Tin Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal Ideas for Your Ceremony

tin wedding anniversary celebrations

The tin wedding anniversary celebrations are the time to flashback to the biggest moment in your life and mark a new chapter in your evolving relationship. As well as, rekindling your love for each other, reliving the day puts a spark back into your marriage.

But, what is the key to the success of your 10th year of marriage?  Well, embarking on the tenth year of your loving partnership you might feel the need to celebrate it. The date on which your marriage took place was blissful. In other words, you cemented your love during a wedding ceremony. Moreover, it brought the new beginning of your married life and with that comes maturity and responsibility.

So, how do you carry on arousing one another and keeping the flame of love alive? Well, the answer is to have a tin wedding anniversary celebration. And you guessed it, it’s the ideal and most logical step to take. And I’m not stopping there. Let me clarify, here are your 10th wedding anniversary celebration ideas to personalize your party. Take a look below now….

Tin wedding anniversary celebrations

1 • Revisit and revamp your wedding vows

Although your time together has matured and evolved, sometimes, one of the most difficult parts of a loving relationship is saying these simple words, “I’m sorry babe. We can even feel strange when we say; “I agree with you my love, my honey. You are or were right.” So, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could revisit, and revamp the vows you made on your wedding day?

2 • Celebrate being a role model for other couples everywhere

Before the wedding anniversary celebrations begin, realize that it is a recurring event. And you can share your fond memories as your reminisce to celebrate your 10th year of marriage. Face it, you’re very lucky and blessed to still be together. What’s more you are a role model for your family and friends. Your healthy loving and conjugal relationship is a mirror for others. It is amazing how you’ve managed to create a new sense of value.

3 • Plan a memorable party

Additionally, you’ll have a stronger commitment of your lives together. Given these facts, it’s time to plan a memorable party. Celebrate your love with a renewal of vows ceremony. Use your strength and individual character to make it as special as your long-term union. It doesn’t have to be lavish for it to be meaningful and sentimental.

4 • Renew or reaffirm your wedding vows & joint name

So, consider the renewal or reaffirmation of your wedding vows and joint name as a special stage of your incredible lives together. This is the opportunity to reawaken your passion and embrace the harmony in your loving relationship. Don’t hold back, now is the time to honor your strong, rock-solid bond and awesome connection. Let others see your love story as you celebrate and share your happiness at your wedding anniversary party.

5• A renewal of vows ceremony is not legally binding

Saying “Yes, I DO” for the second time inspires your guests. And reliving your wedding day with a party is very simple. There is no need for you to reapply for a marriage license. You don’t have to go through the official formality again. A renewal of vows ceremony is not legally binding.

6•  Use wedding script examples

Therefore you can hold a wedding anniversary celebrations without stretching the party budget. Even better, you can celebrate your rock steady relationship without the authority of the  government. Are you ready? Here are some examples of  wedding scripts for your anniversary event.

7 • Look back on your rich and shared history

Your anniversary party is an excellent time to party with all the generations of your family. Together you can look back on your rich, shared history and celebrate sweet memories. You could ask the clergy at the church to perform your marriage service again. Or you could ask the town hall registrar/clerk who originally married you to carry out the renewal of vows ceremony.

8 • Extended family and friends are the fabric of our lives

With the above in mind a reaffirmation marriage ceremony does not require a license or legal paperwork. Officiate your ceremony with whoever you want. So, line up a family friend to lead the ceremony. They can write a personal recount and tell the story of your happy married life. Otherwise, a celebrant or marriage officiant is able to give you specific advice about the  wordings of your renewal of vows.

9 • Make yourself a mood board or wedding anniversary collage 

With the above in mind, you can collect non-cheesy readings, poems, symbols or words to help design an unforgettable celebration. For instance memorable pictures and signage will symbolize and characterize the look and feel of your tin wedding anniversary celebrations. Ask family and friends for their input. Don’t be shy! They could suggest a plan and provide memorabilia, photos, items or anecdotes they wish to share with you.

10. Brainstorm what you need for the wedding anniversary party

Nothing beats your tin wedding anniversary celebrations. All you need is a good brainstorming session. Get together with friends for an inspirational renewal of vows session. During that time, sketch out your ideas on paper. Make an wedding anniversary party checklist. Don’t forget a centerpiece at the wedding breakfast table. It should not be un-centered. So, create an itinerary of essential items such as unique tabletop displays that guests will remember.

11 • Highlight your tin wedding anniversary celebrations 

After all, it’s your big wedding day again. So, anything goes – within reason. Hire a photographer to capture new memories to add to your album of life.  For instance you should publicly declare and express your strong love bond to each other. For example get family, in-laws and friends to say “YES, WE DO” as an affirmation of your relationship. Enhance your ceremonious event with a certified family celebrant or marriage officiant.

Bonus tip – What is your unique and remarkable love story? 

Finally, at your tin wedding anniversary celebrations friends and a celebrant will help you highlight your incredible life and love story. Infuse your personality into your symbolic or anniversary ceremony by including amusing anecdotes, heartfelt love vows and poems. Don’t forget live entertainment. Guests and family will delight in your stories, music, surprises and attention to detail.

couple dressed in white walking in a park during their tin wedding anniversary celebrations

People evolve; life evolves; marriages evolve. What’s not to celebrate? Source: www.scotscelebrant.com.

All images courtesy of http://www.newconcept.rs/

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