The Best Dutch Castle Wedding Venues For Fairytale Nuptials

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Did you say when you grow up you want to marry in one of the quintessential Dutch castle wedding venues? Or get wed amid a classic garden gathering inspired by Alice in  Wonderland, Cinderella or Disney themed weddings? Although Holland isn’t Disneyland, you can fulfill your childhood dream of kissing Prince Charming in a real castle.

So, how do you put on the Ritz? You’ve said, “YES”, your engaged and the next logical step is marriage. Now the fun begins, with the ease and excitement of the big day in sight. Perhaps an enchanted woodland wedding hidden in a beautiful forest appeals to you. Or your keen on a timeless feel at the chapel set in striking grounds?

Well, stop biting your nails and agonising after castle with an awe-inspiring facade. I’ve shortlisted some spell-bounding Dutch castle venues fit for a stunning princess and charming prince. So, here are graded listed buildings, the finest wedding venues and impressive locations in Holland begging to be visited.

Dutch Castle Wedding Venues – I

couple walking in castle grounds

Beautiful castle garden weddings are superior grandiose venues fit for a king and queen. image courtesy of

Firstly…before you play lady and lord of the manor, by putting on the Ritz at your grand church marriage service, you must sort out the formalities.

Begin your quest by geting the official paperwork in your country of residence.

Afterwards, send out your A-list wedding invitations, book the desired venue and fully enjoy the fun parts of planning…

Kasteel de Haar Castle Wedding Venue, Utrecht

Dutch castle wedding venues a large building surronded by lucious acres of flowers and greenery

Kasteel de Haar: picture a fairy-tale wedding in or around the largest and most luxurious castle in the Netherlands! Atmospheric Luxurious Romantic Unique
image credit: Kasteel de Haar

Getting married at a castle is something of a renaissance – romance, a classic style, and a feeling of grandeur awaits you. Don’t worry about speaking in your native tongue, I’m sure the castle staff can help you. Design Kasteel de Haar

Opt for crème de la crème of outstanding Dutch castles. Kasteel de Haar chapel is an enchanting location with a glorious garden. Swoon over this fairy tale spot that hosts weddings before or after civil marriage ceremonies. Moreover, it’s well-maintained adjoining koesthuis kamer is a desired venue and doubles up as a chic evening banquet hall.

Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg – Santpoort Noord

wedding officiant celebrant standing under the altar of love at a stately home in Holland

Dutch wedding castle venues: Rustic decor meets historic charm in lavishly furnished suites and splendid rooms. Your own private dwelling. Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg – Santpoort Noord

Although Duin & Kruidberg splendid Country Estate is not a castle, it undisputebly can be compared to one. “Jacob Cremer loved his wife so much that he had a pond built in the garden reminiscent of the river Thames so that she would be less homesick for London.” You can have a romantic celebration set in the heart of quintessential Dutch countryside. Source:

Kasteel Helmond South Holland

Dutch castle wedding venues happy couple posing outside the castle husband kissing bride on cheek

Experience the ultimate cultural immersion and let your fairy-tale Dutch castle dreams come true at Kasteel Helmond image credit: – Jorick de Kruif

This castle off-the-beaten-track is brides who want a splendid medieval castle. Kasteel Helmond has an old- fashioned ambiance combined with a historical touch and finesse. Situated in the city centre it’s set between the finest garden, breathtaking lakeside and surroundings. Offering you an idyllic reception, for an inexpensive affair. It’s the perfect picturesque backdrop for a dream wedding day.

Dutch Castle Wedding Venues – II

happy wedding couple seated in ceremony suite at the altar

Get married at Castle Ruurlo – Kasteel Ruurlo image credit:

Bilderberg Kasteel Doorwerth – Gelderland

In addition Bilderberg Kasteel Doorwerth is the gathering place for an enchanted garden wedding. Bring family and friends together for a fairytale celebration. Imagine arriving at this distinct medieval castle to say your promises and vows to each other, surrounded by the ones you love the most. At the imposing Dutch castle a seamless day, full of love, harmony and romance is created. So, have a magnificent day and a wow-factor wedding experience.

Kasteel Engelenburg  | Engelenburg Castle

A surprising wedding location of outstanding beauty for a fairytale marriage celebration.

