Who Escorts You to Walk Down the Wedding Aisle?

wedding aisle processional

Your grand entrance during the wedding aisle processional is a memorable moment and the first step to your new married life.  As the happy bride you want to share your happiness and joy on such a blissful day. So, who should escort you down the aisle?

Well, it’s customary for every bride-to-be to swoop into the wedding venue. What’s more, be absolutely flawless while doing it. Therefore, your escort has a major part to play. In fact, they should be ready to proudly show you off and walk you into your partners’ arms.

To help you out decide on who ”hands you over’, I’ve compiled some ideas. Use them to ease your nerves and stride gracefully on the left or right of your escort down or up the aisle. Moreover, create a red carpet movie-worthy moment that you’ll never forget. Read on.

Wedding Aisle Processional | Ideas

wedding aisle processional father of the bridePhoto credit:Brandon

1. Dad helps you build suspense

Share your wedding with your Dad. Honoured to fulfill this very important role, he helps you build and maintain suspense as you glide down the aisle like a fairy princess. Your strut should look smooth and easy. Engaging with your wedding guests will affect your energy in a positive way.

2. Mum gives you great confidence

Create a new wedding aisle runner tradition and ask mum to escort you down the aisle. As the mother of the bride-to-be, you and her can walk down the gangway like celebrities. Position yourself in front of the runway and allow your wedding photographer to put you both in the spotlight. Creating a magnificent and unforgettable wedding day picture, should be at the top of your list.

3. Let your parents be your escort

Another great idea, is to allow both your parents to take delight in your happiness and good luck. And guide you to the man of your dreams. Parade with confidence and interact with them and your guests. Show everyone how excited you are to see them on your awe-inspiring day. Moreover, with mum and dads support you’ll walk down the aisle with the greatest of ease.


4. Let cute flower girls and dapper page boys pave the way

Don’t let anything pose a big problem! Set the wedding ceremony scene by involving the bridesmaids, ushers, page boys and flower girls. Let them pave the way before you start your wedding aisle strut. Select a welcome song for your guests. Allow your entourage to gradually walk down the aisle beforehand. This gives you the perfect opportunity and extra time to prepare yourselves.

 5. Capture the important moment with your best friends

Finally, you can ask your best friends, the maid of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen or flower girls to help. Hold your bouquet at waist height to keep your balance. Choose your signature tune to help you sashay to left or right of your escort. Most importantly, remember to parade elegantly in your stunning gown with bridal shoes.

wedding aisle processionalPhoto credits: Seralyn Keen and Pamela V White




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