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Clover Jean@Appelsientje – Gimme That Sunshine

30/09/2018 – 30/09/2019 All Day
The Dutch drinks company Appelsientje is back. And as an improvisation actress and fun rhythm coach I had an supporting role in the newest commercial. With the ultimate summer feeling, new packaging and new products, they are still the best under the sun. Basically, they’ve transformed Appelsientje into a positive beverage for the summertime and beyond. And it’s a refreshing alternative to soft drinks. Appelsientje drink is a thirst-quenching drink for everyone: Watch the two video clips below…


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ABC Gospel & Soul Choir @ 12de editie OLV Lourdeskerk – Maastricht

16/12/2018 15:00 – 17:30 Onze Lieve Vrouw van Lourdes Church, Maastricht
On the 12th December 2018 OLV Lourdeskerk – Maastricht will be hosting the 12th edition of the Black Gospel Wittevrouwenveld Manus van Alles festival. ABC gospel & soul choir shall treat the audience to some heartwarming renditions of popular carols and songs.

ABC Black Gospel Choir

OLV Lourdeskerk – Maastricht

Well-known Christmas hymns, Negro spirituals, and contemporary gospel music guarantee an entertaining and joyous festive concert. The festival is for everyone to watch the choirs moves and listen to the stunning sounds of gospel & soul music.

So, come along to the OLV Lourdeskerk – Maastricht it will be a fun, enjoyable and exciting Christmas event! For more information go to http://maastrichtnet.nl/profielen/stichting-cultuur-sur-place/blackgospel-wittevrouwenveld-1.



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ABC Gospel & Soul Choir @ Stichting De Buiksloterkerk

17/12/2018 19:00 – 22:00 Buiksloterkerk, Amsterdam
The Stichting Buiksloterkerk in collaboration with ABC Gospel Choir proudly present a Christmas party sing-a-long. And ABC Gospel Choir shall perform a few gospel and soul hits during the special celebration.

ABC Black Gospel Choir at Stichting Buiksloterkerk Kerstsamenzang avond -Noord Amsterdam

Stichting Buiksloterkerk

Well-known contemporary gospel and soul music guarantee an entertaining and joyous Christmas party. The public can watch the choirs’ moves and listen to the stunning sounds of gospel & soul music.

“Welcome to your place to host a wedding, party or corporate event. Where you’ll enjoy your special event with family, friends and colleagues. Where you’ll surround yourself with those who love and support you. And where nothing beats an amazing location with a breathtaking scenery, atmosphere and great Dutch hospitality.” Source: stichting Buiksloterkerk www.buiksloterkerk.nl

So, come along it will be an enjoyable and exciting Christmas concert filled with an evening of fun!



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