Celebrant Ceremonial Weddings

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Celebrant Ceremonial Weddings – Est. 2013: for unique couples of all genders and race. Fun, heartfelt, engaging, symbolic and momentous marriage ceremonies– image bloomwedding.nl

Congratulations you’re getting married. Celebrant Ceremonial Weddings helps multi-cultural, interfaith and multi-faith couples celebrate their love.

But, should  you honour the original wedding date and push it forward to 2021? See my Covid-19 policy below.

Celebrant Ceremonial Weddings is about you the happy couple who want a tailor made meaningful, intimate, and engaging symbolic marriage ceremony.

And as your ceremonial wedding celebrant for the day. It’s your distinctive personality, one-of-a-kind style and strong moral beliefs that shape the dream ceremony.

So, let me congratulate you on your engagement and highly anticipated wedding day! With a heartfelt symbolic ceremony without legal recognition and documentation is to publicly promise your unconditional love, loyalty, trust and respect to [one another] in front of your family and friends. In fact, it is a special and fun way to connect with everyone.

And the momentous ceremonial wedding confirms your timeless bond of everlasting friendship. Also based on your dual identities, it’s the ultimate expression of joy, happiness and the icing on the cake!

So, as your marriage celebrant, officiant – master of ceremonies I’m thrilled to be tasked with planning a symbolic wedding to kick start the fun marriage celebrations. But perhaps you’re hoping to:

  • Speak your vows online during a virtual symbolic blessing ceremony.
  • Or plan your ceremonial wedding in 2021, 2022 or beyond.
  • Otherwise officially register a civil partnership at your local municipality. And afterwards mark the significant milestone with a ceremonial wedding.

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Celebrant Ceremonial Weddings

For couples who don’t want a boring wedding or dull marriage blessing service!

First things first, a celebrant-led wedding gives you the freedom to separate the formal civil union [paperwork] from a symbolic marriage blessing. Even more exciting your epic love story is portrayed the way you want it. And the ceremonial matrimony service is an informal, non-boring and extremely contagious celebration of love.

video courtesy | Dutch TV music show #alltogethernow season one @RTL4

Secondly, making promises of eternal love is an intimate moment shared by two. Not only that you weave family and friends together. And everyone feels involved and has a great sense of belonging. Additionally, the ceremony signifies compatibility, ethical beliefs and your lifestyle. In truth, your symbolic celebrant-led wedding is a beautiful transition into becoming one, puts a stamp on your married life and the blends of two unique families.

Symbolic wedding blessing ceremony

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Nayan & Caroline’s: two souls of a kind with one-of-a-kind vision – this doting couples narrative reflects a shared interpretation of what makes their love work. De Kas [Greenhouse] Dignita Amsterdam

And there’s more good news: a bespoke celebrant-led wedding leaves a lasting impression on all who attend the symbolic marriage ceremony. Once you are pronounced life partners or husband and wife guests who mean the world to you delight in your happiness too. Not only that, the ceremonial wedding blessing has extra surprise touches the ultimate wow-factor.

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The next key step to creating sweet memories that are authentically you – craft your bespoke symbolic wedding ceremony today! Rosanne & Ricardo did. ” Happiness is being married to your best friend” – Dignita Amsterdam

Perhaps you are legally married but want to speak your personal vows again on the occasion of your wedding anniversary?  Well, as your ceremonial celebrant, my non-religious blessing ceremony will set you apart from others. Equally important it adds to the intimacy and excitement of the symbolic wedding celebratory event.

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Thank you again for being part of our dream wedding ceremony. It was absolutely perfect. Thera & Kevin | Amsterdam saloon boat Ondine

What I Can Do For You As Your Symbolic Wedding Celebrant

“Relaxed, funny, compassionate, entertaining yet serious where needed.”

THE FIRST MEETING: It will be a non-obligation meeting for you to get a sense of who I am. And the meeting can go between to an hour and one and half hours. If we hit it off, then a deposit is required for my celebrant-led wedding service: see below.

