Symbolic Wedding Ceremony – Everything You Need to Know

Ceremonieel trouwen

A symbolic wedding ceremony is a non-religious (secular) marriage blessing service that is morally but not legally binding. This modern celebration of love is one of the most important stages of a couple’s journey. Planning a secular wedding in Holland can be a struggle like a puzzle. So, putting all the pieces together is a challenge.

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Black Gospel Choirs: The Best Singers, Groups and Bands NL

black gospel choirs 5 well-dressed singers performing at witte kerkje in Terheijden

So, you’re looking for powerful black gospel choirs, singers, groups and bands NL to sing loud and proud and engage your wedding or party guests. Incorporating a choir is a great way to have a unique event, with a whole spectrum of genres from traditional gospel, R & B, modern soul to fusion music. But let’s consider this…

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The Best Dutch Castle Wedding Venues For Fairytale Nuptials

dutch castle wedding venues couple sitting in ceremony suite

Did you say when you grow up you want to marry in one of the quintessential Dutch castle wedding venues? Or get wed amid a classic garden gathering inspired by Alice in  Wonderland, Cinderella or Disney themed weddings? Although Holland isn’t Disneyland, you can fulfill your childhood dream of kissing Prince Charming in a real castle.

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Celebration of Life Eulogy – Writing Help & Eulogy Example

Celebration of Life Eulogy daughter hugging her mum while sitting on a sofa

Grieving the loss of your mum, dad, grandparents, sibling or someone you love? Do you want to write a celebration of life eulogy in honor of them? But, don’t know where to start? As a celebrant, I want to help you compose a meaningful tribute.

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Afro Wedding Hairstyles For Beautiful Black Brides 2B

Afro wedding hairstyles black couple bride and groom kissing under arch

Afro wedding hairstyles highlight the natural beauty of black brides luscious locks. Are you an ebony black, dark-skinned or caramel coloured Queen looking for understated Afro hair styles? Well, there are so many amazing styles to choose from, where do you start? And how do you achieve a flawless look?

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