Secret Wedding Grooming Habits Your Fiancé Should Know

wedding grooming tips

Congratulations you are newly engaged and your fiancé wants the ultimate wedding grooming tips to look his best from head to toe on the big day. Albeit your dream man is excited about the upcoming celebrations some major secret habits might be causing you stress.

In fact, your fiancé could be wrestling with overwhelming decisions about what to plan, book and wear. From sandals and trainers with the morning suit to looking suave and charming in an evening jacket, the daily habits are to prioritise the important stuff on the checklist.

Basically, to bring your special event together all the major wedding preparations and the minor details require both your full attention. So, before you buy the rings, hire the venue and match your outfits. Here are secret wedding grooming tips that your fiancé should know to make the planning easier. Read on…

Wedding grooming tips

Tackle wedding stuff before your nuptials

Let’s face facts, the radar could not work and your busy fiancé could forget something.  So, don’t rack your brains and use these fool-proof bullet points. Your budding groom-to-be will become a pro with your help. Alright, there’s much to do. But, think about pre-wedding grooming tips and the fun you’ll both have preparing them.

Moral support, active listening and excitement

Firstly… engaged and planning to marry, get actively involved with one another. By sorting out the groomsmen tasks, you can focus on the other wedding duties. Handle the nice stuff and don’t wrestle with things you cannot control. Moreover, encourage your fiancé to express his moral support, and get excited about the wedding.

Fitted morning wedding suits maketh the groom

Another thing, matching outfits can look absolutely charming on the big day. Wearing something fitting takes your wedding to the next level. Dressed as a penguin in old baggy clothes is a no-brainer.  So, step up to the plate and invest in fitted tuxedos for the groom (groomsmen) to impress everyone.

 Wedding grooming tips facial hair look

Now, this might be touchy. Is your man a hipster or a nut’s and bolts kinda guy? Does he wear a beard and intend to shave? Well, prior to the wedding allow for bleeding or small cuts to heal. Tighten up the loss hairs, scrub up and look sharp for the big day with wedding grooming tips.

Maintain oral hygiene before the big day

Every wedding is different and with tips it gives him a strong competitive edge and a good base. Actually, oral hygiene should be he’s main priority besides you. A daily care routine, gives the groom fresh breath confidence. So, brush, floss and mouthwash at least twice a day. In fact, his teeth will sparkle and shine when the photographer shouts “Smile!”

The joy of the groom’s pedicure

Let’s face it, we ladies want a man with clean fingernails, don’t we? Buffed nails are a sign of cleanliness, good health and an attractive personality. Additionally it’s an important part of the grooms wedding day. Essentially, a pedicure routine should be started immediately and be part of your fiancé’s date night ritual.

Naughty honeymoon grooming for the best sex ever

Another sensitive subject for your fiancé is manscaping and keeping clean below the belt. So, give him a hint about men’s toiletries before you pack the sexy bridal lingerie A daily ritual could be the ticket. It’s a sign that your guy is truly into you. Not to mention, there will be no distractions or itching on the honeymoon. You’ll be in the mood for love!


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