Dutch Wedding in Amsterdam | The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

Dutch wedding amsterdam man holding suitcases and woman in bridal gown looking away from a windmill

Do you want to plan a Dutch wedding in the heart of Amsterdam, the Netherlands with all the trimmings of a special celebration of love? Well, with an agreement as a “couple bubble” to marry, you put your relationship first. But, what is the primary language of your guests and do you speak Dutch?

Not only that, do you want to cater for a secondary language? As a matter of fact a bilingual marriage service is easy to arrange, the Dutch are multilingual. Not to mention, it’s an exclusive, romantic and intimate affair.

And there’s more…Holland is one of the most prosperous irreligious countries in the world and on average a large wedding costs between 15.000 and 50.000 euros.

So, knowing all this would you like to create an unforgettable and meaningful wedding ceremony irrespective of your personal belief and faith in Amsterdam? Check out these tips to get your juices flowing and plan now for your Dutch wedding [in English or Dutch].

Dutch Wedding in Amsterdam

Dutch wedding bride holding umbrella and posing with the groom in the park

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1• Dutch wedding in Amsterdam – Coronavirus

Firstly, should you postpone or cancel your Dutch wedding in Amsterdam? Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus you might prefer a small private marriage ceremony for two  (or with guests). But, if you’ve never been to Amsterdam before (or you have) or you are (Dutchie) foreign national a bilingual celebrant-led wedding service is an option.

2• Visiting, moving or relocating to Amsterdam

Secondly, get to grips with the planning process before you begin your married life in Amsterdam. Have you relocated permanently to Holland? Is your fiancé (e) a Dutch national (citizen)? And do you both have your own set of rules, conventions and strong values? Well, if you desire an official Dutch marriage service, you must apply for citizenship, be issued and granted with a residence permit.

3• Sort out the legal side of your bilingual Dutch wedding for two

So, it’s mandatory to sort out the legal side of things in the country where you reside before booking the wedding celebrant, church venue and the rings. Next, purchase tailor-made outfits and start planning a wedding. Entering into marriage is a life changing event. And a basic, extended or complete wedding service that is authentically you is perfect.

Dutch wedding men and women dressed smartly

Dutch wedding Carly & Rik met Berend van Cadsand, Carly Woldring, Rik Woldring, Niels van Nimwegen en Jan van den Boogaard bij Tolhuistuin.

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4• Give notice of your church wedding in Amsterdam 

Thirdly, an international wedding at the English Reform church in Amsterdam requires a Dutch civil marriage licence. Therefore, attend a designated register office at your local town hall (applies to Dutch citizens only) and pick up the document. Beforehand you must give notice of your wedding.  Thereafter a registrar shall complete all the necessary forms and can conduct the official ceremony.

5• Embrace your culture and your lovers beliefs

Another thing, an inexpensive personalised wedding ceremony  resembles your cultural backgrounds and personalities. So, before entering into a life-long commitment as partners embrace your identities in the culture that’s meaningful to both of you. This gives you the opportunity to involve all your relatives – if you choose to invite them. Or include your close acquaintances to the multicultural Dutch wedding.

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6. Plan your marriage in the Netherlands in advance

As a rule, you must plan your bilingual marriage in the Netherlands in advance. However, the more complex your bubble wedding for two is, the more time and energy it costs. So, sort out the relevant legal paperwork. Register your intention to get married, and have it recorded at the municipality in the country of residence where you reside.

7• Create an elite Dutch wedding for two 

Essentially, you might be starting a new blended family and wish to involve all your loved ones during the marriage celebrations. Therefore, a commitment ceremony just like a secular (non-religious) or celebrant led wedding gives you the freedom to invite everyone – within reason. It’s a tailor-made service to fit the requirements of your nuptials. It’s very popular, and easier.

8• Humanist marriage service

In truth, more Dutch nationals are opting for a celebrant-led wedding ceremony [ceremonieel huwelijk] because of practical reasons and the costs. Like you, they have a solid bond,  savvy wedding budget and want a celebration of love to reflect their common values and beliefs. Read more about a  humanist marriage service in Amsterdam.

Dutch wedding in Amsterdam – bonus tip

Once you clarify your legal status in Holland, you can have a multicultural, mixed, interfaith or traditional marriage service. At Holland Expat Center, you’ll find the right information. This will help you plan an elite Dutch wedding and a two language ceremony (if required). Afterwards save the date. Then find a celebrant | officiant to facilitate and guide you through the proceedings.

Dutch wedding amsterdam man holding suitcases and woman in bridal gown looking away from a windmill

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