The Best Bespoke Wedding Ceremony Booklet Ever

Bespoke Wedding Ceremony Order booklet

Every unique couple needs a bespoke wedding ceremony booklet for their dream day.  It’s an outlined schedule of events and a formal framework. Alongside your wedding dress, venue and celebrant it’s an important item that can make or break the event.

Let’s get real about your wedding. You’ve got so much to think of and there’s a lot riding on the perfect day. You and your partner need a zen moment and that’s where a handbook comes in. Navigating you through the proceedings the handout gives your guests a hands-up on the ceremony.

Basically, it is your best friend, guardian angel and guiding star. But what should your booklet look like and contain? Well, your personalised pamphlet contains the start to finish of the perfect wedding ceremony timeline. Read on…

Bespoke Wedding Ceremony Booklet

off-white wedding programs with gold cord placed on biege and gold coloured chairs

First things first

Firstly, whether you are a humanist, agnostic or an aesthetic a bespoke wedding ceremony booklet defines each stage of your nuptials. It makes the marriage service extra personal and reflects your traditions, ethical beliefs and family customs.

Second thing to do

Secondly, the program manual outlines the steps needed for an eventful celebration. And the handbook can include your favorite music, love poems, heartfelt readings and special rituals.

Third and foremost

Thirdly, a wedding ceremony order of events guides you to the point when to exchange your vows. Moreover, it helps to say; “Yes, I Do”, the first kiss and the signing of the marriage certificate [optional].  And there’s more…keep reading

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 • Tip 1 – Prelude

So it begins with your wedding celebrant who welcomes your family, in-laws and close friends [with or without a song]. The right melody describes your emotions. Better still it settles all and sundry in and makes them feel comfortable. It pleases the wedding guests, prepares everyone for the ceremony and the moment of real joy.

•Tip 2 – Processional

Another thing, make your walk down the aisle an impressive jaw-dropping moment. With an awesome wedding march song your entrance will be extra special. It will mark a significant step to the threshold of your new married life.

• Tip 3 – Opening

The celebrant acknowledges your core family members with a warm welcome. Plus, greets them and your specially selected guests with a speech about the meaning of marriage or/and the beauty of love. After that, they share their opening thoughts about your togetherness.

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• Tip 4 – Special reading

Before the heartwarming readings or reciting of romantic poetry, the celebrant makes their speech and introduces the guest speaker (optional). With a personally chosen song, your family members’ reading and blessings can be amplified.

• Tip 5 – Declaratory words

In order for your marriage to be legal (NL & UK) you must say the declaratory words.  However, with a secular | non-religious (symbolic) wedding the celebrant is not bound to apply these rules.

• Tip 6 – The Vows

So, you can skip the declaratory words and head straight for the official or your own personal vows,They can be accompanied by your special signature tunes. Play your song after the officiant has said their speech.

• Tip 7 – The Rings

Together with your partner think about adding a unique element before or after you exchange your rings or other trinkets. Actually, you transform the meaningful moment into a pleasantly surprising marriage celebration.

bespoke wedding ceremony booklet purple blue and pink handbook

Purple and Blue Wedding Theme Ideas
Rich purples and blues make a romantic wedding theme that will make your and your guests’ hearts sing. Besides the beautiful colors, we love all the textures in this purple and blue wedding theme.

image Parekh Cards

• Tip 8 – Affirmation

Have your guests confirm your union with an affirmation moment. Otherwise, a wedding singer can perform an emotionally alluring song. This is when the tissues come out and happy tears of joy flow.

• Tip 9 – Contracting words

In addition to declaratory words you must confirm that you are both free to marry each other. Contracting words are obligatory (UK only). However, a symbolic marriage does not require this statement to be uttered. This  part of your ceremony is nice with choral music accompaniment.

• Tip 10 – The signing

Create a perfect picture scene and romantic ambiance during the symbolic signing of your marriage certificate. Play exclusive love music while you and your witnesses are signing the wedding testament. The right melody will energize you and your guests.

• Tip 11 – Wedding ceremony order – Postlude

The closing speech can also be magnified by atmospheric music. So, arrange for a choir or singer to perform.  A musical intermezzo adds the finishing touch. Most importantly, it enhances your union when you walk up the aisle hand-in-hand.

bespoke wedding ceremony booklet

The ultimate wedding schedule of events booklet        Screenshot credit: One Fab Day – wedding program and ceremony booklet ideas

• Tip 12 – Bespoke wedding booklet – recessional 

Finally, involve guests in the leaving procession. Allow them to follow you up the aisle with a sing-a-long or up-tempo song. This is a magnificent finale to a symbolic wedding ceremony. Or else, the celebrant can share a few words of marriage wisdom. Incidentally, the parting words are the linchpin of the ceremony and bring everyone together.

Over to you…

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