Popular Gospel Funeral Songs For A Memorial Service

gospel blues music woman smiling and looking happy

Planning a deceased loved one’s funeral and looking for popular gospel funeral songs to play? Here’s appropriate traditional and modern tunes. Playing music is a beautiful personal gesture to say farewell. But how do you add it the program order of service

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New Year’s Eve Wedding Etiquette – The Ultimate Guide For You

New Year's Wedding Etiquette bride escorted by father to the groom

What is the proper New Years Eve Wedding etiquette for you and your guests? If you are anything like me then you love a good wedding. And especially look forward to singing in the New Year.  However, how do you plan a special event? read more

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8 Top Wedding Magazines for Your Ultimate Marriage Inspiration

Top wedding magazines

Top wedding magazines are the best source of inspiration for your big day. And, let’s face it, preparing for your marriage celebrations is exciting. Yet, it is a draining process. There’s a million and one things to think about, plan and organize.

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The 20 Best Dutch Wedding Planners in the Netherlands

Dutch wedding planners costs bride dressed in off-white hugging bridesmaids

Struggling with the planning of your wedding in Holland? Dutch wedding planners share the burden of designing, coordinating, and styling the day you want. Albeit it’s a glamorous job, weddings get ugly. Primarily without your input, ideas and inspiration, it’s virtually impossible to plan.

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