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English speaking celebrant with Afro Caribbean background

We are truly grateful to you for your help during our ceremony and for being a warm, friendly and wonderful wedding celebrant. — Bas & Madelon @ Blowup Church, Hoevelaken – Photo credit: René

Congratulations to you from the British-Caribbean celebrant | alternative master of ceremonies. I’m thrilled you’ve found the one true love of your life!

Longing for a bespoke, non stuffy wedding and informal commitment ceremony is your dream. And with a uniquely modern twist, it’s my privilege to help you plan all the elements of your big day.

And should you wish a really legendary and special love celebration ceremony, you can express the happiness and joy you feel for one another in front of your loved ones.

With a personalised ceremony you weave together unique threads of your life and share your love story. And on your behalf I’ll deliver a draw-dropping personal speech in a professional, friendly and upbeat manner. Making a statement about your partnership, gives all your discerning guests an insight into your unique bond.

The ceremony contains many of the elements you and your guests expect to see at a wedding. By publicly confirming your special union of love, respect and promise to (one another) your family and friends, it defines your wedding celebration. Above all, it reflects the strength of your deep commitment and the trust you have built in your long-term relationship. Read on…

Distinguish your wedding from other couples

Another thing, a personalised ceremony has lots of beautiful details about you and your partner. You’ll distinguish yourself from other wedding couples with guest involvement too. I’ll work with you to create a warm and relaxed ceremony to meet your needs. And  layout a customised keepsake script that creates lovely lasting memories for everyone attending. More importantly, you can set the tone of your wedding ceremony program with live music (optional) and fill the venue with warmth, happiness and joy.

Do you want your wedding or commitment ceremony to truly stand out from the lacklustre crowd? Well, before I flair up your divine wedding ceremony with the required high level of  formality, you need to register your marriage (if you desire).

British celebrant with Afro Caribbean background

What a lovely day it was yesterday! Everything fit together perfectly, and we had the most personable wedding celebrant ever! We heard so many compliments about you; guests just simply loved your style! Thanks, Clover — Mr.and Mrs. McMillian, Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg @ Santpoort North – Holland.

Position yourselves anywhere at the wedding venue

Afterwards, I’ll actively encourage you to unlock the potential of your chosen wedding ceremony venue. You and your partner can position yourselves anywhere  you want. And under the watchful and supporting eyes of family and friends we can all witness the depth of your love. Choose from one of my four core wedding services. And a unique commitment ceremony that best suits your personality and style – see below.

How long will the wedding or commitment ceremony last?

Private – intimate ceremony for just the bride and groom (or with 2 – 4 guests)

Elegant – simple, short and sweet ceremony

Luxury – fun, thorough and detailed ceremony

Grand – complete wedding ceremony with wedding wishes choir

Depending on how much time you want to spend on each key step, your small, private or enhanced  ceremony will range between 15 – 45 minutes.

English Celebrant - Singing Officiant at Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam

We are so grateful that you were our wedding celebrant at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam. Meant to be it was beautiful! And you were incredible. Your performance impressed Robin, I and our parents. It felt like you had been in our lives before. Your delivery was perfect and couldn’t be more fitting. Thanks again, you saved our day. — Mr. and Mrs. Janse, Turks & Caicos Islands

British-Caribbean marriage celebrant  

As your British-Caribbean marriage celebrant I’d like to get to know you better.  So, that I can capture the depth of your love in a format that is beautiful,  heartfelt and brings your family and friends to both laughter and tears.

Let’s plan your classic nuptials with a modern twist and craft a personalised speech that sounds and feels like you. In the meantime you can focus on the other good stuff about planning your wedding.

singing wedding celebrant Holland

Wedding photography Jenny Klinkhamer@

So, kick-start the most happiest celebration of the year and get your selective guests into the true spirit of your nuptials. Transform your joyous occasion into a special day that is truly momentous. Contact me now! I’m keen to talk you through all the options and possibilities for your wedding or commitment ceremony.

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