What Type Of Wedding Grooming Tips Does Your Groom Need?

wedding grooming tips

What is the average grooms’ expenditure for grooming? Well, wedding grooming tips for your future husband will shape his spending behavior and habits. And with an influx of ideas to prep for the big day, how does he gear up to his pre-wedding grooming planning?

From wearing sandals or trainers with his suit to looking suave, charming and dapper, he has a lot of choice. Another special wedding fixture is planning, his plate is full with the preparations. And you are busy with the floral arrangements and picking out color a scheme. It can be stressful. However, all these minor components will bring your special event together.

So, what type of groom is he? And how does your anxious fiancé feel at the moment about the wedding budget? Most importantly, how can he make you, his future wife’s job easier? Well, no need to rack your brain, I’ve put together some handful tips to put on your budding grooms-to-be radar.

Wedding grooming tips for your husband to be

Tackle wedding stuff before the big day

Let’s face facts, there’s a lot to prepare and think about especially wedding grooming tips. So, it’s easy for your overzealous groom to forget something. To help him with pre-wedding plans, keep reading these fool-proof bullet points. Every wedding is different and this guide gives him a strong competitive edge, good base and essential overview.

Moral support, active listening and excitement

And there’s more… you are engaged and plan to marry, let him get actively involved by sorting out the groomsmen tasks. And keep your eye on the other wedding duties which need to be handled. Better still, encourage your future hubby to express his moral support,  this way he’ll put his best foot forward and get excited.

Fitted wedding suits maketh the groom

Another thing, this is the number one grooming tip. Judging by the appearance of you, the attractive bride, a groom turning up dressed like a penguin in baggy clothes is not befitting of your wedding. So, step up to the plate and invest in fitted suits or tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen. Although, searching for the right outfit is a long drawn out activity, the men will look so handsome and impress everyone in their new set of clothes.

Sporting the facial hair look

Now, this might be a touchy subject for your groom unless he is a hipster or a nut’s and bolts kinda guy. Decide whether he and his entourage are keeping the beard. Or if they are shaving. Prior to your wedding is the best time to prepare. This allows for bleeding or small cuts to heal. Otherwise, be sportive and let your hubby wear the beard but please guys tighten it up!

Maintain oral hygiene before the big day

Actually, your grooms’ main priority besides you is oral hygiene. By maintaining his daily oral care routine, he’ll have the fresh breath effect. So, impose upon him the need to brush, floss and use mouthwash at least twice a day. Why not, have his pearly whites whitened? Your groom’s teeth will sparkle when the photographer shouts “Smile!”

The joy of the groom’s pedicure

Cleaned and buffed nails are an important part of the grooms wedding day. Essentially,  your groom should embrace his big day and start now with a pedicure routine. It’s something you will both enjoy and can take care of. So, prompt him and his groomsmen to go for a pedicure ahead of your matrimony service.

Naughty honeymoon grooming for the best sex ever

Another sensitive issue is manscaping. Manscaping means grooming and keeping clean below the belt. So, before you pack your sexy bridal lingerie give him a hint about men’s toiletries and a daily cleaning ritual. Face it, this is a sign that your man is truly into you. Not to mention, you and he will not be turned off or itching on the honeymoon.

Get the groomsmen excited with great gifts

Equally important is the thank you wedding present for your groomsmen. Buy your cohort gifts in advance. Something custom made or engraved with their names will suffice. Other unique gifts are hip flasks, personalised whisky glas or sporting memorabilia. And don’t forget about premier league football tickets, 6-month subscriptions to Netflix and Spotify music and film services. Otherwise, an awesome Man Crate or glass beer growler will do the job!


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