Celebration of Life Eulogy To Honour Beloved Mother

Celebration of Life Eulogy daughter hugging her mum while sitting on a sofa

Are you grieving the loss of a beloved mother? Writing a celebration of life eulogy is a meaningful, genuine and a personal tribute. Before we continue, let me express my most sincere and deepest condolences for the loss of your loved one.

Many years ago, I lost my mother, Josephine Jean. She gained her angel wings and will live in heaven for eternity. Her abundant life was drastically shortened by the debilitating effects of vascular dementia.

Are you feeling like me? If you are, you’re battling with turbulent waves of soul crushing emotions: you feel numb, you can’t stop crying, heartache, disbelief, regret, sadness and possible anger.

Furthermore, the thought of never embracing my mum or physically speaking to her again, leaves me feeling devastated. To a greater extent, it feels like I’ve lost my way because she was my best friend.

Celebration of life eulogy – Josephine Jean

celebration of life eulogy

Dealing with loss | I miss my mum with all my heart but I’ll never forget her love, good intentions and strength of character.


Inconsolable time

What’s more, questions arise at this inconsolable time. How do we respectively move on from such a painful time? And is it possible to have happy thoughts and not forget the one we love?

Nonetheless, I found help in dealing with the loss of my mother. Additionally, I discovered information about funerals, eulogies and memorial ceremonies. But, what about planning a befitting service?

There was lot’s to choose from. However, we were unable to have a gospel choir or celebration of life singer. But, uplifting black gospel music, songs and hymns were played at our semi-religious celebration of life ceremony (cremation). As a marriage celebrant I officiated the memorial service, along with my auntie and brother.

Guess what? I must admit, officiating at a loved one’s funeral was totally daunting and very different to performing a wedding. In fact, it was rather confronting.

framed photos of family couples on a table

Cherished wedding photos of family couples placed on a table in memory of past generations.

Beth Kapi

Celebration of life eulogy – personal testimony

So, do you want to write a last testimony to commemorate a remarkable life? Again, let me be honest it can be difficult. But, don’t fear this could support and guide you through this unpleasant time.

How do you create your own unique celebration of life eulogy, in your own voice? Feel free  use my mum’s eulogy or reassuring resources. It is my personal tribute to my wonderful beloved mother Josephine Jean. Otherwise, use the links below to help you cope with bereavement, and stress while planning a funeral.

beautiful wreath with white lilies, pink daisies and peach coloured roses

REST IN PEACE MUM: In loving memory of Josephine Victoria Jean: 14th March 1943 – 26th September 2015

Useful links



How many people are allowed to attend funerals? Where the congregation is immediate family (with provision for a carer if required) or a friend – in case no family members are attending.  In fact, 2 meters distance should be maintained between every household group. Prohibited is live music such as musicians, choirs, harpists and instrumentalists. Find out more details at ww.gov.uk and www.rivm.nl

daughter hugging her mum while sitting on a sofa

“I believe in love at first sight, because I loved my mum since I opened my eyes” – “I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.”– quotesfan.com


In the meantime, all the best and take care.

“Life is what you celebrate. All of it. Even its end.” –Joanne Harris

Over to you…

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