WRITE A CEREMONY SCRIPT FROM SCRATCH: Once you’ve booked I’ll work together with you to find the right wording of the personalised wedding script. And we discuss the different types of ceremonies. In fact with unlimited drafts will craft something to suit your vision.

HELP WITH PERSONAL VOWS: Equally important, I’ll help you write your own personal wedding vows.  Expressing your different backgrounds, goals, key beliefs, and mutual understanding about commitment is the heart of the ceremony.

PROVIDE SUPPORT: Additionally, if you don’t have a wedding planner or coordinator, I can help you with entire planning process. From suppliers, vendors to the pre-recorded or live music entertainment I’ve got you covered.

MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Second to last, on the actual wedding day I’ll be your master of ceremonies. I lead the ceremony, entertain your guests and make sure the photographer captures the all important sweet moments!


Lastly, my job doesn’t finish at the wedding ceremony. I’ll follow up with you to ensure the wedding ran to your liking. Most importantly, you get the opportunity to leave feedback. And I’ll catch up with you on your 1st Anniversary to find out how married life is treating you!

Short Wedding Film | Waldorf Astoria Hotel

courtesy of Jena & Robin

To conclude a celebrant wedding is beautiful sentimental, significant and has a special vibe.  It doesn’t overlap the legalities of wedlock or take place on the same day. Whether you are a spiritualist, non-religious or religious, it doesn’t matter. You can book an appointment for a FREE wedding consultation today.

Contact me now!

E-mail:  info (at) cloverjean.com

Call for a brief chat:  + 31 (0) 6148 17242 

Celebrant Ceremonial Weddings Holland Costs

 1st January 2021 – 1st February 2022

Fees exclude: P.a. system and 9% < 21% TAX | Travel costs: within Amsterdam area none (only parking costs). Outside: € 0.30 per kilometer.

Service Fees When Description
Non – refundable Booking Fee €250 < 300 Payable on all exclusive ceremonies. As well as an addition to the ceremony fee
Celebration wedding ceremony €675 Monday to Thursday Exclusive ceremony **

Duration 30 – 45 minutes.

1 symbolic marriage or life-partnership certificate included in price

P.A system excluded for 50 guest and more

Travel costs excluded


€695 Friday
€750 Saturday
€795 Sunday and Bank Holiday
Marriage vow renewals ceremony

Commitment ceremony

€325.50 Monday to Thursday Bespoke ceremony **

Duration 10 – 20 minutes.

1 symbolic marriage or life-partnership certificate included in price

P.A system included

Travel costs excluded

€387.50 Friday
€397.50 Saturday
€450.00 Sunday and Bank Holiday
Virtual or elopement wedding blessing for two
€175 Monday to Thursday Classic ceremony Duration 10 – 15 minutes.

1 symbolic marriage or life-partnership certificate included in price

€195 Friday
€250 Saturday
€275 Sunday and Bank Holiday
Amendment Fee €25 < 50


Fees exclude p.a. system, travel costs 0.38 cent per kilometer and 9% < 21% TAX

monday-thursday friday & saturday sunday
Non-refundable booking fee

Applies 7 days a week

Gospel choir [6 – 9 singers]  non-commercial businesses v.a €1200 €1200 €1300
Gospelkoor [6 – 9 singers] – commercial businesses v.a €1500 €1500.00 €1600
Gospel choir with cover band [4 members] v.a €2500 €2500 €2700


I’d love to conduct your celebrant-led wedding abroad at an intimate wedding venue in Europe or beyond. Of course, the above wedding costs apply. However, additional fees for travel, the flight and accommodation will be incurred. Request a quote now!


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What is Celebrant wedding ceremonies policy regarding Covid-19? Subject to availability. You may reschedule for 2022 without any additional charges, if new lock downs or wedding rules & restrictions regarding guest list size are implemented. However, if I’m unable to the amend your date, a similar marriage official will be appointed – extra costs maybe incurred.