Greenhouse Wedding – Caroline’s and Nayan’s Love Story

real weddings abroad celebration man holding rings standing with bridal couple

Botanical weddings are the embodiment of romance, elegance and love. Read about this interracial couple’s garden wedding in Amsterdam. Their love celebration took place in a greenhouse wedding venue. Albeit true, that weddings are full of colour, happiness, excitement the joy of planning can bring big challenges.

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Non-Religious Wedding Speech For The Best Opening Words

non-religious Wedding Script sampleclover jean weddings marriage official wearing dark pink gown standing at the altar with happy bride and groomn

Have you been asked to lead a friends’ wedding ceremony service? Perhaps as a first-time celebrant / officiant you’re at wits end looking for a non-religious wedding speech outline or non-traditional one. Performing a marriage ceremony whereby the couple’s folks feel welcomed, involved and comfortable is a big responsibility. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the opening words for a wedding ceremony or can write, perform, conduct and deliver a remarkable speech.

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Symbolic Wedding Ceremony – Marriage Blessing Service

Symbolic wedding ceremony mixed race couple holding hands

Looking for a symbolic wedding ceremony script sample? A symbolic wedding ceremony is a lovely marriage blessing service for couples who want an extra special day abroad by doing something different! You can plan a traditional, modern, relaxed or unstructured marriage celebration. The service is performed by a pastor, an ordained minister, wedding official, family member or friend. Yet, planning one of the most important stages of your life can be a struggle like a puzzle. So, putting all the pieces together is a challenge.

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Getting Married Aboard A Dutch Boat – What Does It Cost?

getting married aboard a beautiful boat in amsterdam couple sitting in the back of the boat kissing

Getting married aboard a boat in Amsterdam is a rare treat. With wedding season (always) looming. Perhaps you’re flying high with visions of wedded bliss on the canals. Many couples are keen to have an Amsterdam boat experience. They want to make it the most significant part of their wedding day or anniversary event. It’s a romantic way to show and celebrate your love for one another. The boat wedding experience is exhilarating. However, there’s a whole raft of things to consider because prices can be eye-watering.

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Elopement Weddings For Just The Two of You Lovebirds

Eloping Wedding Ideas for gay couples

An elopement wedding is beautiful way to celebrate your love. Recognising your years together with a unique celebration is exciting, full of fun and intimacy. Whether you are married, in a long-term relationship or have a civil partnership, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel for eloping. So, where do you start the journey together to plan a secret wedding – just a little ceremony for 2?

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