8 Top Wedding Magazines for Your Ultimate Marriage Inspiration

Top wedding magazines

Top wedding magazines are the best source of inspiration for your big day. And, let’s face it, preparing for your wedding is exciting. Yet, it is a draining process. There’s a million and one things to think about, plan and organize.

Where do you start? Well, don’t stress out.  It’s not an option. Plus, arguing with your other half about the choices and decisions is not the answer. Luckily, there’s help at hand…

The ultimate inspiration is seeing weddings of high profile couples. Many top wedding magazines feature the magical journey of the day (before, during and after the wedding) of the bride and groom. It’s wonderful to see the amazing pervasive coverage and images of other couples’ dreams coming true. This could spark many ideas to create your own distinctive fairy-tale theme.

So, go grab a copy from your local news agent, supermarket or shop. Or if you’re happy to read online, I’ve got 8 top wedding magazines to ignite your creativity. Get planning for one of the best days of your life. Here we go…

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1. You and Your Wedding

Packed with good stuff, this up-to-date bridal magazine is UK’s number one favorite. It’s full of rich pickings and suggestions galore, world class wedding destinations, competitions and offers. You can also head over to the remarkable forum to discuss all things wedding-related. Connect with other brides-to-be arranging their big day.

2. Bridal Guide

Do you want the go to source for wedding advice? Then look no further. You will find all you need here and more. There is a beauty and health section to get you thinking about hair styles, getting in shape so you fit perfectly in your wedding dress and makeup to look stunning for your partner. Bridal guide’s sitewide wedding information helps you plan the essential elements for the perfect picture big day.

3. The Knot

Described as your personal wedding planner, The Knot has all you need, including engagement rings, wedding dresses, real wedding photos, planning tools, decoration themes, must-haves, unique favors and more. What more can you ask for except to turn the pages and start outlining your dream day.

4. Martha Stewart Weddings

For those tech savvy brides and groom-to-be, download Martha Stewart Wedding app to your iPad or iPhone. If you sign up to a monthly or annual subscription, you will get a free issue. Martha Stewart an American Emmy award show host winner created the packed magazine.

5. Four Seasons Magazine

The honeymoon is one of the most important parts of your wedding.  Getting away after all the stress of planning with your new wedded partner to a romantic location is a great stress reliever. Four Seasons has the tools to help you choose a honeymoon destination that’s perfect for you, from across the globe.

6. Wedding Ideas

You can enjoy giveaways and win competitions through the social media followers of Wedding Ideas magazine. They have almost 50,000 Instagram followers on their page. Over 200 thousand fans are loving their Facebook page. Classed as the number one for real weddings this digital magazine is very popular. It has beautiful concepts for planning an exceptional day.

7. Catalyst Wedco

If you want a digital wedding magazine with an edge and different to the others out there, this is for you. It’s about giving a voice to the under-represented groups. And embracing the uniqueness of each couple. This is how Catalyst describes their publication,
“Each issue of Catalyst will feature badass, lovely couples celebrating their love in their own way. ” To get the latest issue and elite content, sign up to www.catalystwedco.com.

8. One Fab Day

Finally, every bride and groom wants to be original and truly awesome. You will find creative and stimulating ideas at One Fab Day to set the right mood for your wedding. This sought after magazine has followers in Europe, the UK and Ireland. They pull in more than 350,000 unique visitors each month. Those numbers say a lot.

Over to you…

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