Happy Anniversary! Each wedding anniversary year is a milestone to reflect on and celebrate. You’ve shared many blissful years of marriage, now is the time to embark on a new phase of your lives. How do you do that?

Well, you can honour your relationship with an anniversary party. However, planning a celebration means you need to pick your guests, venue, date/time and party theme. And don’t forget sending out the invitations.

So, before you relive your wedding day, know this there’s no need to reapply for a marriage license. I wish you many more wonderful years of good luck and happiness together. Here’s how to mark it with some novelty ideas.

Wedding Anniversaries – Year By Year


1. Paper wedding anniversary

The paper wedding anniversary year is the first year of marriage. It is a meaningful stage of your incredible lives together. Honor your rock-solid bond and awesome connection. Buy each other a unique gift to mark the special day. 

2 Cotton wedding anniversary

Perhaps you’ve been happily married for two years and today is your cotton wedding anniversary. Cotton symbolises cherishing those around you and good luck. So, show your love story and share your happiness during a simple vow renewal ceremony.

Sophie & Victor got married at The Dylan Amsterdam – Chris Page Photography

 3 Leather wedding anniversary

The 3rd wedding anniversary year gives you the opportunity to Say, “Yes, I DO” again and buy your partner a leather jacket. Leather symbolises elegance, style, power and protection.

4 – Fruit, flowers, linen & silk anniversary

So, if this is your fourth year of marriage, you could treat yourselves to an afternoon at the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. Better still, plan a renewal of vows ceremony in the most natural place of Amsterdam.

Wedding anniversary


5 Wood wedding anniversary

You’ve hit the big 5 wedding anniversary and wood is a symbol of strength and growth. So, why not, arrange a city tour for two in Amsterdam. Enjoy a meal at a local Dutch bar (Wim Sonneveld in de Jordaan).

10 Tin wedding anniversary

Ten is the magic number to pull out all the stops. Tin commemorates the 10th wedding anniversary: resilience and inability to rust, it symbolises the durability of your marriage. Celebrate it with a ceremonial party.

Wedding anniversary celebration

12.5 Copper wedding anniversary

In Holland, after 12.5 years it is the first real anniversary, namely a copper wedding. Copper has the ability to conduct energy. For many couples, this is a new beginning and the right time for a renewal of vows marriage celebration.

15 Crystal wedding anniversary

The traditional gift for a milestone of 15 years is crystal, it mirrors purity, faith and perfection. It’s a unique time to spend some quality time together. Your partner will love your thoughtfulness, assertiveness and unspoilt attention.

wedding anniversaries


20 Porcelain – wedding anniversary party

Which wedding anniversary year perfectly sums up your relationship? Perhaps, the 20th year of marital bliss is where you are at. Porcelain never goes out of style and hopefully your love for one another doesn’t too!

25 Silver – wedding anniversary year

Highlight your incredible life and love story on your 25th year of marriage. Celebrate your harmony and the success of your relationship with a ceremonious event at a luxurious venue!

credits www.kozdurova.com

30 Pearl wedding anniversary year

A pearl wedding anniversary is symbolic of wisdom gained through years of experience. Why not, celebrate your 30 years of togetherness with a weekend trip to The Hague. Visit the painting the ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer housed at Mauritshuis.

40 Ruby anniversary year

40 years of marriage is an important milestone, the ruby signifies passion, protection, and wealth. Do something extra special and get your partner the best gift to celebrate 40 Years of wedded bliss.

wedding anniversary celebration


45 Sapphire – anniversary

Forty-five decades of marriage bliss reflects a couples determination and hard work. Two times twelve and a half equals 45. So, why not hold a celebrant-led ceremony to mark the significant occasion. Orchestrate the festivities the way you like it!

50 Gold – anniversary

The 50th year of marriage means you’ve triumphed over all and become a golden team. Celebrate your successful marriage with a big celebration with family, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


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