Vondelpark Wedding – Most Couples Biggest Dream

Vondelpark wedding bride and groom smiling and holding hands in the park

Are you dreaming of a Vondelpark wedding in Amsterdam? Do you want to know if a marriage official can officiate the ceremony in the park? The famous city setting is a place of youth sentiment, pure nostalgia, and beautiful memories. But, getting officially married there is another thing.

And whether you grew up in the buzzing capital, have fond memories of the metropolitan. Perhaps you want to opt for a marquee wedding in an iconic urban garden. It’s the perfect location for a rustic and romantic celebration.

But you want to know if you can get officially wed in the popular park? Here it is, a small legal civil marriage must take place, before your park wedding ceremoniesy. In fact, it is mandatory to perform the service in the municipality of the country where you reside [residents permit]. Read on…

Vondelpark wedding and more!

wedding in park bride holding umbrella and posing with the groom in the park

Regardless of your ethical beliefs the awesome Dutch vondelpark is a magnificent setting for the ultimate post Covid-19 wedding experience. It holds special memories in many engaged couple’s hearts. Photo credit: www.aleksandrastriapunina.com

main image Yannig Van de Wouwer

Say Yes, I Do in a green oasis

So, to reiterate, a lawful marriage license must be obtained [if you so desire]. Another thing, it should be recognised and approved by your local authority. Thereafter your alfresco style symbolic wedding ceremony can take place. Most importantly, once you are officially hitched bring documentation of your legal marriage status to Holland.

Amsterdam park wedding off-limits

In addition, there is no possibility for an official Dutch park wedding in Amsterdam. Due to marriage and park regulations, the Huwelijksbureau Amsterdam [registrar’s office] does not issue licenses. Why? Most Amsterdam parks are a public place. In truth, all urban parks including Vondelpark are off-limits because they are open to the general public to enjoy.

Before or after the photo shoot, be ready to celebrate one of the most important days of your life.  Het het grachtenhuis- Amsterdam, Holland | image Merijn Soeters

Public park regulations

Have I burst your bubble? Well, don’t let it put you off. Regardless of the lawful side of your nuptials, and the legally binding regulations. With no official status as a venue you can plan a family group picture alfresco style. So, get your make-up and hairdo ready for the first look with the right photographer.

No fixed address as a wedding venue

Thirdly, Vondelpark is a gorgeous location, right? However, it has fixed address as a wedding venue. And that means your lawful marriage cannot be validated. The city municipality will not grant an approval for an official ceremony in the park. Luckily, there are other wedding permits the Huwelijksbureau Amsterdam can issue. Find out now!

 wedding bridal party durng a photoshoot

Many couples have fond memories of Vondelpark – Amsterda. Whether it is family holidays, school trips or a romantic weekend away. Vondelpark is a dream location for a symbolic commitment ritual.

image Ewan McIntosh

Impromptu Vondelpark wedding shoot

Look planning an Amsterdam park wedding is special. But, what’s extra special is arranging a memorable moment with loved ones. So, get help with all the practical stuff for planning a picture perfect wedding shoot the garden of love. Actually, there are lots of local photographers who shine a bright light and capture your celebration on film.

Alternative Vondelpark venues

Thankfully, you can have someone officiate your symbolic wedding ceremony in a cafe or restaurant. And host evening reception marriage soiree. Perhaps hosting it on the outskirts of the park is an option too. So, adjacent to the Vondelpark are alternative venues. Hire a celebrant to conduct the ceremonial service. This saves you the hassle of getting a marriage license.

  • ’t Blauwe Theehuis
  •  Groot Melkhuis
  •  Vondelkerk
  • Conservatorium Brasserie & Lounge Amsterdam
  • De Arendshoeve – The Garden of Amsterdam.
evening wedding location in a park a beautiful sunset

Imagine the butterflies you felt holding hands with your partner while rambling through an urban Amsterdam park. Fancy getting married in the middle of the night? – Berkendonk a park of natural beauty!

Vondelpark alternative wedding ceremony in a green oasis

Lastly, falling in love with the idea of a Vondelpark wedding is an exciting feeling. So, if the park or another Amsterdam city park is the right spot but the gardens are off-limits, don’t despair. Fear of missing out is no longer an option. Here are some options for your alfresco affair in an urban park.

  • Westerpark
  • Dignita Hoftuin
  • Vondelpark 3
  • Oosterpark – Arena Hotel
  • Amsterdamse bos

video credit: www.arendshoeve.com

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