The 20 Best Dutch Wedding Planners in the Netherlands

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The best Dutch wedding planners know about the emotional roller coaster of planning a big day celebration in the Netherlands. Albeit your sudden realisation of your forthcoming wedding is insight. How do you keep focused and enjoy the ride?

Look juggling more than a million things during major life changes is a stressful experience. And without the magic fingers of a magician you could loose sight of the balls. It’s not easy conjuring up something that takes up lots of energy, extra costs and time,  right?

And with the easing of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions, switching your plans might be on the cards, too.

Renowned national and international Dutch planners, with a reputation for wizardry in delivering a world-class service are at hand. And with your detailed post Covid-19 wedding checklist and their magical guidance you’ll be up to speed with the latest Pinterest planning trends.

So, are you ready for the ride of your life? Well, hold on tight! Here are [in my opinion] the 20 best Dutch wedding planners in Holland.

Dutch Wedding Planners


Don’t leave anything to chance, get a headache or feel emotionally drained. Just ensure you have plenty of time on your hands to enjoy your wedding. Let one of the experts scout the best venue, floral arrangement and celebrant to create something unique. In fact, a first class consultant has invaluable experience to plan an inexpensive, stylish and memorable day for you. Here’s to your happily ever after…

1•  Dutch wedding planners celebrant services

Firstly, are you a marriage rule breaker and a tradition shaker? Do you want to plan the perfect day without going it alone? Well, celebrant services helps you keep control during the coordination of your wedding. As an on-site coordinator managing the ceremony, music and the guests right through to the reception announcements you’ll have support.


Exquisite Gay Weddings is not your run-of-the-mill wedding planner and works with like-minded suppliers committed to weddings. EGW are fascinated by planning personalised and luxurious weddings. Whether you’re heterosexual or a same-sex couple let the professionals deal with any stress and setbacks. Azael Antonio Ortega Jaen is the founder and will offer you moral support.

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Dutch wedding planners are a little black budget book of tricks. From venue theme, bridal styling and floral ides to on-site coordination they’re your life saver and NBFF [New Best Friend Forever]. image

3•  Myrthe Regelt het

Secondly, “Myrthe Regelt het” is a modern full-service,  and partial planning wedding bureau. Delivering a concept right through to the completion of last-minute items for your special day. What’s more, this coordinator gained their status by meeting the fundamental quality needs of the Dutch wedding industry organization (NTBO) service standard.

4• Over the Moon Weddings

In addition, don’t be under the illusion that planning a dream wedding in a different way is easy. Over the Moon weddings has a background in fashion and creates impressive weddings. The revered founder Sabine has a wealth of experience in transforming a blank canvas. In fact, the picture-perfect venue can be meticulously executed to your vision with her help.

wedding consultants white clothed wedding tables deocred with flowers and lighting

Dutch wedding planners are fluent in English and understand your need to create a dream setting. With their high standards of quality, you’ll design the biggest day of your life.

5• Dutch wedding planners

Furthermore through thoughtful planning and tireless efforts of this wedding planner knows how to juggle many weddings. So, you can be sure your dream day will come to fruition. Arranging the big day can be nerve racking and stressful. Therefore, hiring them can be advantageous. And let them hook you up with a native Dutch and English-speaking celebrant for a memorable ceremony.

6• Dutch wedding planners

Besides the fact that has racked up plenty of years as a professional wedding planner, this designer of weddings pays close attention to the general progress of the planning. At relatively short notice you can contact them to assist you with your wedding. The team is passionate about multitasking, coordinating and organising.

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You are entitled to have the best marriage celebration ever. So, let Dutch wedding planners take the pressure off planning and organise the smooth running of your day.

image |ierdnall


Another possibility for a wedding planned for perfection is Puurtrouwen. Offering you convenient and hassle-free planning your celebrations will be a hit. This Dutch wedding planner thrives on designing and styling special events. She consolidates and arranges a wonderful day for you. Making sure it runs without a hitch, the guests will be impressed, too.

8• Dutch wedding planners

With the average wedding costing between €15,000 and €30,000 (depending on your budget), you could consider a destination wedding. However, there are some pitfalls but don’t worry. has an affinity with arranging European and overseas nuptials. These experts help with final arrangements and the styling of your wedding location to perfection.

