Celebration of Life Eulogy Speech Example & Writing Tips

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Grieving the loss of someone you love? Looking for a celebration of life eulogy speech example for the funeral ceremony? Do you want to write a meaningful tribute speech in honor of them? But, don’t know where to start, what to say or what to do? As a funeral officiant, I want to help you compose a tribute speech and deliver it with ease. Before we continue let me express my deepest condolences for your departed loved one.

Sadly, my father Julian Jean passed away in 2006, he made me reflect on my own mortality. Thereafter, I lost my mother, Josephine Jean. She was bubbly, feisty, funny and colourful. In 2015 her remarkable and abundant life was drastically shortened by the debilitating effects of vascular dementia. Maybe, like me, you’re battling with turbulent waves of overwhelming feelings and emotions: heartache, disbelief, regret, sadness, physical symptoms and possible anger.

To write a tribute speech fair-welling my mum was a very upsetting time. I mourned the thought of never being able to embrace or speak to her again, leaves me feeling devastated. She was my best friend. Questions come into play at this sad time. How do you deal with a sudden unexpected death? How do we respectively move on from such a painful time? Is it possible to have happy thoughts and not forget the one we love? Can I move forward without feeling angry and alone? Do I allow myself to be consoled and comforted by other loved ones?

 Celebration of Life Eulogy Example & Write a Funeral Speech Help

Celebration of life eulogy speech example

Celebrate a life well lived. Life is magnified and distorted through the lens of grief! The best eulogies ever written give everyone hope and pay homage to the deceased during a cremation, committal or funeral officiants service. 

I looked for help in dealing with the sorrow and loss of my loved one. And found information about how to eulogise and share mum’s life and legacy. Most importantly, how to plan a farewell ceremony. There were lot’s of funeral planners and services to choose from. My family and I arranged and conducted a semi-religious celebration of life ceremony (cremation), with a priest of Christian faith. As a celebrant I officiated at the service, along with my auntie, brother and other mourners.

Mum was eulogized at her funeral as a loving mum, grandma and sister. Writing the personal eulogy became a timeline of mementos that circles around the story of my mum’s life. It was a formal expression of praise and a beautiful gesture to say goodbye. So, don’t you worry about penning something moving use my eulogy speech example. It is a proven way to create a great tribute to express your feelings.

It’s a last testimony to commemorate your loved ones remarkable life. In fact, it could help you get through this unpleasant time. I’ve bundled together a collection of reassuring resources from celebrants. There are other useful tools to help you with writing eulogies.  Most importantly, help you cope with bereavement, and stress while planning a funeral officiant ceremony service.

Kate The Smiley Celebrant says, ‘ I believe everyone should have a great send off on their final journey in this world and every life, no matter how long or short, should be celebrated.’ May your soul calm, console and renew you.

Plan your celebration of life eulogy speech for the ceremony

What is a celebration of life well lived? Simply put, it’s a tribute ceremony to draw comfort, celebrate and acknowledge a loved one’s death, their life, accomplishments, achievements and their wins. You can include readings, poems, music and have a sing-a-long to mark their passing. This is the perfect way to give them a good send off!

Set a goal before writing a celebration of life eulogy

So, are you arranging a non-traditional funeral service with out a sermon? Or would you prefer an alternative celebrant-led funeral with no religious context. Well, you need to set your goal before you write a tribute speech. Or if you are designing a special eulogy. Perhaps you feel that you don’t have much to say. But it’s not true, write down your emotional heartache and how you really feel. This way you or a celebrant can deliver a sincere message.

Take your time to write the eulogy

Who is the person you are eulogising? Do you feel that you are not a writer? Have you ever written a tribute in praise of a person before? It’s a fact that, crafting an eulogy or to write a funeral tribute speech comes easier to some people than others. But don’t let it put you off. You want to give the person who has died a good send-off. With your moving words the celebration of life becomes an extra special moment and a dignified farewell.

