Rates: Celebrant-Led Wedding & Celebrations

celebrant-led wedding bride looking at groom while holding hands

Mr. and Mrs. Janse, – Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Amsterdam – courtesy bloomwedding.nl

Congratulations! Have you formerly registered your civil partnership? Do you want to celebrate your meaningful relationship by publicly promising your unconditional love, loyalty and respect to [one another] in front of your family and friends during a celebrant-led wedding?

Well, ensuring your legal marriage union [paperwork] and non-binding wedding celebration ceremony do not take place on the same day is possible with my services.

Not only that but a non-religious celebrant wedding is an engaging, warm and beautiful ceremony that involves your relatives and in-laws.

Actually this modern wedding ceremony with a traditional twist is lighthearted and informal and far from boring. As a discerning couple, it’s about your identity, togetherness, connection, and an exciting new journey. More importantly, you share your dreams and aspirations for your future together. A celebrant-led wedding fits a freethinkers and relaxed personality. Read on…

Celebrant-led weddings

video courtesy | Dutch TV music show #alltogethernow season one @RTL4

Another thing, it resonates your cultural background, individual values, hopes and ethical beliefs. Furthermore, as Dutch residents or foreign nationals you can plan an irreligious marriage celebration ceremony. Equally important, it shapes and symbolises your transition from boyfriend, girlfriend to a married life.

Celebration ceremony

interracial weddings bride and groom laughing with the celebrant

Nayan & Caroline @ De Kas [Greenhouse] Dignita Amsterdam

And the best news is, an alternative blessing kick-starts the celebratory party. Symbolising your past, present and future, it’s your shining moment. Not to mention filled with lots of personal touches about your precious friendship and why you are the most compatible couple ever, it’s a laid-back ambiance. Additionally, you share your happiness with all your loved ones and ensure they feel at ease. Moreover, it oozes a lasting impression.

Ceremony duration 30 – 45 minutes.

Pricing starts 2020 – 2021 at: 795 exclusive P.A. system and travel costs. 

Marry Us | vow renewals

elopement wedding

Rosanne & Ricardo ” Happiness is being married to your best friend”

Do you wish to renew your vowels during a wedding anniversary party? I can help, too. Coupled with that, you can incorporate a unique vibe such as signature music, rituals or a choir. In truth your guests, [non] religious will be pleasantly surprised. Not to mention the fact, you set the tone of the day and echo the beat of your hearts. Basically, your non-binding marriage ceremony evokes powerful emotions and brings happiness, excitement, tears of laughter as well as cries of joy.

Ceremony duration 10 – 15 minutes.

Pricing starts 2020 – 2021 at: 397.50 exclusive P.A. system and travel costs. 

celebrant-led weddings dressed in purple gown, bride in white wedding dress and groom in navy blue suit

Thank you again for being part of our wedding ceremony. It was absolutely perfect. Thera & Kevin

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Otherwise are you ready to plan a meaningful celebrant-led wedding? Well, I’m interested in helping you. Therefore, let’s chat today about your wedding ceremony script and how we can create sweet memories.

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