Planning a Winter Wonderland Wedding? The Best Outfit For You

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Planning a winter wonderland wedding in the city or country of your choice is a beautiful, romantic and memorable thing to do. Although, picking a date to get married during the busy festive period sounds magical, it’s still extremely stressful to plan. 

However, marking one of the most significant events in your life with a big celebration could be a dream come true. And the coldest months of the year might be the ideal time to heat up your relationship by tying the knot. On top of that, you can combine it with an intimate long weekend away for two.

But, what is the best outfit to wear during the wedding without causing a colour clash? Well, regardless of the temperature you’ll need a dress code to mirror the spark of love between you. With the right colour combination you’ll transform your styles into an elegant look. Above all, have matching outfits for your winter wonderland wedding. Take a peek at the treasure trove of ideas below…

Winter Wonderland Wedding Outfits

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For her

  • Wedding dress: Put a 21st century spin on your crisp winter wonderland outfit. Although, it is customary for the bride to wear a white or off-white. You can find your bridal gown in many vibrant colours, styles, patterns and lengths. So, choose one that suits your personality and brings out the warmth of your skin tone.
  • Wedding pantsuit: Accentuating wedding pantsuits are making a comeback. Fashionable jumpsuits are practical for during the darker months. When choosing for a long sleeved tailor-made pantsuit without a coat, combine it with a bolero or silk shawl. Use a winter colour, it enhances your suit’s appearance.
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  • Wedding gloves: Once you’ve found the perfect attire. Gloves made from  satin, cotton or wool can enhance your total look. The long sophisticated styles for your hand come in various designs & colours such as lace, leather, black, creme, cerise and red.
  • Winter wedding heels: To be honest, wearing heels is a good idea if you are having an indoor wedding celebration. However, high heel boots with gorgeous furry lining can be an ideal choice for outdoor photo moments. As well as looking cute for your wedding, your feet will be warm and cosy.

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  • Wedding head piece: For some extra comfort don’t forget a veil, fascinator or hat. By adding a complementary colour with your head piece this gives the finishing touch to your outfit. And you’ll create the perfect look and set the tone of your wedding. Moreover, you will ooze beauty and sensuality.

For him

  • Three piece wedding suit: Sometimes called a tuxedo these off-the-rack wedding suits add a special flair to your occasion. The trousers, waist coat and a smart jacket are worn with a matching shirt. Warm grays, moss greens, rich burgundy and deep black hues are this wedding seasons favorites. Invigorating jewel toned velvet’s such as sumptuous purple and rusty (orange-red) brown shades are also an option.
  • Wedding formal hats, caps & gloves: We both know the weather can turn nasty around the winter months. Therefore, decide on wearing a strong coloured top hat or woolen cap with matching suede gloves. However, the outfit can be mixed with a cooler or intense palette to match the three piece suit.

winter wonderland wedding groom wearing blue suit, adjusting tieimage Minervastudio 

  • Wedding dress boots: Let’s be realistic, it’s going to be cold, windy and wet during the winter wonderland wedding months. Snow could be on the forecast, he should go all out and wear some dress boots. Even Chelsea boots are fitting for the special occasion.

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  • Wedding ties & pocket squares: Additionally, finish off his shirt with a royal blue, sharp white, distinctive beige or subdued mustard coloured tie. Also, a white pocket square adds a pop of colour to his wedding look. Moreover, make sure his style fits with the feel and theme of your dream day.
  • Wedding socks: Lastly, don’t forget about keeping the grooms toes warm. The colour of the wedding socks plays a big part on the day. Therefore, let him figure out if he wants to be subtle or make a bold statement about his love for you. Whatever he decides ensure both your outfits complement one another!

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