Think about what to say

Are you a morning person? Do you like getting up at the crack of dawn? Well, after a good night’s sleep you’ll have a clear head to jot a few key phrases down. Choose the words that express your feelings and their history. Recall funny moments to tell people about. A celebration of life eulogy speech example reflects your loved one’s life, character and origin story. In fact, your heartwarming speech will be in honor of the person who has passed away.

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Ask yourself questions to prompt memories

Modern heirloom books has 35 questions that you can ask to prompt memories of your lost loved one. ‘When gathering memories for stories to include in a legacy, celebration of life eulogy or tribute memory book, it can be helpful to have some prompts. These questions should provide food for thought when writing, conversing, and sharing memories about your lost loved one. Source:Modernheirloombooks.com

Write daily

When will your departed loved one be cremated at the crematorium or buried at the burial chapel? You can begin right now with this eulogy speech example template or start writing a beautiful tribute. Eulogies for secular funerals can take a while to compose. So, write daily and don’t feel intimidated by the act of writing about memories. Use all the strength within to put together a story and a fond farewell to treasure for always. Write a tribute speech now!

Do your research

Another thing, for a one-of-a-kind and colourful eulogy you need to do some research. As I mentioned earlier, use my tribute to my mother. Or get inspired by other eulogies, quotes, poems and templates online. These resources will help. You don’t need writing expertise to express your feelings. Highlight your loved one’s life in a distinct way and create a memorable day with this eulogy speech example.

Keep a notebook and pen

To write a tribute speech or not to write, that is the question. Make it easy on yourself, always carry a notebook and pen. Otherwise, use your trusted smartphone and record your thoughts. Be inspired by anecdotes, past events and special memories of your loved one that can hit you anytime. And with that in mind, you’ll reflect on the personality of the dearly departed person. Even better, you’ll focus on their beliefs, values and the impact they made on your life. It will be an unforgettable eulogy and funeral service.

Be inspired

Ultimately, you want to write a tribute speech but if you find it difficult to concentrate your writing skills. Then, get a picture of the person who has passed away. And, stimulate your imagination to put them at the heart of the officiated remembrance ceremony. Most importantly, writing appropriate eulogies gives us the opportunity to say a final goodbye. This is carried out in a way befitting of their memory and is personal to you as well.

Celebration of life eulogy speech example

Write a funeral tribute speech for a celebration of life ceremony! What is a Celebration of Life Ceremony? It is a funeral ceremony and service held in a Crematorium or another suitable venue that may have a personal meaning to the deceased and the family: their private home, local pub, swimming pool, band stand, supermarket or park.

Take time to grieve

Are you worried about crying while reading your eulogy? Well, that’s normal. Of course, you want to  deliver it well. So, don’t worry it will be amazing. With your heartfelt words, you’ll transform a bereavement into a special farewell. Similarly, a written eulogy allows you to grieve in a natural way. It helps others as well n their time of need, too. Writing celebration of life eulogies,  are a great way to support one another.

Don’t be afraid to feel

In addition, keep your  composed and truly personalised eulogy to a reasonable length. This ensures the funeral is exclusive and individual. Let your tribute mirror the individual’s principles, beliefs and morals. Moreover, represent you and your family in a way that feels manageable to everyone. Your eulogy is an important contribution at a memorial service, too. Make it a meaningful tribute speech!

Keep everyone in mind

Perhaps you are anxious about delivering your eulogy? Or you don’t like to speak in public? Well, practice reading it aloud in front of a mirror. Take your time, take deep breaths and if the tears flow take a moment. You don’t have to be a key-speaker or officiant to deliver a meaningful speech. When the time comes to say goodbye your words will flow with ease.

Tell insightful stories

In addition, if you find it difficult to write an eulogy, use remembrance poems. In fact, tell happy stories, start with the lighter stuff and keep it inspiring (if you can). Writing something short and sweet for the memorial service enables you to say a personal last goodbye. Actually, make it relevant to you and deliver the ceremony that you want.

