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wedding reality TV shows bride in white dress, groom in smart dark blue suit

Pandemic or not brides love watching wedding reality TV shows. Are you one of the million’s of couples streaming these movies right now? Are you like many happy couples enjoying the powerfully inspiring televised dramas? The truth is, it’s an information-rich bride’s and groom’s world.

Do you want your marriage celebrations to be joyful, fun, and exciting? The harsh reality is all bridal couples are gripped by the virus. It’s probably got it’s teeth into your wedding planning. Corona loves a crowd of people. More importantly, it’s out to stop weddings being filled with an atmosphere of pure mixed emotions.

So, are you cooped up at home together? Do you like sitting up close, cute and comfortable? Tell me, who has the remote control? Well, whoever it is, settle into the cozy chair, be inspired to create something intrinsically linked to you. Snuggle up tight, here we go…


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MTV CASTING CALL FOR PANDEMIC DREAM WEDDING – UK Marriage Celebrant officiates reality TV wedding series.

image courtesy #weddingdaywinners – UK

SAY YES TO THE DRESS: Firstly, “Say Yes To The Dress” is a famous and loved reality television series. It has inspired the creations of versions in other countries. Do you watch it? It’s a favorite bridal show of mine. If you want insight, entertainment and some nail-biting these wedding episodes are for you.

DON’T TELL THE BRIDE: Secondly, fancy being exposed to an eye-opening UK wedding guide? Well, “Don’t Tell The Bride” is full of wedding day revelations for brides planning a British styled wedding. Who do you not invite? How do you deal with true logistical challenges? Well, this program combines drama with red flag wedding planning.

BRIDEZILLAS: In addition, are you a “Bridezilla“? Bridezillas is an American wedding reality TV show zooming into the lives of unreasonable women engaged to be married. So, do you want to unravel the truth about bridal reality TV shows? Do you show signs of ” being unreasonable”? Get advice now, it’s at your fingertips.

90 DAY FIANCE: And there’s more,  tell me how many hours do you spend streaming online? Well, you might like “90 Day Fiancé” aired on TLC. With just 90 days to wed on a fiancé visa, all hell breaks loose in the lead up to the wedding. It’s a big hit with bridal couples.

BIG FAT GYPSY WEDDINGS: Another thing, BFGW is perfect for brides planning an styled, ostentatious wedding design with endless sparkling imagery. Hannah Chambers and Mehera Bonner swear by “the ultimate guide to the Best Wedding Reality TV Shows”. In fact, the ladies say, BFG Weddings is worth putting in your bridal show streaming queue.


wedding reality TV shows bride in white dress, groom in smart dark blue suit

Simply snap up surprisingly creative tips, there are plenty of showy weddings to stream online. Don’t miss out.

CHEAPEST WEDDINGS: And don’t forget to check out  ‘Cheapest Weddings’ if you are planning a wedding on a budget. This great bridal show will probably bust your mood and make you re-think your dream big day and aspirations.

MY CELEBRITY DREAM WEDDING: ‘My Celebrity Dream Wedding’ now offers exciting episodes of one of the best wedding reality TV shows in the UK. It is available for watching online just in case you missed one. Aired on live stream, this bridal program attracts millions of bride and groom viewers.

WEDDING HOUSE: Look, just because I’m British, doesn’t mean I’m being biased. But one of the best wedding reality shows ever is  “Wedding House”. It’s a beautiful, inspiring and timeless bridal program. Watch it with your hubby or wife to be time and time again.

A VERY BRITISH WEDDING: Do you spend more time watching reality programs, well you must check out ‘A Very British Wedding’. It is a documentary series leading up to the weddings of two multicultural couples in contemporary Britain. Source:

UK WEDDING FILMS: And if you’re more into wedding movies instead of paying attention to your future husband. Well, cinematic-styled films about brides and grooms are trending. So, get inspiration for the story of your wedding day from ‘UK Wedding Films’.


FOUR WEDDINGS: Does the drama and juicy titbits surrounding the making of a reality bridal shows feel tantalising? Notably, the jaw-dropping memorable moments lead to some real-life celeb wedding couples falling in love on set. Take FOUR WEDDINGS word for it!
BEST REAL-LIFE LOVE STORIES:” Hollywood has proven that some of the best real-life love stories between celebrity wedding couples can blossom while on set”. Even People Magazine are in on the act. And guess who was “happily single,” until things took a dramatic turn?

