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Luxury wedding venues in Dutch Castles are one of the most romantic spots to plan your celebrations and “make a royal day of it”! The fairy-tale like buildings steeped in rich history are the picture perfect backdrop for a princess bride and charming prince.

Albeit, that a prestigious setting sounds exciting. Planning a wedding is time-consuming, costs energy and is expensive. In truth, it takes a lot of hard work to create a dream day fit for royalty.

And  if you are keen to celebrate your nuptials in the Netherlands you are guaranteed that the entire proceedings will be an exclusive, personal and unique experience. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about the marriage ceremony, your cultural beliefs  or any communication roadblocks.

Why? Well, many wedding celebrants are irreligion, bilingual or multicultural. Speaking both Dutch [native] and English [fluent] these officials are happy to conduct your ceremony in the language, manner and style that represents you both.

So, tell me are you spellbound at the thought of getting married in a magnificent Dutch castle? Or do you fancy more information about the charming venues with chapels dotted around Holland? Yes! Keep reading….

Luxury wedding venues

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Jenny and Dean’s wedding

main image Andrew Sweeney

Firstly…before you go ahead and book your grand wedding venue, here’s something you need to know. In order to have a church marriage service, you must sort out the formalities and the official paperwork in your country of residence. Afterwards, you can fully enjoy the fun parts of planning…

De Haar Castle – Kasteel de Haar

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Kasteel de Haar

image Florian van Hunnik

If you’ve ever dreamt of getting married in a sensational castle, the Kasteel de Haar chapel is perfect. At this fairy tale location you can host your official marriage service before or after your civil ceremony. Moreover with the adjoining venue and function room koesthuis de Haar you can plan your evening celebrations.

Kasteel Bouvigne Breda

luxury wedding venues in Dutch castle surronded by lake

Kasteel Bouvigne, Breda

image Paul van de Velde

The luxury of old- fashioned ambiance combined with an historical touch makes your wedding experience special. Situated in South Holland Kasteel Bouvigne, Breda is set between the finest garden and breathtaking lakeside. Offering you an idyllic location, you’ll have the perfect picturesque backdrop.

Bilderberg Kasteel Doorwerth – Gelderland

luxury wedding venues in Dutch castle surrounded by lake

Doorwerth NL – Kasteel Doorwerth

image Daniel Mennerich

Imagine arriving at this imposing castle and saying your marriage vows to each other, surrounded by the ones you love the most. At Bilderberg Kasteel Doorwerth you can create the perfect day, full of love and romance.  You’ll have an unforgettable wedding experience.

Kasteel Ruurlo – Gelderland

In addition Kasteel Ruurlo situated in a quaint Dutch province called “Gelderland. Surrounded by a luscious park and gardens, it oozes exclusivity and can host your marriage ceremony. Furthermore, the historical building boasts a superior interior for the perfect spot for an unforgettable wedding.

Kasteel Huis Bergh – ‘S Heerenbergh

Huis Bergh castled located in ‘s-Heerenberg, Gelderland owes its name to the impressive moat surrounding the premises. And built around the 18th century, this majestic spot is perfect to host your wedding celebrations. Furthermore, the historical site gives you and your guests a royal welcome with flags flying high. Source:

Kasteel Engelenburg  | Engelenburg Castle

luxury wedding venues a Dutch castle estate

image Roman Boed

The staff at Engelenburg Castle are happy to roll out the red carpet for you and your  international guests. Moreover, the rich historic building has a chapel that serves civil marriage ceremonies. Thus, the church chapel set up in a theatre style is an idyllic place to get married.

luxury wedding venues a Dutch castle

Kasteel Keukenhof, Lisse | Foto: Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland

image Geschiedenis van Zuid-Holland

Your fantasy becomes reality at Kasteel Keukenhof! Situated a stone through away from the stunning Keukenhof gardens, [21 March – 10 May 2020] it’s a romantic marriage ceremony venue for your nuptials. Imagine a pre-wedding photo shoot amongst the colourful tulips and then say ‘I Do’ at the castle. It’s a dream, right? No, you can celebrate your wedding day like a royal princess and charming prince at the imposing Keukenhof.


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