Marriage Celebrant – Master of Ceremonies

Marriage Celebrant - Master of Ceremonies

Bas & Madelon @ Blowup Church, Hoevelaken

You’re here looking for a marriage celebrant to conduct a surprise destination wedding,  commitment ceremony or unique anniversary.

Ideally, you want to confirm your union of love publicly and create a tailored wedding package that benefits you. The ceremony should complement your distinctive character. On top of that, have a special feel. A novelty wedding with a modern spin reflects your personality, taste and lifestyle.

ceremonieel huwelijk trouwambtenaar

Wedding Ceremony @ Ridge Farm, UK

The matrimony combines your promise, friendship and trust for each other. By showing off you’re love this echo’s your personal statement. Furthermore, you unite loved ones and involve a select few of guests on your big day.

Marriage Celebrant & Master of Ceremonies

The question is, how do you design a celebration of love ceremony that is poles apart from others? Well, that’s simple; a fun wedding celebrant, gospel singer or choir, with a difference can help you.

In fact, you can symbolize the most significant milestone of your life with a symbolic marriage service. What’s more, make it extra special for you and your invitees; with live gospel music during the nuptials.

 7 Key Steps for your Alternative Wedding 

Bert & José @ Auberge du Bonheur, Tilburg

1. Unconditional Love – First of all is your entrance – walking up the aisle. Gospel choir sings processional song.

2. Togetherness –  Secondly, the celebrant (master of ceremonies) greets and welcomes the guests on your behalf.

3. Share Your Love Story – Then, the celebrant reads your personalised speech (including poems, live gospel music, readings and your love story).

4. The Promise – Your wedding vows.

5. Confirmation – Thereafter, you and your witnesses sign a  wedding certificate (symbolic) that declares you are married.

6. Devotion – Exchanging of your rings or other token of your love.

7. Harmony – The lifting of the wedding veil or/and kiss. This seals the ceremony of love and confirms the joining of 2 families.

The Conclusion – The wedding words of wisdom and parting speech from the celebrant. Thereafter you leave the venue and walk down aisle as newly weds together. Love ones follow as a Gospel choir sings recessional song.

Your big day happens only once, and requires an exclusive wedding package to meet your needs and schedule. To fit your budget requirements, I’ll work with you, to layout a bespoke wedding ceremony program.

Watch the video and read some testimonials.

I’m excited to start. So, let’s plan your personal wedding day. You’ll have a fun, atmosphere at one of the best weddings of the year. A day that will not break the bank. Email me or call for an informal chat  +31 (0) 6 148 17242 to discuss the next steps.

Trouwen in Nederland.

Suzanne & Agus @ Schokland

 Wedding Legalities

Additionally, to have your wedding legally conducted you must first register a legal union. Give notice of your wedding date at the registry office.

Thereafter, a registrar provides you with an official marriage certificate. It can be obtained for FREE or for a minimum charge of €160.40 (Amsterdam).

Find out more details at your local city or town hall. Afterwards, contact me to design the wedding ceremony of your dreams.


Extra Wedding Planning Tip

Last but not least, as your surprise wedding celebrant – singer  I work closely with a gospel choir, photographer and makeup artist. Our passion is to create lasting memories of your special day. So, email me or call:  +31 (0) 6 148 17242




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