Afro Wedding Hairstyles That Appeal To Brides-To-Be

Afro wedding haristyle

Afro wedding hairstyles are a fashion forward look that even appeals to well-known celebrities, such as Solange Knowles. Although the natural curly look can be tricky to manage, there are plenty or things that are done to keep it under control.

Actually, Afro hair makes a bold statement. And the delicate and structured texture can be easier to tease and looks healthier. So, with your wedding day looming why not restore vitality and achieve amazing hair on your big day.

With these shear genius hair ideas you’ll have beautiful curly locks. Like every bride-to-be, your special day is one of the greatest events of your life. In fact, your gorgeous hair is just as vital as your timeless wedding dress. The proper bridal hair completes the day. So, here are…

Afro Wedding Hairstyles: Care Tips for Curly Locks

“Solange Knowles has the most sophisticated bridal Afro style. The symmetrically cut hairstyle is beautiful, it tames the appearance of the hair and stops it from looking messy and uncared for. This creates a simple elegant but stand out look on your wedding day.”—

1. Feel more womanly with you Afro wedding hairstyles

Regain your confidence! You’re enthusiastic about walking down the aisle. And you need to feel more womanly and sexy. On top of that you want every part of you to look ravishing and naturally beautiful.

2. TWA (Teeny weeny Afro)

This includes having your curly locks or Afro hairstyle, also known as TWA (teeny weeny Afro) looking luminous and flawless. Shaped, braided, twisted and styled with simplicity the TWA natural hairdo is easy. You can even have it straightened.

3. Almond Oil [Extra Virgin] 

Almond oil helps nourish and promotes Afro hair growth. On top of that keeps it at bay and looking wonderfully healthy and radiant. Additionally, your unique Afro hairstyle allows you, the lady of colour or woman with curly hair to be super feminine. What’s more, you’ll be sensationally elegant on your wedding day.

4. Afro hair has a life of its own

As Afro hair has a life of its own, it responds well to coconut oil. So, make a hair mask from organic coconut oil. It makes chemically treated, damaged or weak hair feel incredible. Let’s be honest, Afro hair is stubborn and unmanageable. So, if you’ve had it straightened, it needs special attention. Carrot oil is a marvelous natural moisturizer. It makes your locks look extremely soft, smooth and shiny.

5. Curly Locks Need Protection 

Another thing, on  your big wedding day you want to feel fit and healthy. If you are a fanatical sports person or swimmer then your luscious TWA or golden curly locks needs protection. So, mix a handful of vaseline, carrot oil and argan oil (see below No.15) together in your palms. Gently rub the mixture into your hair before you jump in the pool or go to the sauna.

6. Fanatical Swimmers Hair Tip 

For you swimmers, as an extra safeguard wear a swimming hat.  After the workout, wash out the above moisturizing hair protector with your favorite shampoo. And apply  leave-in hair conditioner. Afterwards, re-apply just the carrot and argan oil. You should notice a difference in the texture and extra sheen of your hair.

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7. Afro hair looks stunningly gorgeous

Next, make your Afro hair look stunningly gorgeous with this home-made remedy from my mum. Virgin olive oil and vaseline are products you can find in any good chemist or supermarket. Lastly, mix them together until they become smooth and manageable. Apply a small amount to your locks by rubbing it in or combing through, and you’re ready to go.


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