Modern Wedding Planning Hacks You Need To Know

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If you are a savvy contemporary bride to be wedding planning hacks can ease the stress of arranging you’re very important traditional big day! In fact, funding your nuptials could be causing you a headache. So, how do you take the pressure off?

Well, did you know that a typical wedding can cost between 10.000 – 40.000 euros which includes location, food, drinks, wedding outfits and the celebrant.

And in earlier days of marriage, organising your matrimony was the pure responsibility of the parents and in-laws. But, you are a modern couple who want to create a wedding with your own hard earned cash.

So being clued up about cutting costs and creating an awesome day will help you crack the budget code. What’s more, it can open up doors of opportunity to design something unique.

Therefore, gain access to money saving essentials. Keep reading about strategies, wedding planning hacks and start decoding now….

Wedding planning hacks

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Reduce stress, access information and be mindful

First, save time with creative think-ahead wedding planning steps. Design your modern day celebration with the help of your own celebrant. It is far more economical than a traditional Registrars’ office. Moreover, you crack the code of wedding hacks. More importantly, prioritise what is important to you both.

Host your wedding at home

With the above in mind, you can save more costs and plan your wedding at home. Just obtain a special license (grant of approval) first. This gives you the go-ahead to serve booze, food and party until a reasonable time. Moreover, your chosen location will be considered as suitably fireproofed. Get more information about a license at your local town hall.

Hire an celebrant-officiant, toastmaster or wedding planner

In addition, give your wedding the modern touch, feel and look it deserves. By hiring an officiant/celebrant to carry out the ceremony, you take your nuptials to the next level. Otherwise, opt for a toastmaster or wedding planner to help with hosting your special event. The prices range from 450 up to 900 euros. Find out more online.

Contemporary wedding dress code etiquette

And there’s more… Do you want your guests to dress-up or dress-down at your wedding? Well, a dress code etiquette should be stated on your wedding invitation. This adds a little panache to your upcoming celebrations. As well as, make life easier for everyone. Even better, it complements your chosen colour scheme or theme for the occasion.

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Wedding planning hacks photobooths

Once the extra special outfits have been arranged, you can start planning the entertainment. Shindig offer a range of booths for weddings for entertaining your family and friends. By inviting your invitees to have their pictures taken, this ensures they are in the spotlight, too. Moreover, you create a captivating and an exciting atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Decorate, signage and disposable cameras

And there’s more you can do, replace your wedding favour with a disposable camera. They are back in fashion, and double up as a great gift. So, place them on the invitees chairs at the start of your wedding ceremony. What’s more, don’t forget your special themed decorations, signage and lettering. It wows your guests and gets them ready to party with you!

Personalise your occasion with music and entertainment

Another thing, a unique colour scheme or theme enhances a stimulating ambiance. So, make, buy, or borrow the appropriate decorations to dress up the venue. Dare to think outside the box. And transform your event into a day everyone will remember. Organise live music and hire a choir for the church ceremony. And during the evening celebrations use Spotify to set the mood.

wedding hacks
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Send out special wedding invitations

Look at it this way, if you really want to plan a modern day DIY wedding save money and set up a wedding template via e-mail. Use Facebook, WhatsApp or another social media platform to get quick responses. Then again, perhaps you prefer the old school method, and rather call some invitees personally by phone.

Visit Diva and classy wedding show fayres

Last but not least, visit wedding fayres. Some bridal shows are free of charge and others are paid entry. As a great source of inspiration, packed full with fantastic information,  you’ll pick up plenty of wedding planning hacks. From bridal apparel, celebrants and other things related to getting married, there are budget saving ideas for your special day. And there are prizes to be won, draws to be entered and numerous special giveaways.

Over to you…

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