Alternative Wedding Planning Hacks For Confused Brides

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With alternative wedding planning hacks, you don’t have to take from Peter to give to Paul, rob a bank or steal the crown jewels. In fact, feeling confused about creating a celebration on a shoestring is a thing of the past.

So, tell me are you a price sensitive B2B? Perhaps committing the crime of the century will help you? Or would you prefer a sneak peek inside the chancellor’s red box ? Well, lucky for you, here are 10 questions to ask about funding your upcoming nuptials.

Look it’s totally normal to be blown away with all the wedding costs, especially if you dream to plan a special day with a higher perceived value. So, get ready to crack the code, solve the numbers game and gamble with a big chance of winning. Dive into the 10 wedding planning hacks to stretch your cash a little further.

Alternative wedding planning hacks

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1. How do you breakdown the wedding costs?

Firstly, how do you breakdown the costs of your wedding? Well, the average cost of weddings these days is between 15.000 – 50.000 euros.  It includes your gorgeous dress, stunning location, delicious food and the all important guests’ goodie-bags. Prioritize what is important to you.

2. Will wedding planning hacks really work?

Secondly, save time with creative think-ahead wedding planning steps. Obtain your official license first. Thereafter, plan a marriage blessing to give your big day the modern touch, feel and look it deserves. Most importantly, you kick start your marriage.

3. What about planning a frugal home wedding?

Thirdly, how do you save money? Easy, prioritise what is most important to you both. Even more cash can be saved, plan your wedding celebrations at home.  By obtaining grant of approval from your local municipality, you’ll get permission to serve booze, food and party until the stars come out [within reason].

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4. How do you invest your money wisely?

And there’s more… you can save even more cash with an all-in-one concept. Not to mention book a wedding ceremony speaker inclusive choir and live band for the celebrations. Even better, it won’t break the bank.

5. How do you entertaining guests on a budget?

Well, shindig offer a range of booths for weddings for entertaining your family and friends. Invite everyone to have their picture taken, its ensures they have an everlasting memory of your wedding day. Moreover, you create a captivating atmosphere for all to enjoy.

6. Do you really need wedding favour gifts?

Guess what? A disposable camera is an inconspicuous wedding favour gift that blends into your big day celebrations. Actually, your paparazzi guests will feel like the celebrity photographer Tyra Banks. Snapping fetching pictures of you captures the true essence of the wedding day. Not to mention, the photos double up as a keepsake.

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7. How do you save costs on wedding entertainment?

Did you know you can transform your wedding day with a signature song? Organise live music for the special celebrations. In fact, Spotify is an inexpensive and easy way to set the mood without breaking the bank.

8. Where do you find inexpensive wedding invitations?

Look at it this way, planning a DIY wedding is a smart way to save money. So, set up a guest list template via e-mail. Use Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media platforms to get quick responses. Or use the old school style and call invitees personally by phone.

9. Are online wedding fayres worth it?

Visit online fayres for wedding planning hacks and other money saving ideas. Some shows are free of charge, have a sign-up policy or require a subscription fee. But, it’s worth the expense, a source of inspiration and packed full with fantastic information. Not to mention, there are prizes to win, and more.

10. What about alternative wedding planning hacks apps?

Last but not least, should you trust wedding apps? Well, from bridal apparel, and other things related to getting married an app spreadsheet is a great way to calculate stuff: Chip smart app its a great place to be. Now that’s how to save money, right?

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Download Chip’s Payday Put Away feature, it automatically saves money for you. This way you don’t feel a thing and still have enough for your Netflix subscription plan!


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