Best Wedding Planning Glossary To Explain Wedding Terminology

wedding planning glossary

Congratulations you’re getting married! So, you’ll need a wedding planning glossary to help with the organisation of your big day. And along with finding a venue and celebrant you’ll run into wedding terminology. I hear you thinking, what is wedding terminology?

To be honest with you, when I started my wedding business I had no idea what it meant. Basically, wedding terminology means terms and definitions used within the world of weddings. But, how do you figure out the entire wedding lingo?

Well, getting to know the new traditions and phrases, make sure you don’t screw up your dream event. And an ultimate checklist and guide gently nudges you to remember the important things.

So, before you officially become man and wife, do the groundwork. And for a specific feel and look for your wedding, use a comprehensive step-by-step plan. See below some interesting wedding planning glossary links to make you a wedding terminology expert.

wedding planning glossary

The Brompton Oratory wedding | Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge, London

images|Sebastian Remme

Wedding planning glossary

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