Warning: Read This About Your Life-Partnership Certificate

Life-Partnership Certificate

The significance of signing your life-partnership certificate makes your wedding celebration extra romantic and personal. Not only that you create a momentous moment that is heartfelt. But, will it secure your commitment to each other?

Well, a symbolic gesture, it affirms your unconditional love, trust and long-term devotion for one another.

Did you know you can sign your life-partnership certificate with a special pen? In some parts of the UK a marriage registrar completes your official civil wedding license. However, a celebrant can assist you in signing at the ceremony. So, concentrate and print legibly your certificate of life-partnership!

A certificate of life partnership is a morally binding statement that two companions want to affirm their long-term relationship. And issued by a celebrant | officiant after a commitment ceremony, it confirms that a celebration of love has taken place.

Life-partnership certificate and Dutch customs

life partnership certificate, celebrant addressing the couple and party guests at a commitment ceremony in Amsterdam

Celebrant-led wedding in Herengracht Museum Amsterdam

But, let’s face it you’re probably wondering why all the fuss surrounding the pen & symbolic certificate? So, let me share some information with you, if you’re considering having a commitment ceremony in the Netherlands.

Actually, it’s likely that the celebrant will give you a special pen. Why? In Holland, it is custom to use a unique designed pen. Moreover, it ensures the love celebration is officially completed during a wedding ceremony. So, read on to discover more important information about your non-legally binding contract.

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