Celebrant-Led Wedding & Marriage Vow Renewals

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Celebrant Clover Jean – brings warmth, excitement and a sense of humor – image bloomwedding.nl

The coronavirus is real. In fact, my celebrant-led wedding ceremonies is obliged to follow the RIVM guidelines – Dutch National Institute for Health and Environment until 1st June 2020.

Unfortunately, this has great consequences for your planned wedding here in Holland. However, I can offer you a virtual wedding blessing for two. See below.

Are you engaged and ready to get  married? Do you desire to speak promises of love during a meaningful wedding ceremony?

As two souls of a kind with one-of-a-kind vision, by publicly promising your unconditional love, loyalty, trust and respect to [one another] in front of your family and friends you make a big statement.

Perhaps you’ve made a joint decision to officially register your partnership with the civil registry at your local municipality?

Well, you can now plan a marriage celebration during a celebrant-led wedding ceremony to mark the significant milestone.

But, what is a celebrant-led wedding ceremony and is it perfect for you? If you’ve found the one, your soulmate, and need to express the importance of the relationship this secular marriage service gives you the freedom to separate your formal civil union [paperwork] from the actual wedding celebrations.

Secondly, celebrant weddings don’t overlap the official marriage service or take place on the same day. Not only that the engaging and warm ceremony is a good reason to celebrate your love and involve all your family and friends.

Celebrant-led weddings

Actually, it’s a beautiful informal celebrant-led wedding ceremony with a traditional marriage service twist. Together with that, it welcomes you as a couple from different cultural backgrounds to express your faiths, beliefs as well as mutual understanding about commitment. Ultimately, it’s a heartfelt way to express your strong sense of identity and feelings for one another.

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Additionally, making promises of eternal love and sharing your expectations for a great marriage life puts a stamp on your new ventures. But, are you a Dutch bride, English groom-to-be or foreign national? Well, your dream nuptials become reality. Moreover, it’s a symbolic gesture that shapes the smooth transition to becoming newlyweds.

Wedding celebration ceremony

interracial weddings bride and groom laughing with the celebrant

Nayan & Caroline’s one in a million wedding celebrations @ De Kas [Greenhouse] Dignita Amsterdam

What’s more, filled with special touches about your background, unique friendship, compatibility and lifestyle, the alternative to a standard marriage service oozes a lasting impression. In fact, this ritual of love wedding ceremony pronounces you husband and wife and kick-starts your marriage as well as the celebratory evening party event. Furthermore your guests from all over the world share in your joy, hopes and happiness.

Celebrant | Marry Us | vow renewals

elopement wedding

Rosanne & Ricardo ” Happiness is being married to your best friend”

So, do you want to speak your marriage vows from the heart during an intimate anniversary party? Well, it’s a beautiful sentiment and unique vibe. With the above in mind your own celebration celebrant can set you apart from others. In truth it adds to the excitement of the ceremony.

celebrant-led weddings dressed in purple gown, bride in white wedding dress and groom in navy blue suit

Thank you again for being part of our wedding ceremony. It was absolutely perfect. Thera & Kevin

Look at it this way your guests, whether non-religious or religious will love it! Jointly you reflect your deepest feelings, love and affection for one another. Equally important, create an informal and relaxed mood to celebrate your blissful years of marriage.

So, to get back to my initial question…

  • Has your wedding plans been impacted by the coronavirus?
  • Are you engaged and ready for a celebration marriage ceremony?
  • Do you want to plan a traditional Dutch matrimony service with all the trimmings of an English speaking wedding ceremony?
  • Or keep the spark of love alive and renew your marriage vows during a wedding anniversary party?

Well, I’m excited for you and would like to help you celebrate this important moment in your lives. Not to mention create new and everlasting sweet memories. So, let’s chat today about your joint decision to get married. Otherwise we can take the next key steps to planning a  celebration ceremony that’s authentically you.

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Celebrant-led wedding ceremonies costs

 1st January 2020 – 1st February 2022

ServiceFeesWhen Description
Non – refundable Booking Fee€150 < 250Payable on all ceremonies. As well as an addition to the ceremony fee
Celebration wedding ceremony€700Monday to ThursdayEnhanced ceremony **

Duration 30 – 45 minutes.

1 symbolic marriage or life-partnership certificate included in price

P.A system included

Travel costs excluded


€895Sunday and Bank Holiday
Marriage vow renewals ceremony

Commitment ceremony

€325.50Monday to ThursdayEnhanced ceremony **

Duration 10 – 20 minutes.

1 symbolic marriage or life-partnership certificate included in price

P.A system included

Travel costs excluded

€450.00Sunday and Bank Holiday
Virtual wedding blessing for two
€175Monday to ThursdayStandard ceremony Duration 10 – 15 minutes.

1 symbolic marriage or life-partnership certificate included in price

Sunday and Bank Holiday
Amendment Fee€25 < 50


Fees exclude p.a. system, travel costs and 9% < 21% TAX

 Monday-ThursdayFriday & Saturday  Sunday
Non-refundable Booking Fee

Applicable 7 days a week

Gospel choir [6 – 8 singers]  €1500.00      €1500.00  €1700.00
Gospel choir & live band [4 band members]  €2500. 00      €2500.00  €2700.00