Dutch wedding costs bride dressed in off-white hugging bridesmaids

Cat Mayer
My sweet friends at @annelisebridal are hosting an exclusive bridal trunk show this weekend. Have a look and be inspired. 💕


Are you a bride of colour? Well, reframe your mind and don’t let your obsession with wedding planning get out of hand. With Soleil Eyken from Interconnection events this planners’ pragmatic approach to the management of your big day, ensures a stress-free experience, special feel and the perfect venue interior.

10• Dutch wedding planners

Since 2004 Astrid Blaauw and her husband are dependable wedding planners. And this Jill and Jack of all trades Wedding & Events Company is a member of the Dutch wedding industry organization (NTBO). Granted the “Brides Seal of Approval” (keurmerk trouwen) in 2010 they are true wedding professionals with a painstaking attention to detail.

wedding planner motto: keep calm I am a wedding planner

Please note: In order to book a Dutch wedding planner, they will require a non-refundable deposit and you must sign a contract.

11• Dutch wedding planners

Let Dutch wedding planners facilitate you. focuses on multicultural, multi-religious, interfaith and Indian weddings. This wedding company has the expertise and pedigree to create a phenomenal western style wedding for you. And they pride themselves on knowing that every couple has a personal story.

12• Trouwen op

And there’s more…if you’re dreaming about an island wedding, then “Trouwen op Schiermonnikoog is perfect. This secluded location near to Friesland boasts the most idyllic venues to host a fairy-tale nuptial. Basically, the founder Christy Hagen will make sure you achieve a stress-free and unforgettable day. In fact, she’ll help you execute your dream coastal wedding.

Dutch wedding planners planning notebooks and green leaves


With sustainability on engaged couples’ minds, Roza the founder of Green weddings has honed her organizational skills. In fact, this wedding planner helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Bringing simplicity, honesty and transparency to top-level planning is an art form. Therefore, by effortlessly managing your plans, you ensure the celebrations roll smoothly. More importantly, keep your CO2 emissions to a minimum.

14• Signature wedding company

After you’ve found the dress let signature wedding company Dutch wedding planners facilitate you. In fact, sort out any last minute plans like the venue and styling with their help. This business has the expertise and pedigree to create a phenomenal wedding for you. It prides it’s self on knowing that every couple has a personal and unique story.

Dutch wedding planners makeup artist putting on brides makeupimage

15• Love and

So, you are engaged and ready to get married. Love and is a professional and fully-certified wedding design & planning agency. The specialists are two young sisters who adore wedding planning. And they can help you with the complete care of your unique occasion. They’ll keep an eye on your budget and timeline.


How do you create a memorable and successful wedding day? Well, you should show continuity from the beginning of the planning process right through to the big day. Further, don’t let your wedding ideas burn a whole in your pocket. Appoint one of North Holland’s most stylish wedding planners based in Almere, Flevoland.



Founder of Vivian ter Huurne has a reputation for creativity and originality. In 2017, voted as the champion wedding planner of the Netherlands by the Dutch Wedding Awards, she continues to excel. Hetbruidsmeisje is the gem of the industry. And you can relax knowing that this wedding company takes care of your big day.

18• Dutch wedding planners Nina weddings

In addition, don’t plan your sumptuous wedding from scratch. has a wealth of planning experience and can transform a blank canvas into a picture-perfect venue. The experts are a reputable, competent and diligent team of dedicated wedding planners. With a  passion to work alongside you, they’ll prepare a joyous celebration.


Dutch wedding planners creme coloured wedding aisle, with white linen drapes over the archway, chandelier and colourful flowers

image courtesy:


Next, with have This wedding planner and designer of exclusive  events creates beautiful weddings. And the young, innovative and creative company from Shirley Pisano has a “Brides Seal of Approval from the NTBO (equivalent to the British Wedding Awards).  Selected as the best wedding planner of the year, I’ve had the opportunity to work with them on the above wedding. Go here and  to create your special day.

20• Dutch wedding planners – trouwchicks

Last but not least, you’ve got the outfit, the shoes and the beautiful wedding ring. I’d like to introduce you to Trouwchicks. These are three young wedding planners from Zeeland. And they have combined their knowledge, talents and strengths to form this newest wedding company in Holland. Liset, Marita & Nikki’s goals are to make your wedding celebration a beautiful and unforgettable happening.

image |Eileen Rivard

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