Wedding Dates in Holland Visiting Couples Can’t Resist

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Looking for popular wedding dates in Holland? To get married in the Netherlands, as a visitor you need permission to celebrate your love. Ultimately, you can combine the convenience of a holiday with your celebrations. However, your marriage license is standing in the way.

Generally speaking, April through October is considered an exciting time to tie the knot [in Dutch “in het huwelijksbootje stappen”]. But your actual wedding day depends on whether you want a ceremonial wedding or an official marriage. If you want a legal one you must match the four criteria needed to get wed in the Netherlands.

But don’t worry. If you’ve got your heart set on something special, I’ve checked out all the Dutch marriage law information you need. Once, you’ve sorted out the marriage license, pick the perfect date taken from the Dutch national holiday calendar. What are you waiting for…design a meaningful celebration of love now!

Wedding dates that you might like!

wedding dates Getting Married a beautiful thatched windmill on top of a Dutch hill

Congratulations your getting married = Gefeliciteerd je gaat trouwen | image Texel

Photo credit: Johan Wieland

1. Wedding dates | Kings night & day April

Firstly, fancy planning a wedding on an official Dutch National holiday?

Kings night and Kings day are the most thrilling and fun days ever.

Albeit it will be busy, it is known as the biggest street party event of the year.

The city centre and canals are jam-packed.

So, before you plan the ceremony arrange a marriage license in your country of residence.

2. Good Friday celebrations

In addition what do you think about Good Friday?

Good Friday national celebrations bring many Dutch people to the heart of Amsterdam.

Therefore, don’t let the celebration clash with your big day.

Opt for a simple ceremony at your local city or town council hall (with 2 witnesses) before planning your bilingual wedding.

Afterwards, enjoy the convenience of a city canal boat wedding, surrounded by your loved ones.

Getting married in the beautiful Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem on the raft in the romantic park pond or rather inside the Brasserie?

image credit: dorytha.pangatjok

3. Dutch carnival March

Like I said, the Dutch love a party and in South Holland you can experience the carnival.

So, how do you create a special day that sails along smoothly?

Well, the overall cost of a wedding in the Netherlands is steadily rising to up to €30.000.

But, the Calvinist people of Holland like to have a good time on a shoestring. Here is how to get everyone on-board. without breaking the bank.

4. Easter : Sunday and Monday in April

Together with the Easter weekend, you have the opportunity to plan a special wedding.

But how do you create a happy ever after?

The Dutch wedding sector is full of the most diverse vendors, wedding stylists, boat companies and major hotels.

So, it’s really easy to find local suppliers to transform your destination wedding abroad.

wedding dates getting married in the Netherlands old-fashioned white and brown dutch boat on the Amsterdam canal belt

Amsterdam grachtengordel – canal belt | image


5• Liberation Day: May

Another thing, how would you like to get hitched on Liberation day?

This public holiday on the day of Liberation, the entire country of Holland commemorates Armistice day.

You can compare it to independence day, so you might face some fully booked venues.

But, don’t let it put you off to celebrate your love. Need some help? Give me a call.

6• Ascension Day: May

And there’s more…. are you already feeling the stress?

Well, Ascension day may pose a big problem.

According to wedding statistics (UK & NL),  your swanky location, catering and choice of celebrant could take up a huge amount of the budget.

So, hire an all-in-one wedding venue that has accommodation, bikes for rent and boating facilities for everyone to enjoy.

getting married in the Netherlands couple hugging and kissing on a bridge

Jena & Robin | image credit

7• Pentecost: Sunday and Monday in June

But, I forgot to ask: are you religious or non-religious?

Coupled with the above, you can represent all of who you are and opt for a combined Dutch church, wedding ceremony and reception.

Once again, this could set you back quite a bit of cash. But what the heck, you only get married once, right?

Therefore, choose a unique location; a castle, or an island such as Texel for the entirety of your event.

8. Gay pride celebration | wedding dates

Amsterdam Gay Pride celebrates diversity and inclusiveness.

Although it’s not an official Dutch public holiday, Gay pride day is an extremely important and busy time in the city.

Regardless of your gender, during the biggest gay event in the world wedding costs can get a little crazy.

Therefore, if you don’t have an adequate amount of money you need to set a budget. Be realistic ans strategic about your plans.

yellow purple and red tulips

Pick your wedding date, obtain your marriage certificate well in advance at your local council authority and enjoy your ultimate dream wedding. – Lisse the prettiest flower and bulb fields of the Netherlands buffs. image


9• SAIL Amsterdam 2025 | wedding dates

Furthermore, are you a lover of the great outdoors?

Are you a lover of anything nautical?

Getting married during SAIL 2025 [12 until 16 August – exact date to be confirmed], find out and manage the total costs for your nuptials.

It’s a busy period for sailing and boating. So, a good financial overview is important and gives you great insight into what you need.

10• Amsterdam Light Festival

With the above in mind you are going to love this, the Amsterdam Light Festival.

The boating busy evening period is perfect for the more adventurous couple.

Even Dutch city and country dwellers enjoy it too.

“The Amsterdam Light Festival returns in November 2020 running until January 2021, (literally) putting Amsterdam’s beautiful city centre and its canals in the limelight.”

11• Christmas, Boxing day & New Years

Lastly, are you excited, loved and buzz up?

Celebrate your wedding during the festive season, it is a magical and special time. Lots of Dutch people are on holiday, too.

So, you are guaranteed that it will be buzzing in Holland.

And you’ll have a heartfelt, meaningful and memorable celebration.

So, don’t forget to book your photographer to put an extra bright light on your winter wedding in Holland.


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