Marriage Celebrant – Master of Ceremonies

English speaking celebrant with Afro Caribbean background

We are truly grateful to you for your help during our ceremony and for being a wonderful wedding celebrant. — Bas & Madelon @ Blowup Church, Hoevelaken – Photo credit: René

Your wedding celebrant (officiant), helps you confirm your union of love, respect and commitment publicly to your closest family and friends. You’re able to show them what your relationship means to you.

Ideally, you desire an alternative ceremony. A tailored marriage service or a celebration of love party that is compatible to your individual wishes and includes loved ones. Such an event resembles your distinctive character, lifestyle, upbringing and taste.

So, you need a celebrant to conduct your nuptials. Or you want somebody to act as your master of ceremonies and officiate the proceedings. On top of that, a bespoke wedding (ceremonial occasion) with a modern spin creates a special feel that resonates with your strong values and standards. Most importantly compliments your personality.

British celebrant with Afro Caribbean background

What a lovely day it was yesterday! Everything fit together perfectly, and we had the most wonderful wedding celebrant ever! We heard so many compliments about you; guests just simply loved your style! Thanks, Clover — Mr.and Mrs. Salgin, Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg @ Santpoort North – Holland.

 What will your ceremony be like?

The commitment ceremony or matrimony combines your promise, friendship and trust for each other. By showing off you’re love this mirrors your personal statement. Furthermore, your guests benefit from the shared experience. And you receive congratulations and adulation’s from everyone. In all honesty you unite loved ones by involving a select few people to your ideal wedding setting. Specifically you’ll create precious memories that last a lifetime.

How long will the wedding ceremony last?

Have you formed a civil partnership that you wish to convert to marriage?  Or do you want to plan your wedding? Primarily, your ceremony can be long or short and sweet. Depending on which of the 10 key steps you choose (see below), your ceremony will range between 20 – 45 minutes. Secondly, the question is, how do you design a celebration of love party that is pillars apart from others? Well, it’s not difficult; as your alternative celebrant, with a difference I’ll take charge of  that for you.

When can I incorporate readings & wedding ceremony songs?

In fact, together we can symbolize the significant transition of your life with a fun, stylish and sentimental symbolic ceremony. What’s more, make the milestone extra special for you and your loved ones; by incorporating readings or 1 to 3 romantic and authentic wedding ceremony songs. As your celebrant, I can perform them live during the proceedings. Alternatively, act play the music tracks from a CD over my P.A. system. As well as that, you can integrate a bridal party moment when everyone sings; we are family. How cool is that?

English Celebrant - Singing Officiant at Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam

We are so grateful that you were our wedding celebrant at the Waldorf Astoria was just meant to be and you were incredible! Robin, myself and our parents were so impressed by how natural it all felt, like you had been in our lives before. Your delivery was perfect and couldn’t be more fitting. Thanks again, you saved our day. — Mr. and Mrs. Janse, Turks & Caicos Islands

Your alternative celebrant and what will happen on the day?

1. Your arrival: First of all is your entrance – walking up the aisle (individually, together or escorted). You play your favorite processional (instrumental) song. And thereafter you may stand or be seated.

2. The introduction: Secondly, the celebrant interacts spontaneously with you and your guests. Above all greets and welcomes your family and special friends on your behalf to the venue.

3. Words about love & friendship: Thirdly, the celebrant is able to recite love poems, a prayer, give a blessing, or read a non-religious scripture. A wedding reading from the bible can be included on request. Please contact me directly to discuss the verses.

4. The meaning of marriage: Your personalised ceremony speech is delivered and contains important details about your unconditional love for one another, shared values and your hopes for the future.

5. Wedding vows – yes I do: You express your declaration of infinite love, devotion, and intent in your wedding vows. Family and friends can also say; “we do” during this moment of confirmation.

6. Your confirmation: Celebrant declares you are married and pronounces that you are husband and wife.

English Celebrant signing symbolic marriage certificate

Declaration of marriage celebration

7. Rings, hand-fasting or other token of love: Next you can exchange your rings, hold a hand-fasting ceremony, blending of sands ritual, unity candle or give another token of your love.

8.  The kiss: After that, you kiss. And this seals the ceremony of love plus confirms the joining of 2 families. Thereafter, you and your witnesses sign a wedding certificate (symbolic) that declares you are married. Live music or a track can be played.

9. The words of well-wishes: You stand and receive a symbolic marriage certificate. Thereafter wedding words of wisdom are read. And a parting speech from the celebrant makes the wedding complete.

10. Closing remarks and departure: Finally, you leave the venue and walk down aisle as happy newlyweds together. Love ones follow as you walk along to your recessional song (this can be played or sung live.)

English Celebrant conducting wedding ceremony in Tilburg, Holland

Bert & José @ Auberge du Bonheur, Tilburg

What are the possibilities for your wedding ceremony?

Let’s face it, your big day happens only once. This means an exclusive wedding concept is required to meet your needs, venue and schedule. To fit your requirements, I’ll work with you, to layout a bespoke wedding speech, custom-made ceremony program with ceremonial songs (optional).

Basically, I’m excited to begin, then you can focus on the good stuff. Let’s plan your stress-free wedding. And a personalised script with or without live music for your important day so that it feels and sounds like you.

As a result, you’ll kick-start the joyous celebrations at one of the best weddings of the year. Your ceremony will not break your budget. Contact me today about your next major steps and I’ll talk you through all the options and possibilities.

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Sort out your marriage paperwork! You must arrange for an official registration of your civil marriage at a registry office in NL/UK/EU/US. This also applies, if you have a civil partnership that you want to convert to marriage. This ensures you are a legally married couple.

  1. Firstly, for a small fee give notice of your intention to marry or form a civil partnership. Find out more at your local authority.
  2. Secondly, arrange a simple and basic wedding ceremony, civil union contract or enter into registered partnership (with 2 witnesses). You’ll get your certified marriage license for FREE. Or for a minimum charge of €160.40 (Amsterdam) upwards.
  3. Otherwise, submit a request (only applicable in Holland) to appoint me as you’re civil marriage officiant -registrar for the day. An official from the authority will attend the proceedings as well to ensure legality of your marriage.
  4. Once you have undertaken the registration formalities (in Holland or abroad) and have had your marriage legally recognised.  Contact me to design an intimate, bespoke wedding or celebration of love ceremony customised to your dreams. Call +31 (0) 6 148 17242
English celebrant for unique weddings, civil partnership celebrations and naming ceremonies

Celebrants for unique weddings, civil partnership celebrations and naming ceremonies.