Afro Wedding Hairstyles | Tips For Beautiful People of Colour

Afro wedding hairstyles black couple bride and groom kissing under arch

Afro wedding hairstyles highlight people of colour with beautiful natural luscious locks. Are you an ebony, dark-skinned, caramel coloured or Nubian person looking for understated black wedding hair designs? Well, there are so many amazing styles to choose from, where do you start? And how do you achieve a flawless look?

Whether you have short, long, in between or shoulder length Afro hair, your crowning glory could be thirsty tangled tresses. A twirly hairstyle can be tricky, coarse, hard, and rough. Perhaps you are fed up with your dry Afro hair shrinking on you – I know I am. How do you keep your hair moist, looking shiny, and totally under control? Do you nourish and nurture it before your wedding day?

Well, the saying goes: “The most sophisticated Afro hair styles of all time for people of colour is a symmetrically cut nurtured hairstyle. Beautifully tamed tresses, not messy and seriously cared for oozes understated elegance on the wedding day.”— But, don’t take my word for it, pick one of these shear genius styling ideas. Untangle your ultra tight curly locks. Here we go…

Afro Wedding Hairstyle – Black Wedding Hair Designs – Afro Tips & Tricks for Colourful People

Afro Wedding Hairstyles Afro-Caribbean | Multi-Cultural couple black wedding hair

Black wedding hair designs and Afro wedding hairstyles for colourful people! pexels-lombejr

1. Ombre Afro wedding hairstyles

On your wedding day an Ombre Afro hair style suits the silhouette of a fitted outfit. This colouring technique shows off a delicate Afro structured texture. And, if your neckline and shoulders are your biggest feature this must be any persons priority. You’ll feel more sexy like the Melanin person you are. Tip: get an Ombre treatment one month before the wedding. Why not try,  it’s a simple solution to ensure natural hair looks fine. Moreover, it’s easy styling on the day.

afro wedding hairstyles deep burgundy colour

Expert reveals how to look after Afro hair depending on your curl type. source: – image credit pexels-ricaldo-donaldson

2. Cherry-Tinted Afro 

If you are an urban person, then imagine making your grand entrance down the aisle with a super slick and sleek cherry-tinted Afro hairstyle. A gorgeous fashion forward statement for a funky chic wedding outfit. On top of that every part of you will look ravishing and naturally beautiful. And you will ooze confidence and radiate with a healthier looking Afro. What’s more, you’ll be sensationally elegant on your wedding day.

woman with curly hair wearing a laced white bridal gown

Nourishing and nurturing the Afro before the wedding day ensures every black bride looks her ultimate best! Photo by nappy from Pexels

3. Teeny Weeny Afro

If you are a true romantic person,  why not transform you super short hair into a beautiful pixie curly cut. It’s the best and easiest Afro wedding hairstyle ever. Also known as TWA (teeny weeny Afro) it looks flawless when shaped, braided, twisted and waved. Basically, its styled with simplicity. And the latest Keratin treatments [Brazilian blow out – chemical process make your natural hairdo look frizz-free, smooth and lovely. Otherwise, you can fiddle, fuss and straighten it with the old fashioned hot comb.

4. Accessorised TWA

Afro wedding hairstyles come in every shape, size and style. With extra volume on your wedding day, your Afro hair will have more body. Why not, wear your short hair with accessories. Imagine a wedding hair fascinator, swarovski crystal tiara or a royal replica diamond crown fit for any black person’s hair type. Hair accessories keep short locks at bay. In fact, your curls will look wonderfully radiant. Additionally, your unique Afro allows you, the beautiful person of colour with curly hair to feel super special.

Afro wedding hairstyle bride surrounded by white and pink roses

Are Keratin treatments safe for naturally curly hair? image Darrell Fraser

5. Afro Wedding Hair Frohawk

An Afro wedding hair frohawk has a life of its own; stubborn and unmanageable. So, if you’ve got a figure-hugging wedding outfit, you can stand out from other people of colour on your big day. Let’s be honest, you need a hairstyle to show-off the pretty garment. And with a frohawk guests will stop and stare. However, you’ll need a little help from Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler comb and good conditioner create a fierce and sophisticated looking frohawk. Ask your hairdresser to recreate the look for you.

Afro wedding hairstyles bride in brown gown

John Ray Ebora – Pexels

6. Afro wedding hairstyles treatment

You may want to feel fit and healthy on the your wedding day, right? And If you are a fanatical sports person or swimmer then your luscious TWA or golden curly locks needs protection. So, for your bold undercut and coils, mix a handful of Vaseline, carrot or argan oil together in your palms. Gently rub the mixture into your hair before you jump in the pool or go to the sauna.

Afro wedding hairstyles black couple bride and groom kissing under arch

Black couple kissing under love arch – photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

7. Fiery and Natural Twist-Out

Weddings are fun and exciting, and you want to look your best. Do you swim, then protect your hair. As an extra safeguard wear a swimming hat. After the workout, wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. Thereafter, apply leave-in conditioner such ‘As I Am’. It’s a great moisturizer to protect your Afro hair style. Afterwards, re-apply just the carrot and argan oil. You should notice a difference in the texture, extra sheen and a healthier look.

black bride wearing a lace coloured gown and glittery crown

Turbarones Photography-Pexels

8. African-American Bantu Knots

Next, have you heard of this? Make your Afro hair look stunningly gorgeous with [Josephine Jean] my mum’s home-made hair conditioning remedy. Virgin olive oil and castor oil are products you can find in any good chemist or supermarket. Lastly, mix them together until they become smooth and manageable. Apply a small amount to your Melanin locks by brushing, rubbing it in or combing through, and you’re ready to go. 

brides of colour in bridal gowns

Screenshot courtesy of  Dionne smith

9. Grey Afro wedding hairstyles

And what about those scattered grey bits in your Afro? They will not help you, if you want a Golden Halo Afro. Although, L’Oreal’s Magic Retouch Precision isn’t henna or another natural hair product, it works for grey hair. I know, I just bought it from the chemist. It’s, L’Oreal’s  mascara kit for hair. “Selling at a rate of three every minute, it’s the current ruler of root cover-ups for Melanin B2B’s.

Afro wedding hairstyles stylish black bride with flower bouquet walking near ocean


10. Bouncy Afro wedding hairstyles

Afro wedding hairstyles are ahead of their time. In light of the coronavirus you might need some help with cutting your natural hair and curls. Let me share a secret with you. I’ve styled, shaped and cut my own hair for years. In fact, I’ve got Rose Line professional grooming scissors. So, if you are like me, then dare to design your own Afro wedding hairstyle. Good luck.

11. Gold Butter Afro wedding hairstyles

Finally, with so many Afro wedding hairstyles to choose from. Are you blessed with a beautiful bush of gorgeous Afro hair, that’s extremely dry? Why not, get Gold Butter. No, it’s not a James Bond movie, nor is it a spread. It is the name of Wendy Agyin’s natural hair product to take care of frizzy hair. “Shampoo and ready? Forget it,” says Wendy. Gone are the days of straightened hair to conform to Western standards. So, moisturize with Gold Butter a sustainable care product to quickly and efficiently prepare your wedding hair for the big day.’

 Afro Wedding HairstylesAfro-Caribbean | Multi-Cultural couple

Afro wedding hairstyles – Avonne Stalling Pexels


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