Wedding Reviews from Unforgettable Clover Jean Weddings NL

wedding reviews black bride in white laced dressed holding white grooms hand dressed in dark blue tuxedo

Many couples rave about Clover Jean Weddings bespoke marriage celebrant ceremonies in Holland. Find out why – read the happy couples’ wedding reviews here. Planning the perfect day is fun and exciting but who will officiate your non-religious ceremonial wedding?

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Valentine’s Day Ideas For Lockdown Lovers To Celebrate It

Valentines Day celebration man dressed in blue suit with stripy beige and blue tie hugging a woman

Still looking for that special Valentine’s Day gift? With the day of love fast approaching, why not surprise your loved one with these ideas. Celebrate “loving up” during lockdown. It’s the time to have the most fun, a selfish day with your partner. Here’s how to do it.

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Getting Married Aboard A Dutch Boat – What Does It Cost?

getting married aboard a beautiful boat in amsterdam couple sitting in the back of the boat kissing

Getting married aboard a boat in Holland is a romantic way to celebrate your love for one another. Check out these prices. Whether you want a canal boat wedding, river cruise ceremony or an anniversary wedding luxury yacht. How much should you splash out? read more

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Coronavirus Weddings: Guidance For Small Marriages in NL

coronavirus weddings bride and groom masked for a special occasion

Struggling to plan your intimate marriage celebrations in Holland? Coronavirus weddings – guidance for small marriages can help. Covid-19 has invaded our lives. And the cold harsh reality is, it’s here to stay just like the flu. So, how do we survive wedding rules in this climate?

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Diverse Weddings – Planning Ideas for Multicultural Couples

Diverse Weddings bride and groom laughing with the celebrant

Why are diverse weddings trending? From mixed faith ceremonies, multicultural marriages to interfaith weddings, couples say, “YES”. Albeit interracial couples are thrilled to plan a culturally rich marriage celebration. How do you combine your culture, history, and traditions into one beautiful wedding?

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