Wonderful Wedding: 5 Savvy Ways To Plan The Perfect Day

wedding comparison man smiling and woman holding white bouquet sitting in a limousine

Do you want to plan a wonderful wedding? From Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, most couples just can’t get enough of it. Planning the perfect day is every savvy couples dream. So, how do you create something that is uniquely authentic?

Imagine being invited to your best friends wedding. The wedding venue looks amazing, the floral arrangement is to die for, and the decorations are breathtaking. On top of that, the stunning bride and handsome groom look like the cat who’s got the cream.

But, do you fear your big day will not compare to other peoples? Well, there is no need, I’m here to help you. Explore awesome ways to stand out from the crowd. And you can upgrade your celebration of love to the standard you are accustomed to.  Read on…

Wonderful Wedding

Wonderful wedding venue seating, altar and palm tree with fine pinnate green leaves on a white sand beach.

Plan a wonderful wedding venuein and make your nuptials extra special with gorgeous bridal and wedding accessories.Photo credit: flickr.com

Wonderful Wedding  – venue

First things first, as a savvy couple hosting a summer, autumn or winter wedding is fun and exciting. Planning a special day is fun but stressful. So, shop the internet for the right décor, styling and design. Your wedding aesthetic, dress code and overall style reflects your awesome personalities. This creates a wonderful wedding day that guests enjoy too!

Wedding wedding – reception

Unfortunately, the ever-shifting coronavirus wedding rules have made a big impact on finding the right location to host your nuptials. But, don’t let that stop you from standing out from the rest. Plan a micro wedding at the reception. In fact, this – ceremony ONLY event gives your wedding the wow factor.

Wedding wedding rings

Here’s more news. A wonderful wedding ceremony wouldn’t be the same without unique wedding rings. So, it’s important to consider special details that are a bit out-of-the-box. It’s not just any wedding, it’s your wedding. Seal your personal story with a circle of love to mirror your moral values and ethical beliefs.

wonderful wedding celebrant renewing vows of bride and groom standing under a tree

A wonderful wedding represents getting married under the tree of life!

Wedding  speaker

Secondly, for B-list guests contact a friend to lead the ceremony, this won’t cost you a penny. I’m sure your loved ones want to help you out. Let me tell you, together with your own wedding speaker you symbolise the solemnization of your marriage.

Customised ceremony

Lastly, make sure others compare their wedding with yours. How? Get married abroad and have a ceremonial wedding. A customise ceremony officiated by a celebrant means family and friends will be left in awe.

wonderful wedding celebrant man smiling and woman holding white bouquet sitting in a limousine

Katsu Nojiri Wedding Photography


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