Black Gospel Choirs: The Best Groups and Bands in Holland

black gospel choirs 5 well-dressed singers performing at witte kerkje in Terheijden

So, you’re looking for powerful black gospel choirs and bands in NL to sing loud and proud. The singers, musicians and artists cover a whole spectrum of genres from traditional, R & B, modern to fusion music. Music that is perfect your wedding, event or party. So, are you set to get started?

But let’s consider this …the celebrated and established Kingdom Choir UK injected fun and energy into Harry and Meghan’s royal marriage celebrations. These memorable and joyful wedding scenes no-one will forget. And, since Black Lives Matter gospel music, powerful enduring freedom songs and protest spirituals are attracting a wider audience.

So, who is the best established gospel choir and band to thrill your wedding event and party guests in Holland? The thing is, amazing acts are worth their weight in gold. What awesome choir would sound good at your event? I selected 12 of the best established black gospel choirs, singers and bands in NL. All you have to do is pick one that ticks the boxes of your music entertainment needs.

Black Gospel Choirs

black gospel choirs eight cheerful singers wearing pastel coloured outfits at Palace of Colonies in Belgium

“We are very much looking forward to our wedding and ABC Gospel Choirs performance! ” Koloniënpaleis Tervuren Belgium. image credit: Siel Timperman


ABC Gospel Choir | small choir

ABC Gospel Choir Amsterdam EST. 2017 is a small choir max. 8 singers that sing Black American gospel music, as well as classic soul and Motown. Familiar songs such as Oh Happy Day, Aint No Mountain High Enough and Higher & Higher are perfect for your event.  Not only that, but ABC customise the songs to suit your wedding, party and funeral ceremony service playlist needs.

Black Gospel Experience | mass choir

Additionally, Clifton Grep is Black Gospel Experience (BGE) music director, band leader and composer. Passionate about putting uplifting black American gospel music distinctly on the Dutch map. So, whether you’re a churchgoer or non-believing Christian, you can experience the wondrous, astonishing and thrilling sounds of authentic gospel music at your celebration.

Michelle David & The True Tones | band

Alternatively, Michelle David  & The True Tone’s first album “The Gospel Sessions and A Soulful Gospel Christmas” thrill, excite and move an audience. With many years of experience in the music industry, this is an accomplished group. It comprises of a top American gospel singer and the crème de la crème of professional Dutch musicians. So, give your celebratory event the wow-factor with this world class gospel & soul band.

Breeze gospel | Quartet choir

Or you can create an instant soulful atmosphere at your event with Breeze founded in 2005. And under the musical direction of Elvis Ediagbonya, performs inspirational black gospel. In addition, this award-winning soulful vocal group consists of three women and one man. Needless to say, their melodious vocals have echoed all over the Netherlands and Hungary. To be booked also for festivals, television shows and theatre performances.

Black Gospel Choirs – II

Black Gospel Choirs smartly dressed singers at the white church in Terheijden Holland.

Black gospel choirs are energetic, exuberant and make a loud noise, rejoice and sing praises!  image credit: roy coumans photography

Elvis E | Trio choir

Elvis E [Elvis Ediagbonya] is a powerful gospel artist and a talented pianist | conductor who is actively involved in the gospel scene. Working closely with various celebrated gospel artists, his charity benefits and concerts are jaw-dropping events. Along with Yahweh gospel trio and his mass choir tours, this renowned composer is also a soulful singer.

G Roots | medium-sized choir

Next is the legendary G-Roots, founded in 2002 by a group of first-rate black gospel soloists. The leader is the soulful vocalist Jennefer Zichem. Treat the guests at your event to a real spiritual touch from G-Roots! It means, “Gospel-roots” and this professional choir sings religious, African, urban music, modern and traditional black American gospels.  Captivating audiences with their powerful vocals and choreographed dance moves G-Roots have got you covered.

Gospel Boulevard | medium-sized choir

Let’s not forget Gospel Boulevard. They’re an extraordinary gospel choir under the inspiring leadership of conductor André Bijleveld. Their melodious voices are well known nationwide. I’ll just add that André Bijleveld is a popular jury member of the Dutch choir show “Korenslag”. In addition, Gospel Boulevard performs at festivals, churches and theaters.

Black Gospel Choirs – III

black gospel choir soloist singing at OLV church in Maastricht

We’ve always imagined a wedding with a gospel choir and so happy we found ABC Gospel Choir – Amsterdam! Black Gospel Festival OlV kerk Maastricht | Hans van Eijsden

Photo courtesy: Hans van Eijsden

Far Out | Kwintet choir

And there’s more gospel singers for you… Far Out, one of Hollands leading Black Gospel Choirs, have been performing since 1995. The collective group of five phenomenal vocalists love weddings, parties and company events. Far Out has performed with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Denise Jannah. Just imagine them at your event, and the excitement it would create.

The New Gospel Sensation | Small choir

Meanwhile, the New Gospel Sensation is a high impact, energetic and dynamic black gospel choir. Make no mistake, from Lovely Day, This Little Light of Mine and Aint No Stopping Us Now these professional singers are setting the tone for many Dutch gospel choirs. Basically, the [5 to 6 singers] are a household name and guarantee your celebrations will be a talked about success.

Love Actually Gospel | Male soloist with choir

For couples who adore the film Love Actually you can book a Gospel Choir with a soulful male soloist to perform the famous church wedding balcony scene. Imagine you’ve tied the knot at your wedding ceremony. And as a newly married couple you begin to walk back down the aisle. You look up onto the balcony, as the choir starts to sing The Beatles classic All You Need Is Love. Doesn’t that sound cool?

The More Gospel Singers | Band

Let the More Gospel Singers band delight and transport you to the true roots of gospel Harlem, New York. Joany Muskiet is the front-woman who heads this collective of excellent Dutch musicians. Enjoy authentic and groovy gospel music. And dance along to the best soulful sounds the Netherlands has to offer. Planning a luxury party, celebration or gala event? The More Gospel Singers are perfect!

Deliverance |medium choir

Inspirational, engaging and playful, esteemed black gospel performers and musicians entertain us throughout Europe and globally. For more than 20 years Gospel Choir Deliverance, an multi-ethnic choir perform American Black Gospel. The medium-sized choir sings three-part, soulful and swinging songs. “Singing with feeling and from the heart is an activity that makes the choir feel happy. Singing connects us.

ZO! Gospel Choir | medium choir

Lastly, ZO! Gospel Choir is an upbeat black gospel choir and consists of the best singing talent from Amsterdam Bijlmermeer. Led by Shirma Rouse and the Dutch Queen of Soul, R&B and Gospel” Berget Lewis the choir has a unique style, young dynamic stage performance and an international sound, look and feel. With a soulful groove of contemporary music, acapella renditions and pop songs your guests will have the time of their lives.

Black Gospel Choirs – IV

 five happy singers dressed smartly in reversiable red and blue gowns

Black gospel choirs inspired by The legendary Kingdom Choir, founded by Karen Gibson, Sister Act and the film Love Actually. Your guests are in for a once in a lifetime treat.  image credit: roy coumans photography


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