Wedding Aisle Runner: 7 Questions About The Processional

wedding aisle runner man dressed in black suit escorting woman in offwhite laced dress down the runway

The wedding aisle runner helps thrust you into your partners’ open arms and secures that your big shining moment will be a stunning memorable one. Although, your dress fits, flatters and feels good, what is the one common thread that runs through your head?

You guessed it, how do you walk down the aisle? “In the days when roads were unpaved, wedding guests would arrive at the church and track in dirt or mud from the streets. It didn’t seem right for the glowing bride to drag the hem of her dress in the mud.

So the aisle carpet runner was first used to protect her gown. Today, aisle runners lend a “regal” touch to the ceremony.” Bron:

Not only that, it begins the marriage ceremony and kick starts the wedding celebrations. Do you want your first steps to go smoothly? Here are some hints and links to get your wedding show on the move….

Wedding aisle runner inspiration

wedding aisle runner groom waiting for bride being escorted by her father


1. Will dad be with you at the entrance?

So, what’s the real clincher? Do you need bridal march songs to add magic, romance and elegance to your matrimony? Well, the oldest marriage tradition in the world is for someone [father or step-dad, brother] to give the bride away.

2. Will mum lead you down the aisle?

And there’s more you should know, you can bestow the task of escort to your mum. Even your sister or girlfriend are capable to walk you down the aisle. How does that sound? With a sophisticated entrance you’ll highlight the huge importance of your wedding. It ensures a stunning entrance and thrilling exit.

3. Are you nervous about the nail biting?

With the above in mind, are you afraid to be the center of attention? Just clutch on tight, be happy and act more ladylike. You are the star of your own show and transfixed guests will be left speechless. Of course, you’ll hear…

Down the aisle-

  • “Oohs and aahs” from everyone.
  • Doesn’t her dress look gorgeous!
  • You look absolutely stunning.

Up the aisle-

  • Wow, what a cute couple!
  • Oh my, I think I’m going to cry
wedding aisle runner couple dancing and laughing walking up the aisle


4. How to dazzle your wedding guests? 

So, are you ready to steal the limelight? Well, don’t let the escort hog it. Let your imagination run wild with a joint monogrammed wedding aisle runner. And picture the train on your wedding dress lightly sweeping the carpet as you glide in an assured manner. Your amazing entrance is the start of your happily ever after.


bride walking on wedding aisle runner in museum het grachtenhuis, Amsterdam

5. What are the wedding aisle treasured moments? 

Additionally, what really captures the moment? Your beauty and personality does. And the carpet runner can show the true essence of your wedding ceremony and party. What’s even more exciting is….

  • Guests are excited as they eagerly wait for you to arrive at the church or venue.
  • Your radiant aura raises a few eyebrows.
  • Dazzle everyone while you walk towards the altar
  • Use incidental music to illuminate your moves.
  • Be flirtatious
  • Walk with a degree of sophistication
  • Snatch the photographer’s attention. Let them take memorable and treasured photo shots of you.

marriage chamber

image Sofitel Grand hotel Amsterdam

6. Bending the rules or true marriage tradition?

Another thing, did you know you can really stand out from the crowd? Do you want everyone to envy your good looks and beautiful bridal gown? Well, don’t be unexpectedly toppled [usurped] by the decorations. Mark your runway with unique aisle markers that match your dress. Moreover, pomanders (ball of flowers) or a floral arrangement for the chairs will enhance the look, too.

7. Do you want wedding aisle new beginnings?

Finally, what will really compliment your carpet runner and add a wow effect factor? Well, you can play your signature song while walking up and down the aisle. Furthermore….

  • You can walk individually, together or escorted down the aisle
  • Gently glide down the wedding gangway to meet your partner.
  • Don’t restrict your movement, walk down the aisle hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm.
wedding aisle runner man dressed in black suit escorting woman in offwhite laced dress down the runway





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