How To Plan Your Vondelpark Wedding in Amsterdam

vondelpark wedding

Vondelpark is the most famous park in Amsterdam. Yet, hosting a vondelpark wedding isn’t as easy as it looks. Although planning a ceremony in the heart of the beautiful city is a romantic idea. There are some things you need to know…

For instance, an outdoor wedding in the park is not possible. The Huwelijksbureau Amsterdam [registrar’s office] does not issue licenses to marry in Vondelpark. Do you know why? Vondelpark is a public area with many luscious green spaces and with ponds. The urban park that is open to everyone has no official status as a wedding venue.

Another thing, have you thought about the costs and the lawful side of your marriage? In fact, hosting a ceremony outdoors is not legally binding. What’s more, you need a legal civil wedding performed in your country of residence to formalize the marriage. Actually, it won’t be officially recognised unless it’s been licensed and approved by a local authority.

So, with the above in mind, I hope it hasn’t put you off your outdoor wedding plans. Therefore, take a peek below to find an alternative to your Vondelpark wedding…

Vondelpark wedding

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No license required from Amsterdam city hall

Firstly, I understand that you long to get married in Vondelpark, it’s a gorgeous location to tie the knot. However, the Dutch municipality does not issue special licenses (grant of approval). And that’s due to the fact that the park has no fixed address. Your marriage will not be valid. For in-depth information contact Huwelijksbureau Amsterdam.

Legal stuff out the way

After you’ve arranged your marriage license you are free to contact an Amsterdam based  marriage officiant | wedding celebrant. So, get help with all the practical stuff for planning an alternative Vondelpark wedding. Actually, a wedding professional can advise you about local photographers, eateries, hotels and suppliers.

Authorised wedding venues at your service

And there’s more… save yourself the hassle of getting a license. Book an authorised wedding venue located in or adjacent to the Vondelpark. From ’t Blauwe Theehuis, Groot Melkhuis and the Vondelkerk you are spoilt for choice to create a mometous wedding celebration. More importantly, you and your guests will have a good time.

Vondelpark versus another Amsterdam Park

Lastly, although you cannot persuade Amsterdam City Hall to issue a license for your Vondelpark wedding. There are plenty of options for an outdoor ceremony. Why not get married at Westerpark, Dignita Hoftuin, Vondelpark 3 or Oosterpark – Arena Hotel. Moreover, whatever you do, don’t give up on the dream to say, “YES, I Do” in Amsterdam.


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