Naturally Curly Wedding Hairstyles That Brides Cannot Miss

Wedding Hair Care Tips

Wedding hair care tips for naturally curly hair are essential because the style of your locks is as personal as your lifestyle choice. But, if you want to look stunning before your big day what are the best ways to achieve it? Let’s face it, our frizzy fuzzy hair is hard to tame.

It has attitude, can get out-of-control and become dull, brittle and dry. On the other hand, if you give it loving care and attention, it becomes soft, flexible and healthy. To complement your gorgeous dress, having luscious locks on your big day is a must. I’d like to share some useful home-made remedies about Afro wedding hair care tips.

It goes without saying preparation is the key for getting lustrous, exquisite hair for the wedding of your dreams. Start now with a wedding day hair care plan and look for a headdress. Explore and discover a look that matches your personality and style.

Wedding hair care tips the bride of colour

bride of colour with copper coloured afro hair, orange flower and blue veil


Start at the root of the problem

Although having naturally curly hair does have its advantages and disadvantages. It might be difficult to find something that suits your character. So, check out and discover 41 wedding hairstyles for the bride of colour.

Keep your gorgeous hair neat, tidy and moisturized 

Once you’ve decided on your exciting new hairstyle for your wedding, you’ll need to make sure it grows strong and healthy. To deepen the sheen of your locks, nourish and keep the hair moisturized. At night or during the day use conditioner, wear a plastic bag on your head and thereafter a headscarf. For added benefits, it must remain on overnight.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Oil-Licious 

With the above in mind, a few hours before your big moment prepare your hair. Make your wedding day hairstyle dreams come true. Got2b Oil-Licious is a great formula with Argan Oil. Not only does it make your hair feel gorgeous, but it adds a brilliant shine as well. It’s perfect for enhancing the wedding hair jewelry.

Shea Moisture – Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Transitioning Milk 

Not only are wedding hair care tips good for you. Your groom can get in on the action too. An absolutely amazing product for everyday use and it doesn’t smell bad either. It’s super light and contains shea butter, argan oil and sea kelp to nourish and feed your dry or damaged hair. This is brilliant to apply if you decide to colour your hair before the big day.

Human hair full lace wigs & hair extensions

If all my advice and tips fail, invest in a swish lace wig, weave or hair extensions. Then you’ll really look radiant and breathtaking on the most important day of your life. You’ll find the perfect wig and other Afro essentials at stylish  

Braid it, twist it or put it in a bun

And if your curly locks is slightly larger than the average teeny weeny hair style, then braid it, twist it or put it in a bun. It will draw extra attention to you. Don’t forget to finish off your wedding hairstyle looks with bridal drop earrings or hair accessories. Adorn your natural locks with a delicate flower crown and other jewelry. Choose among sparkling head pieces, beaded headbands, feather trimmed Fascinators

bride of colour with dark coloured short afro hair TWA smiling and holding a bouquet


Pressing Comb vs Flat Comb 

I must admit, it has been a while since I straightened my hair. When I did I used a hot iron comb. It’s the best way to achieve your own original wedding day party hairstyle look. For tips, check out the 4 of the best flat irons for natural hair.

Dark & Lovely Hair Relaxer Products

If I chemically straightened my hair, I would use Dark & Lovely products because it moisturizes and nourishes. I’m sure you want to have a romantic, sexy hair looks on your once in a lifetime big day. So, why not reduce your frizzy locks, or fully straighten your curls and feel like the most special bride ever.

Something for the Weekend Sir? 

In addition, if your groom wears a teeny weeny Afro, his curly hair might need a treatment plan, too. So, make sure he pampers himself too before your wedding day. Here is a great website for men only. He can achieve a simple, stylish and naturally suave Afro wedding hairstyle on the best day of your life.

Photo courtesy of Pete Labrozzi

Comb, Flick and Pick Your  Afro Wedding Hairstyle 

Your astonishing Afro warrants the best styling treatment. Make sure to find the right tools that elevates your Afro or curls, so your hair receives the love and attention it deserves. Find more wedding day hair care tips at

The bridal revolution – shampoo and conditioner 

Actually, any good shampoo will do for your amazing looking locks. Just remember, after washing you need to add a leave-in or out conditioner. This will make all the difference to your wedding day TWA (Afro) or curly hairstyle. Above all, your Afro wedding hairstyle will smell heavenly and look absolutely astonishing.

Wedding day hair care tips help you achieve the desired look

Finally, these wedding day hair care tips will help you achieve your desired look for the big day. By adding dazzling accessories to your Afro, it will give you that extra sparkle. So, iff you have a little extra cash to spend, try They supply a complete assortment of exclusive veils, tiaras, and other extraordinary pieces.


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