Marriage Proposal Ideas to Get The Yes You Want Today!

Amsterdam wedding proposal ideas

Many couples planning a trip to Amsterdam are looking for marriage proposal ideas to surprise their partner and pop the question (you too?). Whether you long for a quiet, relaxed or busy location on a canal, on a bridge or a local bar. Popping the question (the right way) is every proposers dream. So, how do you propose to your lover in the most exciting city in the world?  How do you get the YES you want?

Imagine telling your family and friends that your engagement took place in the historic urban landscape of Amsterdam. Falling head over heels in love is a wonderful feeling, so you need the perfect setting to declare your love. Perhaps your other half  waits patiently to hear those special four words, ‘Will you marry me’? Do you plan to travel overseas to express it? Well, you need to think hard about how it will affect your future married life. Family and friends may be completely excited too, and want to get involved.

That’s okay. Ultimately, every decision you make about planning your romantic Amsterdam wedding proposal ideas can be shared. However, you don’t have to. Why? Your engagement is about the two of you and what you and your future fiancé/ fiancée want. Don’t let anybody spoil your joy or take anybody else’s preferences, beliefs, customs, traditions or wishes on-board. So, book your flight today and get the YES you want. Here are romantic Amsterdam wedding proposal ideas. It’s all about love, love, love! So, here we go…

Amsterdam Marriage Proposals Ideas!

Bandstand at Vondelpark in Amsterdam

Marriage proposal ideas: pop the question at Vondelpark – band stand for a perfect wedding proposal in Amsterdam!

1. Flower market Amstelveld 

If you  firmly believe you’ve found the love of your life. Why not, pop the question at one of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets, the plant and flower market (Monday’s only). It’s not the Keukenhof but does have a beautiful array of plants and flowers, it’s worth the trip. Make a big statement and buy your sweetheart a big bunch of flowers. Perhaps the Amstelveld is the perfect setting for an original marriage proposals take place. You’ll receive the answer you want,  ‘YES’!

 Dutch groom with hand on brides back leading out to canals of Amsterdam

You’ve found the love of your life and your sweetheart has left your heart feeling warm and alive. Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht, Holland

 2. Waldorf Astoria Hotel  

Get them to say, YES during a stylish and elegant afternoon high tea session at the Amsterdam’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Share a pot of tea and some cucumber sandwiches, yummy fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate.  Otherwise, enjoy a cup of Dutch coffee for two with all the trimmings, such as delicious ‘gevulde koek, warme stroopwafels or a sweet coffee syrup at the Bagels and Beans on the Waterlooplein. Tell your partner your hearts desire.

Amsterdam Wedding Boat Proposals & More

marriage proposal ideas pexels -mentatdgt

3. Wellness Center Zuiver Amsterdam

Picture a romantic Amsterdam wedding proposal at the luxurious wellness center Zuiver Amsterdam. It is a fantastic and unique way to express your love. What’s more, you’ll get the YES, you’ve been waiting for. You get the opportunity to share some special exclusive time together, without any disturbances. Enjoy a joint massage some love, peace and tranquility basking in each other’s company. That’s bound to do trick!

4. Comedy Cafe Amsterdam

Get super touchy-feely with one another and be affectionate with this fun & romantic Amsterdam wedding proposal idea. Spend the day laughing together and loving up one another at the Comedy Cafe Amsterdam. Book a comedy show. Perhaps you’d prefer a theater event or musical show. Afterwards, have a good chat about it, reminisce with a laugh, give and receive lots of hugs and finish off with a YES and romantic kiss.

 gay engagement ring proposing as a man

marriage proposal ideas – Uriel Mont Pexels

5. Ron Gastrobar

Come on… You know a Ron Gastrobar that serves delicious fusion Indonesian food is the perfect place to pop the question. It’s a restaurant filled with character and an exclusive setting for you to get down on one knee and propose. How much more romantic can you get? So, go to Ron Gastrobar and have an intimate night for two, get their undivided attention, and tell them your heart’s desire.

6. Rent a Tandem Bike for Two

Get your creative juices flowing. What about a bicycle ride made for two? Rent a tandemen bike in Amsterdam. Visit the Skinny Bridge of love (Magere brug), Rembrandtsplein, Leidseplein, Vondelpark and Albert Cuyp.  You can arrange a flash mob along the way to help you with your wedding proposal. How cool is that? There is nothing better than a loving surprise. From surprise dancers, dancing waiters to gospel choirs they are the best at what they do, and have lots of creative ideas to help you get a YES.

tulips and windmills of Amsterdam

ambrosiniv Pexels

7. Shopping:

This might take some planning, but it will be worth it. Why not surprise them with a romantic Amsterdam wedding proposal shopping trip. From an afternoon walk across the Dam, down the Dam straat into the Waterlooplein and finishing off at the Rembrantsplein. Finish of with a drink and snack at one of the local bars. Don’t spoil it by telling them why. Just whip out the engagement ring and say the 4 magic words, ‘will you marry me?

8. Vondelpark stroll:

Are you in a loving relationship and love to walk? Whatever the case, do something different. Take a romantic stroll in the most popular city park in historical Vondelpark. Stop at the Blue Tea House for a drink and pop the question. She or he will loves it. You can ask him/her to marry you surrounded by beautiful greenery, luscious trees and colourful flowers. This will put a smile on your better half’s face and get you your YES.

Wedding proposal on a private canal boat in Amsterdam

Original marriage proposal in Amsterdam image credit

9. Boat trip aboard the Valentijn:

Need I say more about this wedding proposal idea! Imagine a romantic cruise aboard the Valentijn boat (Valentine) and the excitement of your partner when you ask them for their hand in marriage. Amsterdam is full of unique historical waterways and private canal boats. Cruising along the picturesque city, you can enjoy a glass of bubbly with some Dutch bitterballen (mini scotch-eggs but with ragout filling). Sounds yummy, right? Make it an unforgettable journey and propose under the Skinny bridge on the Amstel. They will love it!

10. Sweets hotel for two

Do you want to plan an extravagant wedding proposal in Amsterdam? Well, make it extra special and memorable. Book a romantic stay for two at an exclusive and hotel on the Amsterdam canals. Check out the Sweets hotels for special package deals. Seal the morning, afternoon or evening in each others arms. Enjoy some special quality time together. They will be your Valentine forever!

lesbian couple marriage proposal

Wedding Proposal in Amsterdam – Pavel Danilyuk Pexels

11. Dance your way to a YES:

Get up close, really personal with the one you love and let a dance choreographer help teach you the steps to love. Pull off a perfect proposal dance with your partner. Take a salsa, ballroom, tango or lindy hop dance workshop you’ve always wanted to do. This is a great occasion to get truly synchronized. It’s sensual, because you have to work your body together as one. Ask the magic question, Will you marry me – get the YES you want! 

Bandstand at Vondelpark in Amsterdam

Vondelpark – band stand perfect for a wedding proposal in Amsterdam!


Over to you…….

Be savvy and create your own wedding trends! Leave your ideas, questions or comments below.

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