Warning: Non-Religious Wedding Script Contains Strong Language

wedding script

Did you know that anyone can write a non-religious wedding script? And if you google search the term wedding speech example, you’ll find hundreds to help you communicate your message of love. Although this is true, not everyone has developed strong public speaking skills.

Another thing, the non-religious wedding script is a short, sweet personal speech that contains your official vows, contracting words, the ring exchange and the first kiss. But, if you want your wedding ceremony to pack a punch, be exciting and wow your guests, opt for a celebrant officiated ceremony.

So, what’s the catch I hear you ask… although a celebrant is usually a master of ceremony they are unable to legally marry you. But, they can restructure the non-religious wedding script and assist you in creating a ceremony that sounds like your voice. Basically, a celebrant ensures you properly express the true meaning of your relationship. Doesn’t your special bond warrant a formal announcement?

Anyway, I understand if you’ve lined up a friend who speaks your language. So, tweak the below non-religious wedding script and add your big day ideas, thoughts and feelings as you create your perfect wedding speech. Keep reading…

wedding script

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Opening of Non-religious wedding ceremony

We warmly welcome family and friends of …………………….. to this romantic venue………………, . (say something about the location and its significance to the day – history). Hence, it’s the perfect location for a wedding.

My name is …………… Today I am conducting …………. marriage ceremony. First, I’d kindly like to ask you to put your mobile phones on silent mode, please. However, you can take pictures.

We are all gathered here to celebrate your partnership and promise to each other.

Although we were not at the start of their relationship, we’re here to recognize a special bond that already exists between them. Today, ………………… is the day ………………… say ‘Yes, I Do’.

They wish to confirm their union of love publicly and share this treasured moment with every one of you.

Unfortunately, ……. has passed away.  However, is here with us in spirit. A special thanks to everyone. This happy and memorable occasion is possible because of you.

First, let me introduce you to the witnesses……….

And then we have the essential ring bearer, …………

Next, we’d like to say a very warm welcome to all of you, the family members and friends. Each one of you plays a significant role in this marriage ceremony. It means a lot to the happy couple that you’re able to be a part of the new chapter of their lives. And, they are grateful that you can mark their transition to married life. Thank you.

Personalised speech about the couple

Dear Family & Friends,

(Use this section to say something about the meaning of marriage, quotes, readings or love poems. Remark on the grooms and brides individual personalities. Say something about their likes and dislikes. And why the couple’s relationship is unique. )

In marriage, two lives are shared and blended into one. Marriage enhances each partner’s individuality. You become two hearts that beat as one. And it is not a lack of love but a lack of trust and friendship that makes an unhappy marriage. Marriage is a bold step yet it is the right time to practice forgiveness. It is a risk that both of you take for being together as one. So, make sure as soul-mates that you give each other the space to be yourselves. As this is the key to marital bliss.

To the Groom:

______ (Groom’s name), ______ (Bride’s name) loves that you blend in so comfortably with her family. She sees in you a kind and sweet man. And loves that you make her laugh and compliment her life.

To the Bride:

______ (Bride’s name), _____(Groom’s name) loves that you are ______________________(fill in the blank). And he is attracted by her intelligence, captured by your beautiful smile, and beauty. He really appreciates that you are “low maintenance and fun.”

In truth, they respect, honor, inspire and adore each other. They are one another’s biggest fan and keepers. And that is why they perfect match made in heaven.

The meeting and proposal                                             

(Use this section to convey how they met, the proposal and the day of the engagement.)

The confirmation of marriage

And today, their promise, intentions and dream will be fulfilled.

Please stand and face one another, hold hands and answer the following, not to me, but to each other.

1st couples own wedding vows 

2nd contracting words of marriage 

Dearest ……..,

Today, before your adoring family and close friends you declare to cherish and love one another, in wealth, poverty and in sickness or health.

Groom, do you take bride to be your lawful wedded wife? To comfort her in times of distress? To work to help her develop both your heart’s desire and your future dreams? And to enjoy the wisdom of life with all its challenges as you grow older together as long as you both shall live?

What is your answer?

Bride, do you take Groom to be your lawful wedded husband? To comfort him in times of distress? To work to help him develop both your heart’s desire and your future dreams? And to enjoy the wisdom of life with all its challenges as you grow older together as long as you both shall live?

What is your answer?

Exchanging of the rings or another token of your love

Please can I ask the ring bearer, to come forward?

Groom, please present bride with her ring and repeat the following after me

“Bride, accept this ring with all my heart and love”

Bride please present Groom with his ring and repeat the following after me

“Groom, accept this ring with all my heart and love

Signing of the Marriage Certificate (optional)

Will the couple please step forward and sign the marriage certificate.

I would like the witness to now come forward.

Final act

Now, with great pleasure, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

The kiss: you may now kiss the bride. 

With this final act, the couple’s special partnership becomes morally binding in the eyes of us all, family and friends.

You are a lovely couple. It has been my pleasure to conduct your ceremony. I would like to present you with your marriage certificate (optional). May I wish you all the very best of good luck for your future.

Dear family and friends, please join with me in congratulating the newlyweds. Let me present to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. ……….

End of Service

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