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wedding destination overseas

Are you thinking about a wedding destination overseas in Holland? Well, if you are a sun worshiper, breaking free as a newly wedded couple from the usual sunny destinations may feel scary.  But, believe me, Holland has stunning spots to discover.

Mapping out your honeymoon retreat in the Netherlands could raise an eyebrow or two. And as a celebrant based in Holland I know their a lots of beautiful places to visit. I’ve had the privilege to conduct many wedding ceremonies in Dutch UNESCO world heritage sites. What’s more, the inspiring locations are the best romantic and secluded spots to enjoy your honeymoon. Basically, Holland is taking the world by storm.

Imagine cruising beside the beautiful Dutch waterways, fetching dykes and iconic levees. Better still; do it the Dutch way and enjoy a carriage ride in Amsterdam. So, get your colourful map of Holland out and search for the top 11 honeymoon destinations. And be ready to break free and have a Dutch travel experience of a life time…

Wedding Destination Overseas | The Netherlands

Amsterdam North – Shane Taremi

Main photo credit:Kenneth Garcia

1. Wedding Destination: Amsterdam City Centre

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and called the Venice of the north. It’s the perfect wedding destination. Another thing, Amsterdam is more than sex, coffee shops and rock and roll. Moreover, this liberal European city is where anything goes and the famous Red Light District and Jordaan adorned with tree lined canals will catch your eye, too. Better still, walk hand in hand along the “Oranje loper” and soak in the houseboats and ferries that encircle the waterways.

2. Wedding Destination: Amsterdam East-side

Furthermore, create a cozy setting for your holiday in this surprising honeymoon location. Take a jaunt to the hip East-side of Amsterdam and mingle with the locals. Discover the  rich history and enjoy a shopping spree at the colourful Dappermarkt. Stay in the area and visit the Tropenmuseum dedicated to people of different races. Check out the nightlife at the Wibautstraat. Or head back into the centre of town. Dance the night away at the clubs on the Rembrantplein, Max Euwenplein and Leidseplein.

3. Wedding Destination: The Hague 

Windmills – Sander Klaver

Dotted all over the Netherlands you will find a romantic secluded spot for your getaway abroad. Holland is steadily becoming one of the best ranked wedding destinations in Europe. For instance, discover the Dutch masterpiece “The Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Vermeer in the Hague. This metropolitan is a few steps away from the coast Scheveningen, an idyllic seaside resort. The unique gem is part of The Hague, seat of the Dutch parliament. And don’t forget to try the “Haagse” delicacy warm chocolate milk with cream (warme chocomel met slagroom).

4. Wedding Destination: Scheveningen

Scheveningen is the place for true beach lovers. So, take a tram ride to the coast and stroll on the pier. There are modern windmills in the distance and you can delight in the scenery. Or head back to the Hague, relax at “de Boterwaag café and the restaurant at the Grote Markt. Later, return to the seaside and find the unbeaten walkways on foot. Alternatively, hire a bike for a pleasure trip and become more accustomed with the area.

5. Wedding Destination: Rotterdam

Rotterdam harbour – Roman Boed

Rotterdam, also known as Manhattan on the Maas, has futuristic architecture, great art and endless drinking, dining and nightlife venues. It’s a thrilling city for the modern and diverse wedding couple. You won’t run out of fun stuff to do and there’s a choice of cruise outings to try. Many newlyweds like you, choose Rotterdam for your honeymoon destination because there is no language barrier.

6. Wedding Destination: Delft

In addition Rotterdam is the perfect spot for your cast away holiday. Just on the outskirts you’ll find Leiden. This is where you can tour the canals and moats together. Hand in hand, you can explore the historic inner city with its beautiful merchant houses and monuments. The place is home of the renowned Delft Blue pottery factory. Delft Blue is similar to Chinese porcelain, dating back to the 17th century.

Haarlem Harbour – PetrOlly

7. Wedding Destination: Haarlem

In addition, Haarlem is a captivating, medieval city in the North of Holland. It’s a perfect Dutch city break for a brisk walk. And you can enjoy an inclusive, peaceful yet exciting honeymoon. Choose from numerous sightseeing tours or just explore the city. This is the place to create a wonderful wedding photo album full of breathtaking scenery. It’s a stunning backdrop. Look no further for an energetic nightlife, fantastic ambience, first-rate shopping and fine dining.

8. Wedding Destination: Den Bosch – ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Saint John’s Cathedral – Shirley de Jong

The beautiful city of Den Bosch (‘s-Hertogenbosch) also known as the Duke’s Forest is warm and welcoming. The Saint John’s Cathedral is a good location to start. This is without a doubt one of the architectural highlights in relaxing Den Bosch. Don’t forget to visit the famous Dutch paintings from Jheronimus Bosch. You will find his masterpieces at the Noordbrabantsmuseum. There are stunning canals to cruise along while enjoying the special sights. Whether it’s raining or the sun beaming, you’ll have an awesome experience.

9. Wedding Destination: Gouda

Gouda cheese – I Love Butter

Gouda is a wonderful town in the South of Holland, famous for its distinctive cheese. This is where the city earned its name. Another thing, Gouda is a delightful hideaway, popular for its spectacular old buildings, court yards located in the center of the city. Getting around by foot is easy. To satisfy your sweet, craving tooth, indulge in “Stroopwafels” (thin waffles layered with caramel-like syrup). They are delicious after a meander around the city or after the cheese market.

10. Wedding Destination: Schiermonnikoog

Eerste blik op SchiermonnikoogPhoto credit: webted

And there’s more…The treasured island of Schiermonnikoog is a hidden gem for wedding couples looking for an exclusive holiday. Reached by ferry, the island offers you a chance to explore together. Travel by bike or foot to your location. So, bask on the unspoilt beach and explore the nature. And enjoy one of the many campsites and caravan parks jotted all over Schiermonnikoog. Furthermore, you’ll get to know surprising walkways, cycle paths and the largest tucked away places.

11. Wedding Destination: Friesland

Finally, Friesland is one of the best-kept secrets and the Frisian people are genuinely hospitable. And this breathtaking spot, known as the Dutch Lake District is worth exploring. Located around the intimate capital city Leeuwarden are national parks, polders, and private landscapes with gorgeous forests. So, take a romantic excursion on the riverboat tours and admire it from the water. And travel along the finest scenic routes. Moreover, easily recognising the history of the province in the ancient cultural landscape, you’ll unearth more things. And you’ll adore the incredible untouched nature.

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