Make it one of a kind

And there’s more, writing, drafting and delivering an eulogy doesn’t have to be difficult. In truth, it’s a beautiful short story, a brief biography about your deceased loved one. And the golden rule is, to keep the audience in mind when composing your tribute. Also, family and friends can support you with writing an eulogy during your time of mourning.

Use music, prayers & readings

Remembering a loved one through music is an alternative, personal and special way to say goodbye. It doesn’t have to be a requiem mass (funeral mass with a holy communion). Weave the deceased favourite songs, prayers, hymns and readings into your written tribute to make a musical eulogy. By setting the right scene with appropriate lyrics and unique wording you’ll make writing a testimonial easier. Essentially, you’ll have the best tribute and design an intimate farewell for a scaled-down or upscale funeral at their burial place. Create reassurance and peace of mind!

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Celebration of life and love funeral ceremony  and funeral officiants create meaningful tribute speech. Funny funeral poems and uplifting verses for a celebration of life. Source: www.funeralguide.co.uk

Don’t Get Lost For Words

Are you lost for words, can’t think or feel like you are confused? Contact a celebration of life officiant. I’m sure they’ll help you find a beautiful personal gesture to show your true emotions. Most important, create the right tone and feelings to express in your speech. With www.yourdictionary.com you’ll have constant access to a handy and helpful set of words.

Share and Trust

Officiants help you create a beautiful celebration of life script and meaningful tribute speech. It can be told by a devoted husband, mother, daughter or other member of the family is extremely inspiring, heartfelt and moving. I was so impressed and comforted; I had to use the poem for my mum’s funeral ceremony too. Got to carolmike25.blogspot.nl

Write Anecdotes

Remember, it’s not what you say, how you say it but the words you choose. These elegant titles for a memorial, funeral ceremony or celebration of life eulogy, are extremely useful. However you would have to spend a little bit of money to receive well written title for your order of service program.

Don’t Feel Alone

If you having a really difficult time feel lonely or unheard, find out why. There are many emotional stages of loss and grief. Please seek help for some consoling and understanding of what you are going through. www.family.custhelp.com, is a helpful place to guide you to move forward after the death of your loved one. In confidence, of course.

Difficulty with reading eulogy

Officiants help you during a funeral ceremony to create a time for reflection. It’s an emotional time. So, you may find it difficult to give an eulogy for someone close to you. So, make sure you have a support person or funeral officiant who is ready to step in and give a helping hand. Let them stand next to you when you read the meaningful tribute speech, if needed.  Otherwise, call upon a celebrant who is happy to read the eulogy on your behalf.

Seek Counselling

Do you feel at your wits end writing an eulogy or meaningful tribute speech? Are you unable to cope? Do you disconnected, lost and overwhelmed? Look, you’ve  experienced a life-changing event and may need a space just for you. You may like to speak with a qualified Humanistic-Integrative Counsellor or funeral planner about what is worrying you. Talking therapy helps!

Celebration of life eulogies songs

Lastly, the uncontrollable emotional roller coaster of losing a loved one is intense, uncomfortable, and distressful. The pain you feel is deep. Does the thought of never being able to hold your loved one again, leave you feeling sick? I understand, I had an immensely tight bond with my mum. It was close, special and a unique relationship, because I was her only daughter among three sons. She was everything to me.

Celebration of Life Eulogy funeral ceremony officiants

Meaningful tribute speech for a funeral ceremony and for funeral officiants – It’s not about me as an officiants right now, it’s about you. Here are more links and I wish you much strength during this sad time.

My Mum’s Celebration of Life Eulogy 

Take care… Use my personal funeral tribute speech in praise of my mum and craft your own unique eulogy. Here is the heartfelt and memorable eulogy example for all funeral officiants to your. Feel free to adjust the template, so that it sounds like your own voice.


Over to you..

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