Still not convinced? Engelenburg Castle resembles a decadent manor house happy to roll out the red carpet for you and your special guests. Moreover, the historic building houses a chapel that serves officiated marriage ceremonies fit for royals and the elite. Celebrate like a princess and prince at this imposing and idyllic castle –

Château Neercanne, Maastricht – South Limburg

Château Neercanne / Neercanne Castle epitomises romance, grandeur and intimacy. 
Kanne – Zuid-Limburg – the Netherlands

Unquestionably a well-kept deluxe palace like Château Neercanne provide an immaculate wedding service and a glamorous backdrop for a bride and groom. It’s brimming in history. The extravagant setting landscaped Baroque gardens is breathtaking. Notably, the castle supply a range of exciting possibilities for an intimate gathering fit for royalty.

Dutch Castle Wedding Venues – III

Kasteelkeukenhof – Lisse

Dutch castle wedding venues bride holding bouquest and groom holding her hand standing on the steps

Dutch castle wedding venues: Say your vows on the castle terrace, overlooking a sweeping lawn. image courtesy of Kasteel Ruurlo

So, imagine a pre-wedding photo shoot amongst the colourful tulips and unblemished gardens.

And there’s no doubt, your fantasy becomes reality at one of Holland’s most well-maintained wedding venues, the Kasteel Keukenhof! Situated a stone through away from the impeccable gardens, it’s a romantic marriage ceremony venue for your nuptials. So, get ready to say ‘I Do’ at this enchanting castle. Make it your dream come true. Good luck with the planning!

Be enchanted by the spirit of decadence, magic, and splendour of  Parc Broekhuizen. Recreate your fable inspired bridal story that’s Pinterest-worthy. Picture yourself the deserving bride who dreams of a fairy-tale wedding. Walk down the magnificent staircase. Say, YES in the ceremony room, or have an alfresco affair. Experience a memorable day like Cinderella at this surprising Dutch castle.

Dutch Castle Wedding Venues – IV

Orangerie Landgoed Elswout – Overveen

video courtesy of

And fancy swooning over this “Dutch castle”? Well, The Orangery on Elswout Estate is a highly sought-after wedding venue, it’s an ornate greenhouse. It’s in the realms of glamorous weddings and fulfills all little girls dream. So, experience the hospitality and their meticulous attention to detail. Orangerie Elswout guarantee you a memorable day amid the gorgeous Dutch countryside. 

Kasteel Ruurlo – Gelderland

In addition, Kasteel Ruurlo is situated in a quaint Dutch province called “Gelderland. Surrounded by a luscious park and manicured gardens, it stands for exclusivity and makes you feel extra special. In fact, the stately home boasts a superior interior, perfect for a wedding ceremony. Put on the Ritz, at this unforgettable spot!

Kasteel Huis Bergh – ‘S Heerenbergh

Alternatively, Huis Bergh castle located in ‘s-Heerenberg, Gelderland owes its name to the impressive moat surrounding the premises. And built around the 18th century, this majestic spot is perfect to host a Queens and Kings wedding celebrations. And the towering building gives you and your guests a royal welcome with flags flying high.

Landgoed Huis de Voorst Eefde, Lochem

Finally, Landgoed Huis de Voorst [House of Voorst] is a timeless and classic wedding venue. This former royal estate provides you with the ultimate Cinderella and Prince Charming feel and look. From the gilded gates, moat, bridge, the 70 acres of land and 17th century English & French interior. It’s an enchanting wedding scene no couple can resist.


Dutch castle wedding venues surronded by a water fountain

image credit Kasteel Montfoort |

And here’s a really important tip: In addition to affordability, the accessibility of your wedding location is important. Kasteel Montfoort (Castle Montfoort) are happy to facilitate your fairy-tale marriage celebration, too. So, let theme assist you with any language barrier issues. More importantly, help you create a style that represents your personality.

Dutch castle wedding venues happy couple at fairy-tale spot with incredible water views

Imagine sophisticated country nuptials with all the trimmings of Princess Meghan and Prince Harry’s magical big day. image credit: Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg – Santpoort Noord


Over to you…

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