BEST GAY AND LESBIAN TV WEDDINGS: And let us not forget the same-sex wedding couple community. Turned on by bridal shows too, are LHBTIQ’ers. From luxury dresses, exclusive marriage venues and star-studded floral arrangements, same-sex couples want it all. Here are the 12 Best Gay and Lesbian TV weddings that stand out from the rest. Happy viewing!

MTV PANDEMIC DREAM WEDDINGS: Additionally, would you like to star in a wedding reality TV Show? Well, MTV is casting for the new Pandemic Dream Wedding program. “Were you forced to cancel your wedding because of COVID-19. Well, MTV wants to hear from deserving bridal couples

HARPER’S BAZAAR WEDDING MOVIES: And now a short commercial break….Harper’s Bazaar wedding movie recommendations, could get you in the mood to play the leading role in MTV’s pandemic dream wedding show. Filled with celebrity brides and grooms saying, I Do, fall in love with – movies.



DISNEY WEDDINGS: If your searching for something different, you cant miss a classic Cinderella wedding in Disneyland. Yes, you heard me right. Mickey and Minny have got into the act of reality wedding shows. It’s serious business creating a memorable fun fairy-tale wedding day. Enjoy watching the good, bad and ugly side of weddings.

COSMOPOLITAN TV WEDDING DRESSES:  So, do you want to know which wedding reality TV shows are the best and the worst? From hiring the venue, buying the rings, trying on the dress and finding the grooms suit, there are lots of series to choose from. But start with the ‘Cosmopolitan’s 50 Dreamiest TV Wedding Dresses of All Time’.

BEST CELEBRITY WEDDINGS: Notoriously luxurious weddings are many bridal couples dream. From mega brand bridal dresses: Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana (D&G), they’ve got us hooked. Fancy walking in the footsteps of George Clooney and Amal, John Lennon and Yoko Ono and Beyoncé and Jay Z . Well, Best Celebrity Weddings has got you covered.

CRAZY RICH ASIAN WEDDING: My crazy rich Asian wedding documentary 41. And what about “Asian weddings”? You get a heads up on top class wedding planning, pre-marriage questions and big day drama. Spoilt for choice, we are. For instance, the level of wealth depicted is beyond anyone’s dream day.

NEW NETFLIX WEDDING MOVIES: So, do you fancy a sneak peak at this? Do you want to know about the uber elite? Well, how do you create an exuberant wedding like Meghan Markle and ex-Prince Harry? We’ll, you can go all out and binge on these New Netflix Wedding Movies to inspire your own dream royal wedding.


40 CELEBRITIES: So, have you every wondered who the Real-life celeb couples are who fell in love on set? Well, I found 40 celebrities that had cupid shoot an arrow straight through their heart while acting together. 16. In addition, just like the nouveau rich you and I don’t want to miss out on the latest celebrity wedding gossip, right?

A-Z CELEBS WEDDINGS: And if you are sourcing information about pop stars, royalty, and A – Z celebs weddings. What the heck, it provides you with affordable luxury wedding ideas, right? Of course, just like you I fantasize about how A-list weddings pan out. And I’d love to score an invites to celebrity weddings, wouldn’t you?

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT: This show abrriavated as MAFS is a global phenomenon. From the UK, Holland, Australia, USA and beyond it’s got us sitting on the edge of our seats. Giving us a birds eye view into pre-married life is this pre-bridal shows forte. Has Covid-19 put a strain on your relationship? Or do you need tips to get married ASAP? Stream online Married at First Sight, before you answer.


WEDDING DAY WINNERS: #Weddingdaywinners reality TV show is no longer on the box. However, it was one of my guilty pleasures. Yes, I’m an addict, a fan and bing on reality shows. In fact, I love the good old drama, cat fights, dog battles and parental tribe wars. It’s a bridal show from the past but well-worth watching for the ooh, aah and OMG, moments. Enjoy!

WEDDING REALITY COUPLES STILL TOGETHER: Let me share something with you, we’ve all been told that falling in love is easy, right? Well, these celebrities found love in a hopeless place. And if there anything like you and I fake their feelings, when it comes to love. Get bridal inspiration. Source: Reality couples who are still together!

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