Secret Wedding Venues with Chapels in Amsterdam & Utrecht

secret wedding venues

Secret wedding venues with chapels in Amsterdam & Utrecht provide old- fashioned settings for a modern bride and groom interested in an authentic wedding. You can combine your wedding reception and party with the church marriage service. Another thing, the entire occasion is personal, beautiful and exclusive.

Not only that, you don’t have to worry about the wedding order of service wording or any communication roadblocks. A lot of pastors speak plain English and are happy to conduct your wedding ceremony.

But before you book one of the best wedding venues, you will have to sort out the formalities of arranging your official papers. And you can need to complete it in your country of residence. Afterwards, fully enjoy the fun parts of wedding planning.

So, you’re probably excited and want to know more about the secret wedding venues with chapels in Amsterdam and on the outskirts. Read on…

Stichting Behoud Petruskerk, West Amsterdam

Screenshot credit: Petruskerk – Amsterdam

Since 1992 Petruskerk  has been an established institution. And built around the 15th century, the Protestant church is a prominent foundation. Situated on the banks of the spaarndammerdijk, moments away from Westerpark, this magnificent building lends itself perfectly to your event. Housed in the “village” Oud-Sloterdijk it’s the ideal spot for your festivity. And guess what? Married at the historical site were the grandparents of Vincent van Gogh. So, you too can arrange your reception and party here, before or after your civil ceremony or church celebration. Find out more at

Amstelkerk, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel 

church surrounded by luscious green garden and a small white bridge

Screenshot credit: Amstelkerk, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

Situated near Amsterdam The Amstelkerk is a small idyllic church for your wedding. Set between the finest garden and breathtaking lakeside, this rich architecture and décor is ideal for traditional wedding celebrations. What’s more, the historic building is an exclusive place for future brides and grooms to celebrate their marriage in the presence of the lord. Amstelkerk also have an adjoining venue and function rooms to host your night time celebrations. Go to for help with the planning stages of your service.

St. Martin’s Cathedral – Dom Church, Utrecht

huge cathedral

Screenshot credit: Domkerk – Utrecht

Dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours, this Gothic church called the Domkerk, provides an idyllic space for a sumptuous marriage service. Another point of interest is, this cathedral opens it’s doors to your unique event. In the heart of Utrecht city, it’s the perfect wedding setting for your beautiful bright colourful confetti welcome. The church rolls out the red carpet for English speaking couples who wish to celebrate their special day there. For information,

Montfoort Castle and wedding chapel, Utrecht

Bride and groom leaving the church and family and friends throwing biodegradable confetti

Screenshot credit: Kasteel Montfoort, Utrecht

Montfoort Castle is an exciting wedding venue complete with an adjacent chapel. Situated in a quaint Dutch village surrounded by a luscious park and gardens, it oozes sophistication. This is one of the loveliest castles in Holland and a grand place to have a fairytale wedding. The long-established castle has a delightful, authentic ambiance and boasts a modern interior. A minute’s walk away is the enchanting wedding chapel, the Commanderije of Sint-Jan, a dream location for your big day. Here are the details of

De koepelkerk, Greater Amsterdam

blue domed ceiling and chandelier

Screenshot credit:

Finally, situated opposite the Renaissance Amsterdam hotel you’ll find the towering Koepelkerk.  Nominated as the best wedding location in the Netherlands, it truly deserves this recognition. It is a striking piece of architecture. The 17th century domed church with silver stars of constellations is captivating. And the alluring style of this 5-star monument fits your chic ceremony. With a remarkable Koepelroom, Bätz organ, chandelier and ornamented arched ceiling, there is no grandiose place for your wedding. Find out more at the Koepelkerk

The Metaal Kathedraal, Utrecht

bride and groom holding hands and staring lovingly into each others eyes.

Photo credit: MetaalKathedraal – Utrecht

The Metaal Kathedraal (Cathedral) is a redundant church. They ensure you marry in style by setting your wedding scene in splendor. And this modern industrial looking site turns into a romantic fairy-like location. The ambient neo gothic cathedral steeped in history is based in the heart of South Holland. There are several function areas available indoors as well as outdoors, for organizing your wedding photo shoot, ceremony, dinner and party. You’ll have an unforgettable heavenly wedding. Contact Metaal Kathedraal (Cathedral) to prepare your big day event.


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