Wedding Ceremony Order of Service: The Outline of Events

wedding ceremony booklet

The wedding ceremony order of events helps you plan an unforgettable day. And the special booklet becomes the formal framework of your greatest moment. It’s a key part of the celebrations and the start of the party. But, what should it contain?

Well, the program outlines the steps needed for an eventful marriage service. Another thing, an wedding ceremony order of events guides you to the point when to exchange your vows and to say; “Yes, I Do”. So, if you have a saintly connection with the church, you probably want an old school traditional wedding.

A wedding ceremony booklet defines each stage of your nuptials. And transforms the event into a pleasurable marriage service. Moreover, it is an extraordinary timeline of your history and love story.

wedding ceremony order – outline of events

 • Tip 1 – Prelude

Firstly, you can arrange for your celebrant or wedding planner to welcome your family, in-laws and close friends with a song. The right melody describes your emotions. Better still it settles all and sundry in and makes them feel comfortable. It pleases the wedding guests and prepares everyone for the civil ceremony service.

•Tip 2 – Processional

Secondly, make your walk down the aisle an impressive jaw-dropping moment. With a wedding march song your entrance will be extra special. It will mark a significant step to the threshold of your new life.

• Tip 3 – Opening

The celebrant welcomes your core family members with a warm handshake. Plus, greets them and your specially selected guests with a speech about the worth and beauty of love. After that, they share their opening thoughts about your nuptials.

• Tip 4 – Special reading or poetry recitation

Before the readings or reciting of the poetry. The wedding celebrant makes their speech and introduces the guest speaker (optional). With a personally chosen song, your family members’ reading, affirmations or romantic poems can be amplified.

• Tip 5 – Declaratory words

In order for your marriage to be legal (NL & UK) you must say the declaratory words.  However, if you decide to have a secular (symbolic) wedding or marry at a non-authorized venue other rules apply. This means you can skip the declaratory words and head straight for the vows. They can be accompanied by wedding songs.

• Tip 6 – Exchanging of your vows and the rings

Together with your partner you can think about adding a unique element before or after you exchange your vows and the rings. Have your wedding guests confirm your union with an affirmation moment. Otherwise, a wedding singer can perform an emotionally alluring song. This is when the tissues come out and happy tears of joy flow.

• Tip 7 – Contracting words

In addition to declaratory words you must confirm that you are both free to marry each other. Contracting words are also obligatory (UK only). However, a symbolic marriage does not require you to repeat the statement after the celebrant. This  part of your ceremony can be re-enacted with choral music accompaniment.

• Tip 8 – Signing of the symbolic marriage document 

Create a perfect picture scene and romantic ambiance during the symbolic signing of your marriage certificate. Play exclusive feature music while you and your witnesses are signing the wedding testament. The right melody will energize you and your guests.

• Tip 9 – Postlude

The closing speech can also be magnified by atmospheric music. So, arrange for a choir or singer to perform. Play your signature song after the officiant has said their speech. A musical intermezzo adds the finishing touch. Most importantly, it enhances your union when you walk up the aisle hand-in-hand.

• Tip 10 – Recessional 

Involve your family and wedding guests in the leaving procession. Allow them to follow you up the aisle with a sing-a-long or up-tempo song. This is a magnificent finale to a monumental wedding ceremony. Or else, grant permission to wedding celebrant to share a few words of marriage wisdom. Incidentally, the parting words are the linchpin of the ceremony and bring everyone together.

wedding ceremony booklet

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