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Wedding celebrant wearing a ceremonial wig

Heartfelt wedding ceremony @ Blow-up Church

Congratulations to you from the fun wedding celebrant | master of ceremony and singing marriage officiant.

Do you want an informal and personalised ceremony that’s all about you?

Or do you need a celebrant that shares your love and interacts with your family and friends?

Are you longing for someone to officiate an alternative wedding with an  inspirational and modern twist?

Perhaps a non-religious blessing, renewal of vows or surprise commitment ceremony? Well, with a fresh and an exciting new approach to celebrations we can pull off your special event without the complicated paperwork. Read on…

Distinguish yourself from other informal weddings

As your celebrant | wedding director, together we can inject a burst of creative energy and your personalities into a one-of-a-kind ceremony. And it will be a personal reflection of your mutual love for each other. Actually, setting yourselves apart from others creates a beautiful wedding.

singing wedding celebrant Holland


Another thing, a highly personalised ceremony with a bespoke touch has lots of wonderful details about why you and your partner are compatible. You’ll distinguish yourself by engaging your family, circle of shared and good friends during your big shining moment.

In addition, working closely with you means we can plan a fun, relaxed and laid-back ceremony to meet your needs. And layout a customised keepsake script that oozes lasting memories for everyone attending.

Wedding playlist full of surprises

More importantly, your tailor-maid ceremony full of surprises, sets the tone of a non-religious marriage ceremony. And by integrating songs (live music optional) your guests get into the swing of things. This fills the atmosphere with positivity, warmth and happiness. What’s more, I’ll actively encourage you to reinvent a standard ceremony setting that stands out from the lacklustre crowd.

Additionally, before you give notice of your marriage (register if you desire). Decide on a short sweet or a longer meaningful ceremony. Or a simple, intimate or elaborate wedding that can include the formal customs, rituals and traditions connected with the joy of saying “I DO”. Basically, you can capture the depth of your love during a heartfelt and ceremonious event. Moreover, add a special touch of sparkle that brings you and your guests’ laughter, tears and cries of joy.

Fun wedding celebrant  | singing marriage officiant

So, what are you waiting for, let’s plan your alternative nuptials with a modern twist and craft a personalised speech that sounds and feels like you [with or without songs]. Furthermore, you can focus on the other lovely and exciting stuff about wedding planning.

Are you ready to kick-start the most happiest and fun celebration of the year? Well, your selected guests will get into the true spirit of your symbolic wedding and look forward to your opening dance. Transform a joyous occasion into an amazing day that is truly energised and momentous.

British celebrant with Afro hair wearing a ceremonial wig

Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg

I’m keen to talk you through all the key steps, options and possibilities of officiating your informal, formal wedding or commitment ceremony. Contact me now!

E-mail:  info (at) cloverjean.com

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Read testimonials

“We are so grateful that you were our wedding celebrant at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam. Meant to be it was beautiful! And you were incredible. Your performance impressed Robin, I and our parents. It felt like you had been in our lives before. Your delivery was perfect and couldn’t be more fitting.” Thanks again, you saved our day. — Mr. and Mrs. Janse, Turks & Caicos Islands

English Celebrant - Singing Officiant at Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam

“It was a lovely heartfelt ceremony conducted by a very personable wedding celebrant. Everything fit together perfectly. Thank you for adorning the ceremonial wedding wig it truly enhanced the special occasion.” — Mr.and Mrs. McMillian, Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg @ Santpoort North – Holland.

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