The Most Surprising Singing Acts For A Wedding Party Event

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With the amount of international talent shows on TV exposing us to surprising singing acts we are bombarded with good entertainment. And choosing the right music for your wedding or party is a risky business. Why? A singing act can make or break your event.

Look at it this way, entertaining your guests can eat up a big chunk of your budget. However, you are guaranteed that the singing act will inject some personality into the event. And you’ll create a spectacular day to be remembered.

So, ask yourself, how do you envision your celebrations? And do you want to create everlasting memories of the biggest event of your life? Well, if you do, then tie your  planning together with one of the best singing acts in the world. Let them help you transform an unforgettable experience into a magical day.

The most surprising singing acts for your wedding party event

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1. ABC Gospel Choir Holland

Firstly, professional singing acts inject a wow-factor into your event. And by entertaining you with familiar, traditional and upbeat feel good gospels your  guests will sing-a-long and be uplifted by the blissful voices of ABC.

2. By Grace – Stockholm, Sweden

Secondly, a singing act appeals to your young, old family members and friends. By Grace gospel singers induce a warm, enthusiastic atmosphere for your festivity. From contemporary, ballads to traditional hits they’ve got your event covered.

3. G Roots Holland

Characterized by their awe-inspiring powerful vocals, love of music and musical authenticity G Roots transform your celebrations.Family and friends will be astonished by the incredible, rhythmical sounds of G-Roots.

4. Gospel Sensation – Holland

Gospel sensation is ideal for your extravagant celebratory event. Moreover, everyone can enjoy their special brand of gospel hits which gets your church wedding guests excited. In addition, their mix of jubilant songs are perfect for your matrimony.

5. Harlem Gospel Choir – New York

Harlem Gospel Choir’s trained singers regular entertain guests at intimate weddings, parties and festivals. So, hire them to ensure you have an unbeatable and unforgettable special day.

6. Kingdom Choir – United Kingdom

Additionally, the Kingdom Choir from the UK has international allure. And famous for their exceptional performance at Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding they will wow your selected family, friends and VIP invitees.

7. London Community Gospel Choir – United Kingdom

With the help of this remarkable ensemble of British singers, you’ll get your wedding celebrations and party event started and your guests involved.

8. Oslo Gospel Choir – Norway

Third to last, the inspiring gospel music from Oslo Gospel Choir is entertaining and charms your wedding guests. Their spirited vocals bring everyone together, to clap, sing and dance.

9. Soweto Gospel Choir – South Africa

In addition, the Soweto Gospel Choir known for hosting a celebratory concert with the late Nelson Mandela, sing at special events such as weddings all over the world.

10. The Day By Day Gospel Singers – Belgium

To conclude, Day By Day are the perfect match for your wedding celebrations. Providing a high standard of music entertainment, your entourage will enjoy your big day.


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