Amsterdam Waterfront Wedding Venues You Cannot Resist

waterfront wedding venues waterside wedding venuesgroom embracing bride

Keen to get started with searching for Amsterdam waterfront wedding venues? These waterside locations offer you the best views of the city. What’s more, you can celebrate your marriage and honeymoon on the stunning canals! Fall in love, be mesmerized and plan a dreamy waterside space. So, where do you start? What are your options?

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Alfresco Wedding Ideas For An Outdoor Ceremony at Home

Vow Renewal Ceremony ceremony planning

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have an alfresco wedding celebration?A garden gathering with family and friends to celebrate your marriage brings harmony to everyone.  There are exciting times ahead for you, planning a wedding. So, why not plan a celebrant-led event in your outdoor space at home. But, where do you start? read more

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Wedding Anniversary? Here’s How to Make it Worth Talking About!

wedding anniversary party planningbride and groom holding hands and running

Whether this is your 1st, 2nd, 5th, 12th or 25th year of marital bliss, you can share the moments that matter and plan a memorable wedding anniversary party. Allow yourselves the indulgence of an elegant celebration at your favorite restaurant. Your wedding day was the beginning of your marriage and after decades of a long commitment. Maybe it’s time to celebrate with a vow renewals ceremony, too? read more

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Getting Married Aboard A Dutch Boat – What Does It Cost?

getting married aboard a beautiful boat in amsterdam couple sitting in the back of the boat kissing

Has getting married aboard a boat in NL stimulated your interest? The boat wedding experience is exhilarating yet costly. Check the prices. A nautical celebration is a romantic way to celebrate your love for one another. However, there’s a whole raft of things to consider.

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Wedding Ceremony Readings For Couples of all Genders, Race & Class

Wedding Ceremony Readings mixed-race couple black african man sitting in the grass with white caucasian woman smiling at one another

Wedding ceremony readings for couples of all genders, colour, race & class make us want to happy cry (not ugly cry). Your personal expression of your feelings for your partner is emotional. Touching words convey endearment. Come on, who doesn’t love a good cry?

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