What are the Pros and Cons of Your Weekend Wedding?

Weekend weddings are surpassing weekday weddings and costing the earth to plan.  Although you can celebrate your wedding on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, what are the pros and cons of having an extended weekend wedding?

Well, Saturday stands the test of time. It has evolved into a custom we are familiar with today. Alright, it’s awesome that it is the most obvious choice to host your nuptials. But picture the enormous expense, time and energy needed to organise such a happy and momentous event. Face it, an extended weekend of celebrations could break the bank.

But, don’t let me burst your bubble or disturb your individualist outlook on things. Here are some pros and cons to get you thinking about the big moment. One way or another, they’ll help you create an amazing wedding experience with or without stretching your funds beyond your wishes. Keep reading….

Weekend Weddings

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Pros- Thank God it’s Friday! Marrying on a regular Friday or Good Friday is another great opportunity to plan your special day. With the weekend ahead, family and friends look forward to socialising at the momentous event. And loved ones are excited and in a good mood to celebrate with you. Moreover, there’s no pressure about the number of guests you wish to invite (within reason). Even better, everyone can really enjoy every minute.

Cons- But here is the downside about Friday. Known as the busiest night of the week for celebratory parties it can be an extremely difficult day to reserve. Make sure yours and your guest’s schedule are compatible with your celebrations. Why? Well, heavily booked venues will charge you extra. Ultimately, you might share your space with other newlyweds celebrating their wedding, too. Fridays that land on the 13th, may cause a conflict if you’re superstitious, get a bad feeling or decide it’s not a lucky wedding date.


Pros- Saturday brings happiness, joy and good vibes, which pumps up the wedding day romance factor. And arranging a long-weekend of festivities can truly add a special dimension to the biggest event of the year. What’s more, you have more time to chat with your guests and everyone is ready to celebrate your joyous day with you. Look at it this way, your dream wedding on Saturday allows you to include even your work colleagues.

Cons- In addition, anxiety can set in and the feel good post-wedding buzz could hit home hard. An entire weekend of celebrations that begins on Saturday could be quite tiresome and boring.  And thinking about the sheer expense of planning, catering and commuting might cause a headache. On top of that, you’ll pay huge premiums to suppliers, vendors  and entertainment companies. Is creating a wow factor on the most popular day of weekend worth it?


Pros- Lastly, do you like the idea of having a casual long-weekend wedding?  And has it really stolen your heart? Well, plan the start of your married life on the day of rest without any stress. By, picking a Sunday it might fall on a public or national holiday. How cool is that? This means no rules, restrictions or holding back on an extended weekend of fun, love and joy with a unique touch. So, get excited, find an all-inclusive venue (home or away) that suits your personality, style and adheres to your principles.

Cons- And there’s more… Once you’ve decided on an informal wedding weekend and location, be aware that you’ll be spending the entire time with your loved ones. Furthermore, if you combine your celebrations with a honeymoon, you’ll have to share your love nest with everyone. Another thing, the spot you pick could be more expensive,  and fully booked. The worst drawback is everyone could be mentally preparing themselves to commute back to work on Monday.

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