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celebrant-led weddings dressed in purple gown, bride in white wedding dress and groom in navy blue suit

Thank you again for being part of our wedding ceremony. It was absolutely perfect. Thera & Kevin

Do you want to celebrate your togetherness by publicly promising your union of love, loyalty and respect to (one another) in front of your family and friends during a celebrant-led wedding?

Well, your own personalised marriage ceremony with a modern twist is not boring but excitingly new. As an adventurous couple, it’s about your connection, happiness and distinctive personalities.

You acknowledge your loving relationship which defines both your cultural backgrounds, beliefs and traditions. In truth, you surprise everyone, spill the beans and share a treasured moment with those you cherish the most. And coupled with that, it’s the best ever get-together party! Read on…

Celebrant-led weddings free of legalities & official paperwork

video courtesy | Dutch TV music show #alltogethernow season one @RTL4

As non-Dutch speakers or residents of Holland marking a special milestone by planning a celebration is perfect. And if you’ve found your soulmate, we can inject a burst of energy, creativity, and your wishes into a one-of-a-kind ceremony. Shaping it into something that symbolises your love reflects your friendship and unique chemistry. Are you religious or non-religious? A celebrant-led wedding has no trappings of religion, it’s tailor-made and resonates your core values.

Dutch styled wedding with an English twist

interracial weddings bride and groom laughing with the celebrant

Nayan & Caroline @ De Kas [Greenhouse] Dignita Amsterdam

You host an alternative event performed in the style of a classic officant or traditional civil wedding service. Another thing, it kick-starts the spirit of the occasion. Symbolising your past, present and future, it’s your shining moment. Filled with lots of personal touches about why you and your partner are compatible, it’s an engaging ceremony that brings both families together. Additionally, a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere makes all the guests feel at ease and oozes lasting memories.

Marry Us | wedding celebrant  & singing marriage officiant

elopement wedding

Rosanne & Ricardo ” Happiness is being married to your best friend”

More importantly, by incorporating signature songs, music and an upbeat vibe your nuptials full of inspiration and surprises, sets the tone of the day. What’s more, you echo the beat of your hearts. In fact, guests get into the swing of things and enjoy the special moment with you. Basically, your lively ceremony brings laughter, happy tears and cries of joy.

Are you ready to talk about the proposal, engagement, wedding planning and your new lives together? Well, I’m keen to pencil in your “save the date” into my diary and guide you through all the key steps. Or chat about the basics, options and possibilities of officiating the most important part of your big day. Keep in touch or give me a call soon!

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“We are so grateful that you were our wedding officiant at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam. Meant to be it was beautiful! And you were incredible. Your performance impressed Robin, I and our parents. It felt like you had been in our lives before. Your delivery was perfect and couldn’t be more fitting.” Thanks again, you saved our day. — Mr. and Mrs. Janse, Turks & Caicos Islands

British celebrant with Afro hair wearing a ceremonial wig

Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg | non-denominational wedding ceremony

- Singing Officiant at Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam | celebrant-led marriage service

“It was a lovely heartfelt ceremony you handcrafted; short, simple and sweet, not fussy or overstated. You’re a very personable wedding celebrant. Everything fit together perfectly. Thank you for adorning the ceremonial robe it truly enhanced the special occasion.” — Mr.and Mrs. McMillian, Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg @ Santpoort North – Holland.

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Make lasting memories with a celebrant-led wedding or personal ceremony.

Pricing starts 2020 – 2021: 795 [628.05 plus 166.95 21% tax] P.A. system and exclusive travel costs.