celebrating your elopement wedding at an idyllic waterside location. In Weesp, now part of Amsterdam you can enjoy a boat wedding. Book a bridge keeper’s house on the Amsterdam Grachten Canal, and sail to a real super secret chapel wedding. Utter your vows at wesopa.nl theater venue and make your eloping dream become reality.



Save big money by choosing to elope to Holland.  If you don’t have two pennies to rub together, think long and about a wedding budget. Skip the venue and book Airbnb instead. This is inexpensive option because there are no ceremony venue costs. However, you’ll need bridal outfit, rings or another token of love. Oh yes, don’t forget the celebrant [300 and 500 euros]. So, find a budget checker now.



Your elopement wedding pictures don’t require you to wear Dutch clogs, pick a few tulips or go cheese tasting. But you could set off to a Dutch park and have a full day shoot. Or what about taking a boat cruise the backdrop is magnificent. Otherwise, pop off to a local historical location near your accommodation. Enjoy a day of loving one another up, in-front of the camera.

 couple smiling and celebrant reading script

Rosanne & Ricardo: Shhh…. Keep it a super-secret surprise wedding. It took place in a secluded spot in Amsterdam.


Additionally, the perfect elopements require perfect weather, if you plan to host it outdoors. However Dutch weather is like UK, USA and European one. So, safe guard your privacy. Make sure to have a plan B, you want a nice space without rain pouring down. Find an exclusive venue with a garden, book a canal boat or check into a local Airbnb of your dreams. Plan with ease the perfect romantic getaway for 2.


So, fantasizing about exchanging your promises of love in a sweet garden or by a serene lake or in a lake view room. Imagine this picturesque location, in the Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter time. Plan it in surprising Friesland [within covid-19 travel restrictions]. Perhaps an off-peak wedding date or month suits you. Namely, all wedding seasons are perfect for an elopement.


Equally important, if your a busy bride and groom with a big work and social schedule, and don’t have time for elopement wedding planning contact a professional. Reach out to Dutch vendors: celebrant-officiants, photographer, hair & makeup artist, and a florist. Let them do all the legwork. And find out the suppliers covid-19 policy. Don’t incur a fine.

 wedding photographer and bride holding tulip in a field

Full bloom of flowers at the Keukenhof garden. Super-secret elopement weddings are booming!


A quick stress-free elopement sounds romantic but perhaps you want witnesses or guests at the ceremony?  If you are worried about disappointing family & friends, you could ask 1 or 2 witnesses to attend. So, stop feeling anxious and plan an elopement wedding for just the two of you. You don’t have to invite anyone or give them the privilege of being part of your elopement.


De Hazelhof

Are your parents happy for you or unhappy with your choice of partner? Perhaps your worried about hurting peoples feelings. Do your friends criticize and judge your life choices? What about booking an exclusive venue for your elopement wedding for just the to of you.


What do elopement weddings costs in Holland? Perhaps you want an exclusive venue. Imagine saying, “YES” at the Castle Maurick on the river of the Dommel near Vught within distance of Den Bosch. No problem, just ask your celebrant of master of ceremonies to coordinate your magical escape to Den Bosch. It will not break the bank!


Lastly, this is a really good elopement wedding idea. Use the “Little Black Book”, full of great tips of where you can dine in, dine out or take-away. Although, you plan to marry in secret without entertaining guests, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge somewhat. Basically, don’t let worry consume your surprise wedding plans. Enjoy your meal [Eat Smakelijk!]

 elopement weddings lesbian couple walking on the boulevard

Elopement weddings ideas are on the rise, and perfect for a spontaneous or planned wedding abroad. pexels-rodnae-productions


To elope means to plan a super-secret getaway to not come back to the point of origin.  More colloquially, elopement is often used to refer to a teeny tiny marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one’s place of residence together with one’s beloved with the intention of getting married. In fact, it’s a stripped-back wedding for two. Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elopement


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