Commitment Ceremony | Top Tips for Your Alternative Wedding

commitment ceremony

Marriage is an institution and love is universal. So, a commitment ceremony without the legal requirements, trappings and paperwork is a great alternative. It is similar to a non-religious humanistic wedding. So, how do you plan an authentic wedding of your dreams?

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Soul Act and Motown Band for your Wedding or Party Event

Motown soul band aretha franklin soul queen singing with a choir

Imagine a Motown soul band with a gospel choir for your ceremony, reception and party? Well, you can create the perfect atmosphere and add an extra special wow factor at the wedding celebration in Amsterdam. This alternative form of music is a great solution for a celebrity artist at your event.

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Are You Engaged? Fall in Love with Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day celebrations are in the air and your fiancé (e), fling or crush who you fancy the pants off maybe awaiting a special gift from you. Well, this year love can conquer all. Why not celebrate the 14th February in a romantic fashion?

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Spring Wedding 2020 | What Colour Should You Pick?

With your spring wedding just around the corner there are many fresh, bright and luscious colours that are timeless and never go out of fashion. New bridal shades are set to shine. But, which pop of colour will dazzle on your wedding day?

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New Year’s Day Party Games for You and Your Guests

new years day party friendly games

What is the purpose of New Years’ Day Party games? Well, friendly games during the festivities have a positive and powerful impact on the celebrations. And with ability to provoke conversation, playful competition and social interaction, fun activities make the special reunion more enjoyable, exciting and eventful. read more

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