Manscaping Wedding Planning Checklist and More

manscaping wedding planning checklist

Guess what? Before your hb2 (husband to be) starts his manscaping wedding planning checklist and plans his stylish wedding hairstyle, you need to know this. Grooms are taking charge and loving it. Although it can reduce some of the pressure on you, what if he jeopardizes things with his off the cuff plans?

You and I know the devil lies in the wedding details. Another thing, it’s normal for the bride to be busy with wedding day make-up and bridal beauty. And you are the one who oversees the wedding preparations. So, what’s going on?

At this moment, he’s probably got his manscaping kit ready. And thinking about sporting a long mane of hair or trimming it for his wedding day. But, the groom could be pondering about shaving his scalp and sport a bald look due to fine or thinning hair. On top of that, your hb2 is secretly sketching out every stage of your big day. Basically, your clean shaven king desires to be productive and organize a perfect wedding for his gorgeous queen.

So, check out these comprehensive links and sites to help you and your groom with the mammoth task ahead. Happy reading…

Manscaping wedding planning checklist 

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1. The ultimate couple experience

First things first. Before your dapper groom decides to put his thinking cap on and deep dive into his wedding checklist. Your partner needs to think outside the box for a minute. And, surrender to the old age tradition of wedding planning. Let’s face it, it is your territory. Although the charms of your groom could gain the upper hand. The ultimate decision is both of yours.

2. The dawn of the groom who loves planning

Secondly, nervous and delighted grooms are hungry to get their hands on the manscaping wedding planning checklist. Husbands-to-be want to avoid any nicks or unsightly ingrown hairs. Above all create the perfect ceremony and seating plan. What’s more, the groom wants to sit in on the action. And if you believe in the fairy-tale stories, hb2 wants to marry you.

3. The groom is crazy about his bride

Thirdly, if your groom is a modern man and wears a bun for a streamlined, crisp look on the wedding day, that means he is crazy about you. Yes, he wants an out of this world wedding to celebrate it. Read this article for you and your groom;

 4.The rise of Groomzillas

Men are taking over weddings — thinking about their stylish wedding hairstyle, scrutinizing seating charts, agonizing over color schemes, and vetoing bridal gowns. Midway through planning his April 2011 wedding to New York-based publicist Rhalee Hughes, 38, Yoav Perry, a tech entrepreneur, lost it. And there was the issue with the florist. Read more at: “

5. Fifty shades of mistakes grooms always make

Now this is a major step. Prior to your groom putting on his off-the-peg suit, lacing up his dress shoes, and staring lovingly into your eyes, figure out what role he can fulfill before, during and after the wedding. You know why? The wedding adventure is a big ego boost for him.

6. Get him back on track with these great resource

And he might want to spend lots of quality time with his groomsmen talking about it. Encourage him to get back on track with these great resources at

7. Oh groom, where art thou?

Let’s face it, whether he wants to plan efficiently and effectively, see the wedding planning checklist or just sink back into the background, it’s okay. Open your mind to see his point of view. Give him some invaluable moral support. Allow him to do nothing or to take control and plan the big day.

8. The groom’s domain can be the nitty gritty stuff

In addition, the groom’s domain can be the nitty gritty stuff on your to-do list. And don’t forget to discuss everything upfront and set ground rules. For future married life this is a good learning ground and experience.

9. A groom’s guide to planning a spot on wedding

According to a Huffington post, “Wedding planning is all about picking your battles (the groom only has one shot to get it right). The key is knowing when to have an opinion, when to help and when to walk away. So, react positively to his desires.

10. Huffingtonpost has the best wedding planning tips

Most importantly, face any problems together that may lie in wait during the planning process. And before he starts his manscaping wedding planning checklist. Read more at

11. The grooms identity

Additionally, before he gets busy with Tom’s planner. Or starts with the business side of things, the negotiations with the suppliers, pinning down the final details and upgrading your engagement ring; persuade him to save more precious time. And take a peek at

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12. A grooms tale 

To start wedding planning requires a lot of preparation. And to succeed as newlyweds, it’s important to develop good communication, teamwork, patience, and trust. All these characteristics united your two personalities. No doubt, during your engagement, those features boosted your attraction for each other.

13. Dive into your grooms world

Th plunge is also a fantastic site for both of you to become expert wedding planners. Moreover, you will fulfill both your big day dreams. So, reinforce your relationship and use a wedding planning checklist. Tip: you’ll find more tips.

14. The real man’s wedding planner

To conclude, this is a defining moment that deserves extra special attention. So, he can take charge or you sort your wedding out together. Secure yourselves a male wedding planner to soundboard his and your ideas.

15. Male consultants really add an extra degree of professionalism

Don’t leave anything to chance. Manscaping experts and wedding consultants really add an extra degree of professionalism that you and the groom will want. Find out more here:

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