Wedding officiant in Holland

For a quintessentially English wedding abroad, a native English speaking wedding officiant in Holland is the perfect choice for your big day.


Are you an international couple planning your marriage celebrations in NL? Perhaps you want an quintessential English wedding in a Dutch castle in the heart of the Dutch countryside. Well, I am at your service. Let’s celebrate your big moment in English style!



4 years of living together in Amsterdam. My fiance and I planned our marriage. In fact, as British expats we wanted a relaxed, ceremonial wedding. And we knew a celebrant-led ceremony would be hard to find.

We are both traditional in the sense of our morals, but relaxed in regard to how this should be delivered and to ensure our 2 families enjoyed themselves and understood as Nayan is from a Hindu family, and myself from Manchester (not so exotic!).

I searched for a while for a wedding officiant/celebrant, when I came across Clover Jean via the web. As we all know, the internet can be misleading so we arranged a meeting asap, at our wedding venue in Amsterdam.

As soon as we met her, my fiancé and I kicked each other under the table and smiled. The immediate warmth, compassion and understanding we felt from Clover Jean was incredible.

We explained briefly what our expectation was for the wedding ceremony. And Clover Jean – wedding officiant understood us immediately. We met for about 45minutes and discussed our expectations and the next steps.

As soon as we got home we agreed Clover Jean was the wedding officiant for us. Aside from the above mentioned, her experience and knowledge of her profession sealed the deal in choosing Clover Jean for the wedding and how she could guide us through the process. Source: Mr & Mrs. WP

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Wedding officiant in Holland costs are between 500 – 1500 euros incl travel costs in Holland and P.A. system.


About Clover Jean: I'm a Londoner based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Being a ceremonial wedding - symbolic marriage officiant with a gospel & soul choir is rewarding work. So, my guilty pleasures are fine dining, travel hot spots and on-line retail therapy. What's yours? Get in touch, via Instagram #cloverjeanamsterdam or Facebook. LIKE, SHARE, SPREAD THE LOVE & see you soon!

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