What to Expect at Your Dutch Wedding Church Service

Wedding Church Service bride and groom sitting at church altar in Vondelkerk

Planning a Dutch wedding church service walk-through allows you and your significant other to feel the emotions you’ll experience at your nuptials. Although you’ve set the preferred date, what sort of ceremony do you want to plan in the land of bikes, tulips, cheese and windmills?

Basically, there are four types of nuptials in The Netherlands, Protestant, Catholic, mixed and ecumenical. Secondly, the key Dutch statutory requirements are that you carry out a civil wedding ceremony before your religious service. So, arrange this prior to the solemnization of your marriage in a church.

Thereafter, with the help of below wedding church service timeline, you can create a lasting impression on your family and friends. Use it to format and suit your own  celebratory event. Feel free to adapt, add, edit or delete to make sure the service goes with the flow. Here it is…

Wedding church service

Firstly, a pastor performs a religious blessing. Or they can oversee and coordinate a public worship service. Thus, you’ll need a timeline and ceremony template. Moreover, you’ll be in charge of the order of service and timings. Keep reading…

Wedding Church Service bride and groom sitting at church altar in Vondelkerk

Stadsherstel Vondelkerk Amsterdam, The Netherlands

image Stadsherstel Amsterdam


  1. Word of welcome
  2. Opening blessing | reading
  3. Ceremony music religious or spiritual
  4. Non-biblical reading – on request
  5. Intermediate music
  6. Reading of choice
    Peronsalised speech about marriage
  7. Marriage blessing
  8. Special prayer
  9. Blessing of the bride and groom
  10. Exchanging of the rings
  11. Signing of the symbolic registry (not applicable)
  12. Wedding signature song | music


  1. Preparing the table with couples signature song
  2. Table acknowledgement
    Thanksgiving music | peace wish
  3. Lighting of the unity candle
  4. Closing speech | congratulations and blessing
  5. Processional music | closing song

wedding church service


To conclude, the above abides by your specific beliefs and morals. Actually, it takes into account your customs and traditions. So, talk to the celebrant about relationship preparation course and your preferred wedding service.As this ensures your printed program book is complete. Most importantly, contains the correct wording.

Over to you…

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