Wedding Blessing Ceremony Symbolises Union Of Love

wedding blessing ceremony bride and groom holding hands, celebrant watching on

A wedding blessing ceremony is intrinsically linked with a non-legally binding marriage service. It’s a beautiful way to add a spiritual touch to symbolise love. But, what if you want to get wed in Holland? Is it possible to host this type of celebration?

And how does this marriage act to celebrate your nuptials set you apart from others? Imagine you are British, and your boyfriend is Spanish. Or your fiancé is from another part of the world. Perhaps, he is Dutch, and you want to get married in Holland. There is a problem.

Although you desire to get officially wed, Dutch law forbids it. Why is that? Well, you must be a Dutch citizen or apply for citizenship. Furthermore, a town hall within the Netherlands has to issue and grant you a residence permit.

However, a wedding blessing ceremony can take place without a residence permit. And what’s more exciting atheism or spiritualism is not a “swear word” in the Netherlands, so get ready to plan your spiritualist wedding with these tips. Read on…

Wedding blessing ceremony

Humanist wedding ceremony bride and groom holding hands, celebrant watching on

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam, Holland – A humanist wedding ceremony in Holland is for two kind souls with faith in humanity. Whether you are British, American, Australian, Canada or from another English speaking country it’s for you!


Avoid the complications

Firstly, a wedding blessing ceremony is without the complicated paperwork. In fact, it’s for couples who want to celebrate marriage but without the legal requirements. There is no official signing of a marriage license. Moreover, you split the lawful side and ceremonial part of your matrimony.

Choose the right officiant

Secondly, there’s a positive side to a wedding blessing ceremony. Your chosen officiant gets to know you weeks, months and years in advance of the big day. And this way you create the perfect marriage celebration at your chosen (un) licensed location, This gives you the chance to share your wedding experience with everyone [within reason].

humanist wedding ceremony father of the bride escorting his daughter up the aisle

Photo courtesy of: Shirley Pisano –

Celebrate al fresco style

Do you class yourself as a spiritualist? By splitting the legal side and ceremonial part of your nuptials you can save money. A wedding blessing ceremony is inexpensive compared to a legal marriage service and is preferably held outdoors [al fresco] in the evening hours.  Therefore a ceremony with a blessing is perfect for an authentic style garden wedding.

 chanel beige coloured bridal gown and shoesLet your authentic self shine

Another thing, are you looking for the right venue? Finding the perfect wedding location to celebrate your alternative marriage ceremony, completes the excitement. And your informal event can be anything you want. Actually, you set length of time, venue and the select amount of guests you’d like to attend. Moreover, this adds a truly personal dimension to your wedding.

Wedding blessing ceremony for two

And don’t forget the celebrant. Whether you choose a male, female or have no preference make sure you arrange an official civil marriage license first. Thereafter the celebrant creates a relaxed and personal ceremony for two. Lastly, the ceremony marks a significant milestone in your life: it is about a new chapter, beginnings and a fresh start. In fact, you make a big statement about your strong bond of everlasting friendship.

bridal couple walking hand in hand dancing up the wedding aisle Images courtesy of Shirley Pisano – wedding planner


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