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wedding invitations

Since the dawn of weddings, save the date and wedding invitations have been an essential part of the planning. You can inform love ones and friends about the schedule of events for your heaven on earth wedding. But, how do you create a customised card that fits your personality and style.

Let’s face it, once you’ve pinned down your special date, you want to announce your big day in a unique way. On top of that, get your guests excited about the upcoming nuptials. And before you bestow your wedding invitations, you need to send out the important save the date cards.

So, I’ve come up with 4 of the best save the date and wedding invitation ideas. Although, they are from 2014, they are still amazing and relevant today. Wow your guests and make sure they won’t forget your upcoming wedding date! Here they are:

Wedding invitations

wooden wedding invitations

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Wooden save the date 

Whatever your perception is of your special day, the reality is planning the big event can be stressful. You might encounter some wedding madness. What’s more, when you plan to send the wedding invitation, you want it to be perfect. Therefore, add photos, special text and be creative. Wooden save the dates makes your invitation worth keeping and remembering.

Wedding invitation – Bookmark Save the Date

bookmark save the date invitation

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Another thing to realise, you can go over the top with your customized wedding invitations. Create a muted toned, coherent and harmonious look for your big day with a bookmark save the dates. Alternatively, show your creative side with a fun and unexpected animated wedding invite.

Wedding invitation – Laser cut Save the Date

laser cut save the date wedding invitation

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On the other hand you can make your wedding invitation the penultimate aspect of your day. By incorporating a joyous short love message, you’ll express yourself in a unique and personal way. Memorable laser cut save the dates or retro vinyl record wedding invitations will impress your family and friends. Furthermore, they will remember your wedding.

Wedding invitation – Comic book Save the Date

comic book save the date wedding invitation

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Lastly, wedding invitations deserve special attention. So, this comic book save the date will feature a sneak preview of your forthcoming greatest adventure. The wedding day! What’s more, original sayings give it the wow factor. Check out the most famous love sayings from the “Love is” cartoon series from Kim Casali. She created them for her husband, Roberto. Read more inspiring quotes and see pictures at

The above photos are courtesy of To find more great ideas for save the dates and unique wedding invitations visit them today.

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