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Wedding Restaurant Venue – La Mere Anne – Celebrant Ceremony

21/08/2021 14:00 – 17:00 La Mere Anne, Oudendijk
Wedding Restaurant Venue – La Mere Anne is the perfect location to host a combined celebrant-led ceremony, reception and party.

Wedding Restaurant Venue – La Mere Anne

Wedding Restaurant Venue - La Mere Anne
So, excited to be onboard for a multi-racial wedding at La Mere Anne, in Holland. On August 21st, as a singing marriage officiant, I will be conducting the ceremony. I’m really looking forward to it.

Let me tell you a little bit…

La Mère Anne is multi-functional venue. It can be hired for weddings and parties. But, you have also the opportunity to stay overnight in their modern guestrooms.

As well as, your accommodation, you can enjoy the restaurant Serving delicious and tasty cuisines, the chef focuses on regional produce. Attractive prices and a recommended set menu. Screenshot & source: www.lamereanne.nl

Wedding Bookings 2022 – Check My Availability

31/12/2021 14:00 – 17:00
Planning a wedding, anniviersary or celebration in 2022? Looking for the perfect celebrant? Here are my wedding bookings 2022, check if I’m available for your wedding.

Wedding Bookings 2022 

Beschikbaarheid Trouwambtenaar wedding bookings

Clover Jean Weddings Agenda 2022, 2023 and beyond


With many venues in UK/NL being fully booked until end 2022. It’s probably a good idea to start thinking about your marriage ceremony. Who will you appoint to marry you? Well, don’t miss the rush, here’s my Clover Jean Weddings 2022 agenda.

  • 16 May 2022
  • 17 July 2022
  • 6  August 2022
  • 15 August 2022

Remember to check back, once you’ve selected your wedding venue, date and finalized your bridal dress selection. See you later!

Oostwegel Collection Wedding Venue – Château Neercanne

06/08/2022 14:00 – 17:00 Château Neercanne, Maastricht
Oostwegel Collection wedding venue offers discerning couples a unique place to tie the knot. This exclusive terrace castle, Chateau Neercanne is the perfect fairy-tale location.

Oostwegel Collection wedding venue

Château Neercanne Oostwegel Collection wedding venue

Bert Kaufmann
Château Neercanne / Neercanne Castle (Explore)
Kanne – Zuid-Limburg – the Netherlands

On August 7th, as a marriage celebrant, I will marry a beautiful young couple at Chateau Neercanne. I’m so thrill to be apart of their marriage celebrations. And I’m really looking forward to seeing the castle.

Oostwegel Collection features Chateau Neercanne. It’s a prestigious castle at a romantic setting in the Maastricht Region. This castle offers the perfect backdrop for your marriage celebrations.

Imagine staying in their country estate. It’s been restored to it’s former glory. In fact, the ancient building has it’s own distinctive character and Dutch charm.

Chateau Neercanne surrounded by beautiful countryside, manicured gardens and ornate terraces. It has an enchanting style, the property provides dedicated bridal suites, alongside overnight accommodation options. You can celebrate your ceremony, reception and party at this all inclusive wedding venue.

Bron: www.oostwegelcollection.nl


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