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Clover Jean @ Appelsientje – Gimme That Sunshine

30/09/2019 – 30/09/2020 All Day
The Dutch drinks company Appelsientje is back and together with me Clover Jean improvisation actress and fun rhythm coach I had an supporting role in the newest commercial.

Appelsientje | part I

With the ultimate summer feeling, new packaging and new products, they are still the best thirst-quencher under the sun.


Part II

Basically, they’ve transformed the taste of Appelsientje into a positive beverage for the summertime and beyond. And it’s a refreshing alternative to soft drinks. Appelsientje drink is a satisfying and enjoyable drink for everyone: Watch me in action below….

English Wedding Celebrant @ Vondelkerk Amsterdam

02/05/2020 15:00 – 17:00
English Wedding Celebrant @ Vondelkerk Amsterdam

Vondelkerk – Wedding Venue

Stadsherstel, the Vondelkerk is a gothic landmark. The church is a happy marriage of classic charm and contemporary style. It’s the perfect location for a wedding.

“Since its founding, 60 years ago, Stadsherstel Amsterdam has developed into a restoration company for all types of monuments within an urban or rural environment. Restoring and preserving great historic monuments is Stadsherstel key objective. Furthermore, the heritage group ensures the true character of the listed building remains intact. More importantly, further development does not damage the architectural style”. Vondelkerk – Stadsherstel. 

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