Leap Year 2020 Proposal Ideas For The Perfect Engagement

leap year 2020

Congratulations on settling down! This leap year 2020 gives you the opportunity to take your engagement to the next level. Basically, it’s the year when you can ask your lover, the man of your dreams to marry you. But, how do you propose to the love of your life?

It’s like this, once every 4 years you can ask for his hand in marriage. And the next big date is on February 29th 2020. However, how do you pop the ultimate question of love without feeling rejected? Well, I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve never received a marriage proposition. So, I get where you are coming from. And if you really love him I’d think up a cunning plan and speed up the proposal.

And that’s why, leap year 2020 is the perfect moment to express your intentions with a timeless sparkling engagement ring. But, I hear you thinking if he says NO it will be disheartening. Dare to dream and take the risk! Your partner adores you and it is high time that you show him how you feel. Here are some ideas for you to propose to your future husband-to-be. Let’s do this together…

Leap Year 2020 proposal ideas 

fiance smiling at fiancee and holding her hand showing a diamond engagement ring.

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1. “Will you marry me this leap year 2020?”

First thing to realise is that, your engagement is the first celebration to honour your relationship during the planning of your nuptials. And other loving couples around the globe are in our shoes too. They are patiently looking forward to hear the words; “Will you marry me?”. So, keep in mind he will really appreciate your loving thought. Engagement tip: https://www.brides.com/gallery/engagement-rings-for-men

2.Wedding engagement ring brings unexpected twist

Secondly, if you’re an unconventional bride-to-be, then the coming leap year brings a welcomed blessing. Generally speaking it is traditionally the man’s responsibility to propose to his beloved. So, leap year gives you the chance to get down on one knee. And there is plenty of opportunity to arrange a special day. Engagement tip: https://www.gemvara.com/b/mens-engagement-rings

3. Speed up the laws of love and nature

With the above said, the custom is for him to get down on his bended knee and produce a dazzling vintage engagement ring. But, why not beat him to it? In 2020 you can declare your undying love and propose marriage. So, speed up the laws of love and start planning today. Engagement tip: https://www.doamore.com/engagement-rings-for-men/

4. Engagement moon or special weekend away for two

A luxurious day out for two at a private wellness farm, or secluded hotel in the countryside is the perfect place to propose to your partner. Enjoy an engagement moon. And get intimate and prove your everlasting love by sharing some exclusive time together, without any disturbances. Engagement tip: https://www.bluenile.com/engagement-rings/for-men

5. Share and experience the peace and tranquility together

Additionally, enjoy a joint massage at a rural retreat of his choice. It’s an ideal location and opportunity to share quality time together. What’s more you get the chance to surprise him with an engagement ring from Trumpet & Horn. Here is another engagement tip for him: https://www.tiffany.com/engagement/mens-wedding-bands

diamond and platinum engagement and wedding rings embedded in pink rose petals

A leap year engagement represents the strength of your love and depth of your commitment. From classic to contemporary styles find the right engagement ring to suit your husband-to-be.

Luckily enough, you can get a flash mob to serenade your partner with their favorite music. Or you can play the special song that defines your relationship. Start arranging you’re surprise wedding gig, now. Use Youtube to find out the best way to do it. Otherwise hire a choir or band to help you. Engagement tip: https://www.helzberg.com/category/engagement/mens.do

7. Say I love you with a poem

To celebrate your special union and life together you can surprise them with a romantic poem. Find an excuse on leap year, and take your partner to their favorite restaurant, or other unexpected location. Then, whip out your poem and proclaim your love. Engagement tip: https://www.beaverbrooks.co.uk/mens/engagement-rings

8. Pull out all the stops

And then, you can be very traditional and give one single rose (of any colour). This is because it represents devotion and two red rose’s means ‘marry me’. Most importantly, give and receive lots of hugs. Finally, finish off with a romantic kiss and the engagement ring: https://www.jared.com/en/jaredstore/anniversary—wedding

9.Valentine’s day or National proposal day

Pick one of the days of love to declare your devotion. Offer yourself completely and let your partner see you really care. There is nothing better than a wedding engagement ring surprise on leap year, valentines day or national proposal day. Engagement tip: http://www.hsamuel.co.uk/webstore/l/jewellery

10. Buy your partner sports season ticket

And what about an extra leap year 2020 gift for your partner. Do they like to watch or play sports? Leap year is the perfect time to pitch your proposal of marriage. Attach the wedding engagement ring to the voucher and wait for the big YES. Engagement tip: https://www.costerdiamonds.com/engagement-trend-going-dutch-engagement-ring/

11. Leap Year Day – Dance Stance

Additionally, in preparation for your future opening dance, take your partner dancing. Apparently, dancing improves your connection, and feelings for one another. This is a great occasion to become truly synchronized and you can pop the question, too. Engagement tip: https://www.mensringsonline.com.au/t/all-mens-rings/mens-engagement-rings/

12. Get Passionate

Moreover, when you dance you yearn for each other, even more. Dancing is sensual, because you have to work your body together as one. Most importantly, you get passionate and share your love. Plus, you can surprise your partner and propose marriage. Engagement tip: https://www.shaneco.com/engagement-wedding/g-l-wedding-engagement-rings

Over to you….

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